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Where Have I Been?

So this is how it feels when you become absent from your blog—you miss tapping the keyboard and you miss squeezing the juice out of your brain for a sensible post 😀

Where have I been the past two days? Well, I’ve been chained to a rusty chair going through some important papers which are very important to my existence.

It is nighttime already so I better lie down and rest. Wait, I think I’ll be needing the company of Jack Johnson. This is one of the days I need to hear his let’s-not-worry songs hahaha. Times like this, I truly enjoy his songs, even if sometimes they seem to make no sense at all LOL.

Good night all! Don’t let the surot bite you 😉

Posted 8 years, 10 months ago at 4:07 am.


3 Replies

  1. Salamat nga napa bisita ka ha blog ko.
    i add you nga pala. “Waray ine” pangitaa nalan. hehe.

  2. Welcome back to the blogosphere! I really miss your sensible posts and I am glad you are sharing your experiences and passion again.

    Very well made site! Please write more about your place.


    Mabuhay Magazine will be releasing an article about northern samar 🙂 Catarman in particular…is it near nortehanon?

  3. nortehanon Nov 23rd 2008

    Hi Ross!

    Nice to see you here! Passion? What passion? May passion pala ako hahaha

    Wow, I am thrilled that Mabuhay Magazine is featuring Catarman. It is the capital of Northern Samar. Anong month kaya ang issue? Got to have a copy 🙂

    “Nortehanon” is not a town. Yun ang tawag sa mga taga-Northern Samar 😉

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