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And The Journey Begins #7

“Those are beautiful plants,” said the child, pointing to the rows of small plants in front of them. “When I grow up, I’ll have these beautiful plants in my farm, too.”

“My dear child, beauty deceives us sometimes,” the witch said. “Those plants, yes, they are beautiful and they look harmless, but they can put holes in your lungs.”

Photo was taken at a tobacco plantation somewhere in Region 1. Read about And the Journey Begins photo series here Photo is reposted.

Posted 7 years ago at 7:14 pm.


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  1. hindi lahat ng maganda sa ating paningin natin eh makabubuti para sa atin..

    parang dapat subject for approval ang lahat.. para maging maayos ang buhay ahihihi

    got your email Ms. N.. salamat po.. nakakatouch naman po kayo.

    be safe always Ms. N..


  2. nortehanon Oct 22nd 2010

    “Hindi lahat ng maganda sa ating paningin natin eh makabubuti para sa atin..” korek na korek, Yanah.

    haha! Na-tats ka ba? πŸ™‚ Nagworry lang kasi ako kasi alam kong nasa Baguio ka. God bless din, iha. I am happy to know na okay ka dyan sa Baguio.

  3. I think the witch might have right πŸ˜‰ A great plant garden that is! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the nice comment! πŸ™‚

  4. nortehanon Oct 22nd 2010

    Those are young tobacco plants, Viola. So I think they’ll do much harm after they’re harvested and processed. Thank you, too!

  5. Hi again… aswere to your question….
    I’ve got two lenses.. the one that belongs to my camera Nikon D90. And the one I used on the red clover is the other lense, Sigma 70-300. Besides I make the photos sharper in the PhotoScape, free for use..

  6. nortehanon Oct 22nd 2010

    Thank you for sharing about lenses, Viola. Macro lenses really cost a lot here, that’s why I asked. So you used a long lens on the red clover. A very clever thing to do πŸ˜‰ I love how the flower is emphasized against a “creamy” background πŸ˜‰

  7. tabaco plantation pala to..hehe

    agree with the first commentator that not all things that is pleasing to the eye is good or safe. ^^ thanks for sharing ms n..

  8. nortehanon Oct 22nd 2010

    Haha! Ang galing mo, Jaid. Nakuha mo. Pero naisip ko, bakit ba hindi ko inilagay kahapon sa footnote ko na tobacco plantation ito? So hayun, inilagay ko na po. Salamat, Jaid! Are you back for good? hehehe. Enjoy the break!

  9. pakain na lang natin sa Zombies ahihi πŸ˜›

  10. nortehanon Oct 22nd 2010

    haha! Sige, jayvie, hanap tayo ng zombies! May alam ka ba kung saan? hahaha!

  11. pakain na lang daw sa zombies oh sabi ng nasa itaas. πŸ™‚

    tabacco pala yan akala ko kung anong halaman. πŸ™‚

  12. nortehanon Oct 22nd 2010

    haha! Oo, Marco, tobacco yang mga yan. Ang cute nila ‘no? hehehe

  13. i was once worked in a tobacco farm when i was a child, my uncle used to have a tobacco farm. I harvest tobacco in the morning and in the afternoon i will put it on the wooden stick to prepare it because we will going to dry it in the sun until it’s ready to be sold. (just sharing my story about the tobacco) πŸ˜€

    thanks for visiting my blog… i added you up in my blog list corner… xlink?

    Godbless you always!!

  14. nortehanon Oct 22nd 2010

    What a nice experience it might have been for you as a boy. Are you from the Ilocos region?

    Thanks for adding me up in your blogroll. Sige, add din kita. God bless you, too!

  15. yes i used to live in Pangasinan when i was about 4years old.. Proud Ilocano here hehehehe. My family moved here in Bataan for work purposes, but we always go and visit Pangasinan annually especially if there is occasion..

    Thanks for adding me up in your blogroll!! πŸ˜€

  16. nortehanon Oct 26th 2010

    Hi Zeb!
    Awan ti agyaman πŸ™‚ (Tama ba? haha!)
    Wow, nasa Bataan ka ba ngayon? Sarap maligo sa mga beach dyan. A few months ago, some relatives invited me for swimming in Bagac. I enjoyed it a lot. I was looking for the Kilometer 0 marker in Bagac pero sabi malayo daw yun dun sa resort kaya di ko na napuntahan πŸ™

  17. bigla tuloy ako napaisip sa usapan…

    yun pala yun…

    nice one!

  18. nortehanon Oct 22nd 2010

    Hi Eloiski! Salamat sa muling pagdalaw. Back to blogging ka na ‘no? Kasi sembreak na. Konti na lang at inhenyira ka na! Enjoy the break!

    Haha! Oo, yun nga yun hehe.

  19. akala nung una, sa strawberry farm ‘yung kuha. mga tabako pala ‘yang mga ‘yan. hihi!

    holes in the lungs. paktay na!

  20. nortehanon Oct 22nd 2010

    Hi Lio,
    Magandang araw at welcome to my blog. Salamat sa pagdalaw. Ano gusto mo? May kape at juice ako dito haha!

    Yes, tobacco nga ang mga yan. Ang cute-cute nila pag maliliit pa di ba? hehehe. Katakot yung holes in the lungs!

  21. Bakit kaya nauso ang sigarilyo N? Hindi naman mabango, pero kahit ako..aminado ako na minsan, inaalipin ako nito.


    Tabako, ano pa ba ang ibang gamit ng dahon ng tabako sa ating buhay? Ito ba ay medisina rin?

  22. nortehanon Oct 22nd 2010

    Hindi ko rin po alam kung bakit nauso eh. Siguro dahil sabi ng iba ay nakaka-relax daw po.
    Sa pagkakaalam ko ay pinag-aaralan sya ngayon kung maaarign pagkunan ng ethanol pero hindi pa rin developed ang teknolohiyang iyon. Sa ngayon ay ginagamit siyang sangkap sa insecticide.

  23. I have tried walking through a strawberry farm but never in a tobacco farm—you gave me a brilliant idea….

  24. nortehanon Oct 22nd 2010

    I was at the strawberry farm in Baguio recently. Pero they were still planting. Sige, pag may nakita kang tobacco farm, try mong maglakad-lakad lalo na sa umaga. Presko ang hangin at masarap sa pakiramdam. Ma-enjoy mo pa yung hangin contrary sa kung maging sigarilyo na ang mga tobacco na nakatanim haha!

  25. That was a wise reply, Mama. Children should learn that lesson when they are young.

  26. nortehanon Oct 22nd 2010

    I guess because the witch is used to having children around πŸ˜‰

  27. Hehe, it’s still tactful for the witch to say that. I wonder though what she would have answerd pag mj-s/ five fingers na yung tanim? =)

  28. ms. n di po nagloload yung pic
    sa opis po bukas check ko po ulit
    be blessed po may award po kayo sa blog ko. God bless po!

  29. nortehanon Oct 26th 2010

    Hi Pong!
    Hmn, bakit kaya ayaw magload? Di nman mabigat kasi isang photo lang yan at hindi mataas ang resolution.

    Wow! Maraming salamat sa award! Feeling ko nanalo ako sa Famas haha! Pero seryoso, salamat talaga. I read what you have written about my blog. Di lang ako nakapag-comment sa blog mo kasi ayaw ma-send ang comment ko hehehe. Ewan ko kung bakit. Anyway, balikan ko na lang later.

  30. ang tabacco at ang kanyang ekonomiya.bahagi s’ya sa equation ng supply and demand.kultura ang paninigarilyo sa ating lipunan.sa kabila ng sakit na idinudulot nito,marami pa rin ang nahihikayat na magsindi. wala nang ads sa media kung mapapansin natin pero tuloy pa rin ang merkado.ang punto ko,katulad lang sila ng appendix sa loob ng tiyan.walang ganoong kalaking impact hanggat hindi lumalabas ang sakit.

    ang babaw ng paliwanag ko.hahaha!

  31. nortehanon Oct 26th 2010

    While reading your post, I was suddenly transported back to my classroom in Economics in high school hahaha. Parang all of a sudden I was in front of my teacher, listening to her lesson about supply and demand haha!

    Tama ka. Siguro kasi likas sa tao ang mahikayat sa sarap na dulot ng isang bagay kaysa sa hirap na dulot nito.

  32. Ah, can’t believe sa Philippines ‘to. Nice angle shot..uhm, nice shot, that’s it! hehe

  33. nortehanon Oct 26th 2010

    Haha! Thanks, Pao! Sa Pilipinas po ito. Very serene ang place, especially when I took that picture because it was early morning.

  34. tanong ko lang.anong halaman ba ang nakatanim? bigla kase akong napaisip kapatid, kung ano ‘yong halaman na nakakaharm sa tao? tabako pala yan…ibang klase pa ng halaman ang biglang pumasok sa isip ko.hehe

  35. nortehanon Oct 26th 2010

    hmn, ang halaman bang nasa isip mo ay nagsisimula sa letter M? Bad talaga yung halaman na yun na nagsisimula sa letter M at may alias na Mary Jane hehe.

  36. Ang galing nung puno, nag-iisa lang sya dun. Hehe! Ganda. I didn’t think this is a tobacco plantation. Hihi.

    Ang bait naman ng witch at winarningan nya yung bata. XDD

  37. nortehanon Oct 26th 2010

    Lonely nga siguro yung puno ano? πŸ™‚ Salamat.

    Sinadya kong maging witch yung character, para naman hindi stereotyped ang witch na bad haha!

  38. very true, never thought that a tobacco farm would look as refreshing as that.

  39. nortehanon Oct 26th 2010

    At first, I didn’t think that in front of me were young tobacco plants. I thought they were pechay haha!

  40. Always listen to witches ! πŸ˜‰
    Nevertheless a beautiful well maintained farm. It is indeed beautiful.

  41. nortehanon Oct 26th 2010

    Well, to my character witch, yes. But to other witches, not always. πŸ˜€

  42. kaya pala hole in your lungs, more than hole actually hihihihi

    akala ko pechay. para lang nakaline sa flag ceremony ang mga tobacco plants (hihihihi hanep ako magimagine,hihihihi)

    be blessed po ms N. great shot po ulit!

  43. nortehanon Oct 27th 2010

    Oo nga, Pong, more than holes. Holes na lang inilagay ko para subtle lang hehehe.

    Yes, para nga silang pechay sa biglang-tingin, di ba? Haha! At talagang na-imagine mo pang para silang nasa flag ceremony ha πŸ™‚

    Salamat, pong!

  44. This tobacco plantation looks beautiful indeed!

  45. nortehanon Nov 2nd 2010

    Thanks, Gaye! Kumusta? Nanganak ka na pala! Pwede mo na ba isama si baby sa lakwatsa? hehehe. Paglaki niya travel junkie rin siguro siya ‘no? haha!

  46. pengeng pang suba. ehe.
    nice one.

  47. nortehanon Dec 22nd 2010


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