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And The Journey Begins #6

Too often, we are very quick off the mark to complain about things. We complain about not having a birthday party, about our clothes not being fashionable, our car not having the latest audio equipment, our phone not being the latest model, our hair not styled the way we wanted it…

This boy doesn’t complain. Even if he has bigger problem than ours. Even if his problem is the uncertainty of his future.

Posted 6 years, 11 months ago at 7:49 pm.


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  1. waking up everyday,doing the same thing i have to do and wishing for more time so i can do more,i get a bit frustrated and starts complaining of the life i have.

    yung ganitong pics just make me realize why i have to do everything that i’m doing everyday.

    sabi nga sa commercial nung kape,para kanino ba tayo bumabangon?

    ngayon alam ko na,para sa mas mabuting kinabukasan ng mga mahal natin na tayo ang inaasahan sa ngayon.

    salamat miss N!

  2. nortehanon Oct 9th 2010

    Hi Duking,
    Reading your comment makes me feel that somehow this blog is doing its purpose, that somehow it is accomplishing its goals little by little. So thank you. I am inspired to write more, to play more with my camera, and to share them all here.

    Salamat din.

  3. things like things makes me fee more blessed and fortunate than the others.. for even if i dont have everything that i need.. might me be needing…at least ive enough for now.. somehow, ive secured a future for me and my kids. and i guess thats all thats important right now. despite tremendous trials that God kept throwing, i can still say im lucky….

  4. nortehanon Oct 9th 2010

    I am happy to know that, Yanah. Nakatutuwang ang isang ina na bata pang katulad mo ay pinaghahandaan na ang future ng iyong mga anak. Bow ako sa ‘yo!

  5. Wow. Parehong concept dun sa isang shot ko. πŸ™‚ Galing!

  6. nortehanon Oct 9th 2010

    Hi Boffill,
    Mahilig ka rin siguro sa mga bata tulad ko. Mabuti naman at may kasama ako hehehe. I have lots of those photos. I just don’t use them more often here. Yung exposure ko sa plight ng street kids back in the days when I experienced volunteering for them somehow shaped my advocacy, that is to stand up for them.

  7. Hmm. Dati kasi I served as Kuya sa Kids For Christ kaya natutuwa rin ako sa mga bata. Masaya rin silang kasama, naaalala ko yung kabataan ko. πŸ™‚

  8. nortehanon Oct 11th 2010

    Yes, masayang kasama ang mga bata. Bukod sa naaalala mo ang kabataan mo, nakakahawa rin ang energy at positive vibes nila kaya lalo kang babata πŸ˜‰

    At dahil kuya ka pala ng mga bata ay tatawagin kitang Kuya Boffill hehehe

  9. Haha. Bakit? Bata ka ba? πŸ˜€ Weeee. Hmm. Honga, nakakahawa talaga sila. Parang nawawala yung pagod mo. πŸ˜€ Hmm.

  10. nortehanon Oct 12th 2010

    Hindi nga, hindi ako bata. Matanda na ako. Otsenta anyos πŸ™‚

  11. It’s all about which level of the social staircase your in. When you’re in a lower tier, your needs and wants are simple but it becomes more sophisticated and sometimes absurd as you climb up.

    Sometimes it makes me think who is more happy and satisfied; the man who lives in a nipa hut but content and happy that he ates 3 square meals a day or the millionaire surrounded with luxury but afraid to leave his stone tower.

  12. nortehanon Oct 9th 2010

    Well, for me, there is no question as who who between those two men are happy πŸ™‚ Because I have always believed that contentment is happiness and bliss.

    Thanks for the visit. Have a blessed weekend.

  13. I wish someday, this kid will have a clean shirt to wear and books to carry on his way to the school.

  14. nortehanon Oct 9th 2010

    Sana nga po. Sana nga. Kung magkakaganun ang ating bansa ay nahaharap sa isang magandang bukas.

  15. true! we all have a lot to be thankful about, and yet we still tend to complain on the most superficial stuff….

  16. nortehanon Oct 9th 2010

    Siguro dahil tayo ay tao lamang *toinks* hahaha!

  17. nahiya naman akong bigla sa sarili ko πŸ™ ang dami kong reklamo sa buhay basta nahiya ako πŸ™

    (nakatakip ang mukha habang papaalis sa bahay ni Ms. N. ):-)

  18. nortehanon Oct 9th 2010

    Ay, Anne! Bumalik ka rito! Wag kang umalis na nakatakip ang mukha…baka mabangga ka sa kung saan. Alisin mo muna takip mo sa mukha haha!

    *hugs* Human nature naman po talaga siguro ang magreklamo. Ako nga minsan reklamo ako kung bakit ako may wrinkles. Eh narealize ko otsenta na pala ako kaya expected lang na magka-wrinkles hehehe

  19. Parang ako lamang ‘yong bata.

    Mas nagsusumikap ang mga batang nakaranas ng pagdarahop sa kanilang buhay, ‘yon ay kung gagabayan siya ng kaniyang mga mumunting pangarap.

  20. nortehanon Oct 11th 2010

    …at kung gagabayan din po siya ng isang malakas na suporta galing sa kanyang pamilya at mula sa society itself πŸ˜‰

  21. It took some time for me to think what to comment. hehe. Akin lang, we just need to be contented. Life is not perfect, there’s always something missing, it’s in our hands to feel happy with what we have. God never makes mistakes. That little boy doesn’t own a big house but he may have a bigger heart than most of us.

  22. nortehanon Oct 11th 2010

    Thanks, Pao. I love this: “That little boy doesn’t own a big house but he may have a bigger heart than most of us.”

  23. We should be thankful for what we do have and count our blessings. If we look at the world, we would realize just how fortunate we are.

    be well, be happy

  24. nortehanon Oct 11th 2010

    Amen to that, Pam.

    Thanks. Be well and be happy, too.

  25. ate mahilig din ako sa bata. pero syempre hnd ung iniisip ni michael jackson na pagkahilig sa bata. JOKE.

    serious na: gustong gusto ko ang concept mo. bata. ngttrabaho sa murang edad. struggling to have a decent life. this is one of the things that reminds me that i am too blessed to be stressed. (bagong-bagong saying yan.)

    magandang gabi! πŸ™‚

  26. nortehanon Oct 11th 2010

    gusto ko yan: “too blessed to be stressed.” Parang ang sarap ipa-imprenta sa harap ng tshirt, di ba? In bold letters πŸ˜‰

  27. tama ate, gawan mo ng design at bibili ako, PRAMIS! πŸ˜›

  28. nortehanon Oct 12th 2010

    haha! ayos, may instant negosyo ako: postcard printing haha! Salamat, sows πŸ™‚

  29. Carizza Oct 9th 2010

    And yet another online journal to read. First time here. πŸ™‚

  30. nortehanon Oct 11th 2010

    Oh, hello there. Thank you sa dalaw. Balik-balik lang uli. Baka sa susunod mong dalaw may pameryenda na ako hehehe

  31. you just slapped me in my face πŸ™

    on the other site of note, love to have a lomo too. try ebay for some second hand film camera, sometimes they sell really really cheap one. and look for vintage, they’re awesome and try some expired films too, they feels like heaven.

  32. nortehanon Oct 11th 2010

    Thanks for the tips! Yes, perhaps I’ll try film πŸ˜‰

  33. Realizing what you do have in life is the start of having a grateful heart. Sometimes it takes seeing what others don’t have before we realize what we do have. How important it is to be thankful to God at all times for all His blessings.

    You really have a beautiful picture there. God bless you.

  34. nortehanon Oct 11th 2010

    Indeed. And every day we just have to look for those blessings. They may seem “small” to us at times but to many others, those are already big things.

    Thank you for your kind words about the picture and for visiting. God bless you, too.

  35. tamaa ka po! πŸ™‚
    so from now on i wont complain nomore :))

  36. nortehanon Oct 11th 2010

    Hi Kayedee, welcome to my blog. Thanks for visiting.
    Natutuwa ako sa sinabi mo. Kaya humayo na at maging mapagpasalamat sa lahat ng biyaya πŸ™‚

  37. I realized that I am blessed! Thank you, Lord! And I am sorry for all my complains.

  38. nortehanon Oct 11th 2010

    Hi there, thank you for visiting again. I remember you visiting some time ago πŸ™‚

    Indeed, we are blessed. At salamat sa Panginoon.

  39. tama ka sa comment mo sa previous post mo Ms. N

    Your TITLE and your LAST LINE Ms. N are parallel but intersects, congruent but not equal still he has the reason to live without complaning.

    be blessed po!

  40. nortehanon Oct 11th 2010

    haha! Pong, habang binabasa ko ang comment mo ay naalala kong bigla ang teacher ko sa geometry noong high school πŸ™‚

    Maraming salamat. Natutuwa ako na ang post na ito ay nagsilbing panggising sa iba, kahit papaano.

    Be blessed, too, Pong!

  41. Your blog is indeed an eye opener for all of us specially those who don’t appreciate life and keep on complaining for the things they don’t have.

    My heart melts every time I visit your blog Ms. N… Keep it up!

    God bless!

  42. nortehanon Oct 11th 2010

    Maraming, maraming salamat, Ana. Humaba bigla ang hair ko sa sinabi mo hehehe. Pinapa-smile lang kita, my dear πŸ™‚

    Hayaan mo at magsisikap kami ng blog ko na maging instrumento para kahit papaano ay ma-inspire ang ibang tao. At kami ng blog ko ay lalo namang na-i-inspire sa bawat pagbisita ninyo at pakikiisa sa aming hangarin na magpangiti, magpataba ng puso, magpasaya, at maging inspirasyon sa abot ng aming makakaya.

    God bless you, too, Ana!

  43. natouch naman ako sa pic na to. I saw myself as a kid way back in pangasinan. And I realized, life was more simple then—and I was more happy then…………..

  44. nortehanon Oct 11th 2010

    Maraming salamat. Taga-Pangasinan ka pala? Saan dun? Marami kasi akong mga kaibigan na taga-Pangasinan. Sana ay malibot ko rin ang Pangasinan someday.

    I love your realization: that life was simple then and you were happy then. It just goes to show that a simple life can make a person happy. And it is message that this blog has been trying to share πŸ˜‰

  45. added you in my blog roll ~~~~

  46. nortehanon Oct 11th 2010

    Maraming, maraming tenkyu! I-add din kita pamaya-maya.

  47. i don’t like seeing kids working. naiiyak ako. kids are supposed to be being taken care of, not taking care of their family. kids are supposed to be just that….kids. childhood is a time of playing, or discovering life, of innocence.

    pasensya na sa litanya. medyo touchy ako pagdating sa mga bata. i love kids. and as much as possible, i want to see kids happy…to be acting as kids. πŸ™‚

  48. nortehanon Oct 11th 2010

    Hi Ms. Grace, no problem po. Di naman po kailangang humingi ng pasensya sa litanya πŸ™‚ Palagi pong welcome ang litanya dito πŸ˜‰

    Tama ka po, ang bata ay dapat na naglalaro at hindi nagta-trabaho. Pero yan talaga ang sad na reality ng buhay. Kung minsan nga ang mga bata ang nagtatrabaho, ang mga magulang naman ang naglalaro sa kanto πŸ™

  49. So true… good you remind us we should be happy with what we have!

  50. nortehanon Oct 12th 2010

    We really should πŸ™‚ Thanks, Sidney!

  51. lagi akong nagrereklamo bout sa buhay ko. alam kong maswerte ako pero nakakalimutan ko yun. maraming salamat ms n for reminding me of how lucky i am..^_^

  52. nortehanon Oct 12th 2010

    Hi Jaid! Na-miss kita, iha? Okay ka na ba? I hope so.

    Salamat din at kahit paano ay may positive kang na-realize ka sa post ko na ito πŸ™‚

  53. A very poignant entry.

  54. nortehanon Oct 18th 2010

    Thank you, Lito.

  55. my first time here… nice blog…. thanks for visiting my blog also… Kudos to you!

  56. nortehanon Oct 18th 2010

    Thanks, zeb.

  57. Naaawa ako sa mga batang hindi ma-enjoy ang kanilang kabataan. Maraming salamat sa post mo na ito Miss N, dahil mas maraming tao ang mamumulat sa katotohanan at maiisip na may mga bagay na mas mahalaga kaysa sa mga nirereklamo natin. Kaya pangarap ko talagang maging barrio teacher, para kahit papaano may matutunan ang mga batang katulad niya. πŸ™

  58. nortehanon Oct 18th 2010

    Kaibigang V, sumasaludo ako sa kagustuhan mong magturo sa barrio para sa mga batang tulad niya. Kakaunti na lamang siguro ngayon ang katulad mo, given the hard situation in some barrio schools and given the small salary that teachers receive. Mabuhay ka, V! I wish you luck.

  59. Hihihi brr… Saka mas gusto ko kasi sa province dahil walang masyadong gulo at ingay. Simple lang ang buhay pero masaya.

    Ngayon ko lang nabasa yung reply mo sa comment, wala palang email notification kapag halimbawang nireplyan mo ang comment ko :O

    Oh well, sana magkaroon ng ganung feature ang WP, tipong kapag yung comment mo lang yung nireplyan ng blogger, saka ka magkakaron ng notif. XD

    Ok ang haba na :))

  60. nortehanon Oct 26th 2010

    Ah, yes, I don’t use any plugin kasi that makes it possible for the commenter to receive any reply from his or her comment. My theme also don’t have that feature. Pag-iisipan ko pa if I will employ a plugin for that purpose.

  61. this picture makes me want to cry…. for all the wrong reasons i can’t dare share…

    naalala ko tuloy yun motto ng org ko nun high school… GFS (girl’s friendly society)…

    “bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ” (GAL 6.2)

  62. nortehanon Oct 21st 2010

    E!!!!! I missed you!!! Kanina, dinalaw ko blog mo, I was speechless with the things you shared there. For a while, nabigla ako.

    β€œBear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ” (GAL 6.2) How nice is that as a motto for a high school org. Bata pa lang alam na ng mga bata ang kahalagahan ng bearing each other’s burden.

  63. i enjoy the way u reflect life thru ur choice of words and lens. btw, where is this boy’s pix taken from?..and what type of SLR/cam your using?.. award winning!

    txs for the visit.was nice to c u in my portal again:)

  64. nortehanon Oct 22nd 2010

    Maraming salamat sa ‘yo, AJ. If I remember it correctly, I took that picture in Rizal. That boy receives a measly amount carrying sacks of goods from one place to another. He walks for some kilometers.

    I’m using a Canon SLR. I’m happy to be back visiting your blog. At natutuwa rin akong you are back posting πŸ™‚

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