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Silent Days, Silent Nights

Let’s sit a while in the park and imagine some things. Imagine seeing the trees dance to the breeze. Imagine seeing lots of birds on tree branches. Imagine seeing a dog barking at the birds up the tree.

Now, imagine that the world around you is mute—you’re seeing the trees dance but you can’t hear the sound of the breeze, you’re seeing lots of birds but you can’t hear them sing, you’re seeing a dog looking at the birds up the tree but you can’t actually hear it bark.

Such is the world of deaf or hard of hearing people. They do not hear anything or if they do, they only hear teeny-weenie fuzzy vibrations of sounds. One time, I just sat in a corner watching them, contemplating on how blessed they are in their silent world, for they can not hear the rattles of the earth nor the cries and the sighs of the hearing world.

But is their world really silent?

They may not hear with their ears but they do with their eyes. They can see colors, movements, and feelings. For almost every sound that they can not hear, they can see or feel something associated to the sound.

They may not speak with their lips but their facial expression and body language say as much as the human voice. And when they speak with their hands, they do it beautifully. Every time I see them sign, I see rhythm, I see patterns. I see fluid movements. I see beauty. I even see the elements of dance. Wait, did I just write ‘dance’? Oh yes, they do dance. They can dance! Even to the music that they can’t hear.

They may not hear with their ears but I’m sure they can clearly hear sounds with their heart —sounds that are even better than that of an orchestra. These are the sounds of friendship, love, and concern. These are the sounds of hearts beating for them—hearts of their family and friends, hearts of those who do not judge them, hearts of those who support their cause, and hearts of smiling strangers they meet as they journey in life every single day.

I hope we’ll all find in our hearts a sincere appreciation of our brothers and sisters who are hearing impaired.

(My gratitude to the Hands for Praise community for the experience. Congratulations on your 10th anniversary. Congratulations, too, to the graduates! Keep signing and keep serving. Keep supporting deaf awareness. For more pics, click here.)

Posted 7 years, 3 months ago at 1:07 pm.


15 Replies

  1. What a sweet post! For a long time, I have wanted to learn sign language. They may be impaired in a way, but I see happy faces!

    Thanks for your comments, and I value them very much. Your comments and others, too, are inspirational. Did I tell your I “usurped” Zee’s Deranged Insanity blog? Hehehe, I have two now. I hope I can maintain these two.

  2. nortehanon Jun 23rd 2010

    Hi Mommy Ebie!
    Learning sign language is fun! Well, mahirap din, but it’s fun 🙂

    Yes, nadalaw ko na po ang betterthan ezrah site mo. In fact, I was there yesterday and left comments. It’s a great site made even more lovely by your photos! Sana po ang nanay ko ay mahilig din mag-piktyur-piktyur hehehe. But she is really a camera-shy nanay 😀

  3. Hi! Talaga naman bow na talaga ko sayo sa tindi ng advocacy mo. Hehe.

    Anyhoo, my birthday is coming up again. I’m planning to celebrate it again with the less fortunate. Would you know of any institution/group who allows this kind of celeb?

  4. nortehanon Jun 23rd 2010

    Malalim kasi ang pinaghuhugutan niyang advocacies na yan, AC hahaha.

    Email kita regarding your inquiry on institutions/groups. Nakakatuwa ka naman. Sana pag ako nagbi-birthday katulad mo rin akong fat ang pocket para sa jollibee rin ako celebrate with less fortunate children 🙂

  5. Awwww… La na nga ako pera kaka- “live your life to the fullest” e haha! Email ko po anna.mangilin@yahoo.com 🙂

  6. Miss N… aaaawww. sadyang may busilak kang puso. lagi akong nata-touch sa mga entries mo.. pagpalain ka 😀

  7. nortehanon Jul 5th 2010

    Maraming salamat, Jayvie. God bless you, too!

  8. what a touching post ate…. really.

    how are you doing na? 🙂 take care.

  9. nortehanon Jul 5th 2010

    Hey Little Sis!
    Am doing good. Kumusta ka rin?
    Take care, too. God bless!

  10. i really love your writings Miss N. Nakakatouch lalo na ito… minsan parang maswerte sila dahil hindi nila naririnig ang mga masasakit na salita… nakakabilib sila.

  11. nortehanon Jul 5th 2010

    Salamat, Joyo.
    Yes, naiisip ko minsan na maswerte sila. I just hope the government will have some more programs for them. Meron na mga school ngayon that cater to hearing impaired children. Pero sana mas dumami pa services para sa kanila.

  12. Miss N ….I do love your style in writing, you’re the best really…
    I’m so touch… I’ve just remember my nephew who also like them and he did well in school, proud to be his Tita 🙂

  13. nortehanon Jul 5th 2010

    Wow! Ang galing naman ng nephew mo. Sadyang hindi hadlang ang ganitong kapansanan to achieve something in life. Congrats sa nephew mo at sa family niya at sa yo na proud tita 🙂

    Salamat for your kind words. God bless!

  14. bluguy Jun 29th 2010

    silence…silence…silence…there is indeed beauty in silence…unfathomable….

  15. nortehanon Jul 5th 2010

    Indeed, Father Rhett.
    Salamat posa muling pagbisita.

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