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Miss Summitville

there are days in life that we never forget. like the day i’ve met you. because it was one of those lovely days that i came face to face with friendship. fate is sometimes playful, or how else could we have met?

we are tired but happy feet roaming around.
we are clouds that float from east to west, north to south.
we are hikers.
we are walkers.
we are nature lovers.
we are lovers of hammocks. (oh, how our eyes would shine upon seeing one—especially if it’s hanging between trees.)
we are a pair of old slippers frolicking at the beach.
we are readers.
we are moviegoers.
we are reginians. (na-reveal tuloy ito dito hahaha).
we are stories intertwined.
we are laughters and smiles.
we are little kids inside.

yes, we are all these..and much, much more.

today, i celebrate with you and your family the passing of 365 days in your life. and i hope you’ll have as much peace, fun, and blessings in the next 365 days and beyond.

happy birthday, miss summitville. thank you for such a great friendship. if everyone else is blessed with a friend like you, the world is going to be lot more fun and a lot more crazier, too hehehe. thank you for seeing me the way you do. i am beginning to believe it 😀

Posted 7 years, 3 months ago at 8:43 am.


14 Replies

  1. happy birthday miss summitville ^_^

    reginian ka pala ms n..anong fav mong kanta niya?

  2. nortehanon Jul 5th 2010

    Hi Jaid,
    Yep, Reginian po ako. Marami po siyang kanta na gusto ko, pero di masyado kapag bumibirit siya. I love all her songs na cool lang siya at hindi bumibirit hehehe.

  3. i think the feeling is mutual. miss s. is very pleased to have met you in this world, too. 🙂

  4. nortehanon Jul 5th 2010

    I hope so, too, hahaha!

  5. ang ganda ng picture. syaks! ang cute! ang galing! hakhak!

  6. nortehanon Jul 5th 2010

    hahaha, eloiski, ang cute talaga kasi yung friend ko sa sobrang liit ng pagkakapicture ko, hindi na makita hahaha.

  7. A blessed birthday po Ms. S.

  8. nortehanon Jul 5th 2010

    Thanks, Pong!

  9. Hey hey! You write pretty well. Another good post from you. 🙂

  10. nortehanon Jul 5th 2010

    Damo nga salamat, Cedric!

  11. whoever ms. summitville is, she is blessed to have a ms. nortehanon. Kudos! galeng tlga magsulat!
    nga po pla, bago nang link ko…pa update po..tnx! 😉

  12. nortehanon Jul 5th 2010

    Salamat po.
    I thik I have updated your link, but I’ll check din 🙂

  13. piberdey to miss s… kung cno man xa… hehe…

    Godbless miss n… 😉

  14. nortehanon Jul 5th 2010

    Salamat, Yhen! She’s a very good friend of mine po.
    God bless you, too!

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