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Conquering Mt. Tapyas

I am continuing my posts on some great vacation spots I have recently been to, in the hope that you will be inspired to fill your piggy banks, pack your things, explore the Philippines, and commune with nature. Last month, I featured my trip to Boracay via the roll-on roll-off system. Today, I will be taking you to Mt. Tapyas, one of the most visited spots in the town of Coron in Palawan.

Mt. Tapyas is one of the mountains in Busuanga. It is easy to get to the start of its trail. When you are in Coron, all you have to do is ride a tricycle and ask the driver to take you to Mt. Tapyas. It will cost you only 8 pesos. The jump-off point to the mountain is a flight of steps beside a basketball court.

Now, the hard part hehehe. You have to climb 700 plus concrete stairs to get to the summit. Kaya mag-stretching muna bago umakyat, okay? 🙂 It is actually a good cardio exercise hehehe. But don’t you worry, there are shaded stops where you can rest.

Pagdating sa itaas, sulit lahat ng pagod ninyo. On Mt. Tapyas’ summit sits a very spacious view deck which offers a stunning view of Coron as well as other nearby islands.

The summit of Mt. Tapyas is also home to a big cross which stands more than 2,000 feet above sea level.

On the other side of the mountain is a sprawling grassy and hilly area. Masarap maglakad-lakad at magpa-picture 🙂

Mt. Tapyas offers a spectacular view of sunrise and sunset in Coron. So the best time to go there is before sunrise or before sunset. We went there in the morning. Pero medyo na-late konti ang akyat namin so when we got to its peak, hindi na masyadong kita ang kagandahan ng sunrise. Remember to bring water and wear something light and comfortable.

(On my next posts, I will explore more of Coron.)

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18 Replies

  1. wow! I hope to visit Coron this year or next, itaga mo yan sa bato, ha ha! yan lang ang chine-check ko na destination everytime may mga seat sale. will wait for your next posts on Coron! thanks Ms N!

  2. nortehanon Apr 13th 2010

    Good luck, Dinah! May kasama pala akong nagti-check ng seat sale hahaha!

  3. Indeed Philippines is blessed by God with WOW!

    Thanks mam and God bless!

  4. nortehanon Apr 13th 2010

    Indeed, Pong. At sana lahat tayong mga Pilipino ay matutong mangalaga ng blessings na ito. God bless!

  5. wow Palawan. sana makapunta din ako dyan. at sana next time maisama na ko ng ate ko.

    visiting you Miss N. 🙂

  6. nortehanon Apr 13th 2010

    I believe, makakapunta ka rin dyan, iha 🙂

    Salamat sa pagdalaw!

  7. April 19-22 po ako nanjan sa Coron. Di nga lang ako nakaakyat sa Mt. Tapyas dahil di ako nagising ng maaga, panay kase inom eh ayun hang over hehehe. Friends ko nakaakyat, nang-iinggit nga sila e.. ganda daw sa taas.

  8. nortehanon Apr 13th 2010

    hahaha at dahil pala sa hang over ay di mo naakyat ang Mt. Tapyas. Hala, balik sa Coron at akyatin ang hindi naakyat hahaha! Yes, AC, ganda nga dun sa taas.

  9. Isang Wow na naman ito Miss N. At isang sana na naman ay makarating din ako diyan. Salamat sa pag share.

  10. nortehanon Apr 13th 2010

    Pag-uwi mo ng Pinas, Lolo Jem. Punta ka po ng Coron 😉

  11. grabe lang ang taas. 700 stairs! wafakels! ang sakit sa paa niyan. malamang kinabukasan eh sakit ng paa! araykupo!

    pero mukhang masaya ah! pasabit naman sa trip mo ms n.

  12. nortehanon Apr 13th 2010

    parang leisure walk lang, eloiski. madaling-madali lang at kakayanin mo.

    hahaha sige, minsan sumabit ka 🙂

  13. ive seen some parts of palawan but ive never been to coron…

    xb nila marami daw lakes dito… i want to go here.. hehe… nainggit…

  14. nortehanon Apr 13th 2010

    Masarap dyan, Yhen! Next visit mo sa Palawan, dyan ka naman magpunta 🙂

  15. wow Ms. N!!!
    suuuper ganda! breath taking. =)

  16. nortehanon Apr 13th 2010

    Yes, Jayvie, breathtaking talaga dyan! Lalo na kung makita mo pa ang ibang part ng Coron. Will post about them soon.

  17. Coron is such a beautiful place. Lots of islands and islets to visit, each and every one of them just like paradise. By the way, I’ll be visiting Northern Samar via Catarman soon, I’m at a lost where to stay, where to go and what to do. I’ve read your blogs already, but hope you can give me more suggestions. It’s really tricky to travel with a young one at tow, but I want to explore the Philippines with him since he loves beaches. You have a great site by the way. ^^

  18. Hi Maui, yes, I agree, talagang maganda sa Coron. I’d love to visit the place again.

    Will email you regarding your inquiries on Biri.

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