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I Am Jealous of the Wind

It was on a windy afternoon when I realized I am jealous of the wind. I saw how it slowly lifted a blue kite from the ground and dangled it up in the air to the delight of the kite’s owner, a handsome little boy.

I think it is so much fun if I can be the wind!

I will fly and and glide in the wide, bright blue sky.

I will climb toward Brother Sun to greet him, and chat with Sister Moon from dusk till dawn.

I will rouse the sleepy branches of a mango tree and ask them to dance gently.

I will sing. Yes, I will sing. Because the heaven hears the wind’s hundreds of verses.

I will command a pack of cottony clouds to sail to the east, to my beloved country where the sun rises early.

I will twirl and tumble over each great valley and plateau and marvel at God’s creation below.

I will pass over vast plains and savor the view of its evenness, of eternal rice fields and blankets of green shrubs.

I will touch the earth and blow soberly over the grasses and flowers. Oh, it will be delightful to see long-stemmed flowers waving a thousand arms!

I will bring rain clouds to dry, barren lands so the earth can quench its thirst and its creatures can stop dreaming of the rain.

I will playfully make dragons out of the sea water and let them rise above pirate ships to scare pirates.

I will stalk a maya bird hovering in a branch or a Philippine eagle soaring above a large blue lake.

There will be so much more fun things I will do if I can be the wind, and that includes kissing your cheeks gently and blowing all your worries away.

Posted 8 years, 1 month ago at 10:00 am.


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  1. hi mis n.
    i like the way you describe being a wind. and guest what…
    i feel, i am now jealous with the wind too πŸ™‚

  2. parang kahit ako naiingit na rin sa hangin..Ü

  3. pARANG BIGLA din akong nagselos…. ang ganda naman ng pagkakasulat… sarp ulit-ulitn….

  4. beautifully written…

  5. huwaw naman sa silhouette.. hehehe..

    at as usual, nakakahipo na naman tong entry mo. hehehe. πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Miss N… Ganda ng shot!

    Noong araw, parati kong ini-imagine na may kapangyarihan akong kontrolin ang hangin para makalipad ako kahit saan…

    Sana totoo yun… para walang gastos sa pamsahe sa eroplano… πŸ™

  7. why is it that the wind itself has
    its own definition of blowing continuously
    without breaking a leg,
    without getting into trouble
    without hanging anything.

    sometimes i wish upon a shooting star that i
    want to be the wind. the wind that blows without conviction.
    free and always on the go.

    whew, nahirapan ako ah hehehe
    hi northenon and to your cutedog! HEHEHE

  8. Ang ganda naman ng gagawin mo kung wind ka, nicely written.

  9. ang ganda naman ng pagkakasulat ^_^

    hi ms. n! kamusta po kayo?? πŸ™‚
    sa tingin ko po kaya kayo hindi ginawang wind ni papagod ay dahil ginawa po talaga niya kayo para maging pag-asa ng mga batang may pangarap. *ehem pens of hope ehem hehe*

  10. Wow – Franciscan na Franciscan ang pagkasulat.. Brother Sun and Sister Moon…

    Eloquently written… I enjoyed reading it.


  11. Ang ganda Mis N ng post na ito. Na struck ako sa paggamit mo ng Brother Sun,Sister Moon. Brother Sun,Sister Moon is the title of one of my favorite movie nung 1972.This movie is about St. Francis & St. Clare.

    Very nice.

  12. naiingit din ako sa wind,.,. a realization na tinamaan din ako after ko mabasa ang poem mo.. bakit nga kaya ganun? siguro nga.. may mga bagay sa mundo na hindi pwede mong gawin ng malaya.. freedom comes with responsibility…

  13. There will be so much more fun things I will do if I can be the wind, and that includes kissing your cheeks gently and blowing all your worries away.

    love it!

  14. amusing! the play of words… superb alliteration… at ang vocabulary… wow! ito ang nakakainggit higit pa sa hangin… hehehe…

    thanks for posting this. Reading this article brought me back to many memories from childhood… flying kites, moon gazing, climbing trees, role playing… etc… I was lead to pause and say special prayers for my childhood playmates. πŸ™‚

    Also, the grateful heart in me was awaken. i realized that there are many things in my life that i usually have taken for granted: the blessing of day and night, the grandeur of God’s creation, the very source of my life–the breath of air.


    maraming salamat po.

  15. yey! please wash all our worries away! Ü

  16. pag mahangin dati sa probinsya, sarap magpalipad ng saranggola…

  17. Hi Ms. N! Nice post and pics as well!

    Ang sarap pagmasdan ng larawan πŸ™‚

  18. nakabalik na ko Miss N but you left me speechless with this blog… kasama mo ko sa pag-iinternalize dun sa photo πŸ™‚

  19. ang galing naman πŸ™‚ I can imagine being like the wind.

  20. Ganda! I can see clearly now *Malinaw pa sa sabaw ng dinuguan!* how your blogging has really evolved =)

  21. nortehanon Sep 4th 2009

    lolz! Diwa, napatawa mo naman ako sa comment mo. Nabawasan uli ang wrinkles ko πŸ˜€

    Evolved? Ano yun?hehehe Sinusubukan ko lang pong magsulat ng mga bagay na malapit sa puso ko πŸ™‚

  22. Kung pwede tayong maging hangin Miss N, I think magkakaroon ng traffic sa langit. πŸ™‚

    I love this post. I’ve always wanted to be a bird. πŸ™‚

  23. Sana ako ay naging hangin na rin.

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