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My Yellow Paper Crane

When I was about 6 or 7 years old, my teacher lent me an old book. Its edges were torn and brittle, it’s pages already turned yellow. The book was a treasure for me. It was the true story of Sadako Sasaki and the thousand paper cranes.

Sadako was a girl who lived in Hiroshima at the time of the atomic bombing. She was two when the atomic bomb was dropped on the city. Sadako survived the bombing. She grew up to be a girl with many dreams, one of them is to become a runner for her school team.

But ten years after the bombing, Sadako became very ill. She was diagnosed with leukemia, an illness she developed from the atomic bomb radiation. It devastated Sadako. She knew that she would have to stop running. But when her friend, Chizuko, made a golden paper crane for her, Sadako hoped to get better soon. According to an old Japanese story, a sick person who is able to fold 1000 paper cranes is supposed to become healthy again.

Full of hope and optimism, Sadako folded paper cranes even on days when she was feeling tired. After a few weeks, she had already made hundreds of paper cranes.

Sadako felt she was getting weaker and weaker. Still, she never gave up hope. She continued folding paper cranes on days she would feel better, until one day she became too weak to fold one more. The last paper crane which she folded was number 644. Sadako died on Oc.t 24, 1955 and a statue of a golden crane was built in Hiroshima to honor her. Words about her story spread and inspired hope all over the world.

Sadako’s story of hope and courage in the face of adversity stuck in my young mind. After reading Sadako’s story, I started learning to fold paper cranes. It was something that would keep me occupied on many rainy days.

It’s been a while since I last folded paper cranes. But this morning I folded one again, one yellow paper crane, to honor a woman who never gave up hope for her people and for her motherland.

She was, and still is, my yellow paper crane, a woman whose courage kept her afloat in many trying times; a woman whose brave spirit will live in the hearts of many people; a woman whose unassuming character will always inspire me to embrace humility and simplicity; a woman whose unwavering Faith will always be an inspiration to remain steadfast and strong in my Faith.

Thank you and goodbye, former president Cory Aquino.

Posted 8 years, 2 months ago at 1:50 pm.


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  1. Very nice feature and story Miss N… Indeed, thank you Mrs. Aquino…

    I ma now watching the funeral cortege of the former president, and I had goosebumps when they played the song “Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo”…

  2. ang ganda ng story..nakakainspire..Ü

  3. I learned about Sadako three years ago and have come to appreciate the story since then. But I didn’t know all the details you shared in this entry. Pareho talaga sila ni Cory, sign of hope. 🙂

  4. a very inspiring story
    and i would like to learn how to fold a paper crane too
    the funeral procession yesterday shows that how Cory inspired us

  5. I heard about yr former president, Mdm Corazon Aquino demise last week. Feel sad about the lost. I believe she was a great woman with great ambition in fighting for democracy for yr country. And the Sadako’s story inspired me as well..

  6. at dahil dito, nagbago ang pagtingin ko sa pangalang SADAKO. hehehe. dati kase naaassociate ko lang sya sa isang nakakatakot na nilalang. hehe.

    on a serious note, i woke up super early yesterday para lang subaybayan ang libing ni pres. aquino.. and my tears didn’t stop from falling, especially during kris’s eulogy. she really is an icon for me, not only in politics (because im not really a “political” person), but i look up to her as a uber mega to the highest level wonderful MOTHER. 🙂

  7. wow, nainspire ako. good material for homily…

  8. A very touching and inspiring story…

    The demise of Tita Cory is a great loss to our country. The country lost a mother. I wonder if we ever can have another “mother” who would fight for democracy for the sake of the Filipino people…

  9. Thanks for the story! & Thank you Tita Cory…

  10. ganda ng story…

  11. nice piece of art..and nice saying goodbye

  12. Miss N, kanina ko pa to binabasa ng paulit2. Mga 5x ko na yta binabalik-balikan.. wala eh, sobrang inspired ako. Touching! 🙂

  13. Miss N, pareho din po kayo ni Madam Cory, Pen of hope is really something one can be proud of, bringing hope to children, with the help of people around them, good education seems to be attainable. Saludo po ang DGB sa inyo.

  14. i was as well touched to see ur kind reflection on Sadako and that lady in yellow, our beloved tita cory – thru paper crane.

    theirs are beautiful story. so worthy to tell.

  15. positive sadako 🙂
    di ako marunong nian ate, hanggang paper boat lang ako. hehe 🙂

  16. Miss N. – your writings, your thoughts and your photos never fail to impress me.

  17. nakakalungkot hindi ako natuto nyan

  18. Wow! Very beautiful tribute Miss N…In the cancer center that i used to work, they also make paper cranes, mostly, with and for children with cancer. It is indeed a symbol of hope…

  19. very inspiring naman itong kwento ni sadako..

    kyut nung origami!

    Farewell and Thank you Tita Cory

  20. ayun!!!

    heheh ang mga tagak na yan ay sumisimbolo ng pagasa.

    marunong akong gumawa nyan dati

    yung kapag hinatak ulo at buntot nalipad yung pakpak.


  21. ayun!!!

    heheh ang mga tagak na yan ay sumisimbolo ng pagasa.

    marunong akong gumawa nyan dati

    yung kapag hinatak ulo at buntot nalipad yung pakpak.


  22. aba may simbulo pa sya ng pagasa… hindi naman yan tagak e, puti ang tagak.

  23. Gello Aug 9th 2009

    marunong din ako ng paper crane at hobby ko na ang gumawa ng ganyan along with other origamis. well anyway, having that yellow crane means a lot more than anything else.

    farewell thee well, Madam Cory Aquino.


    Miss N, haven’t seen my post about Pens Of Hope?

  24. I didn’t know the significance of the paper cranes. An online friend was having her class fold them and now I understand why. I am going to give it a try.This was a nice tribute to your former President.

  25. It’s so nice to hear that story of Sadako from this blog. Thank you so much for sharing this Miss N. President Aquino was truly a remarkable woman. Maybe I’ll try to learn folding paper cranes myself too. ^^

  26. frederick dela cruz Aug 11th 2009

    I’m not a blogger, juz a reader..hehe! greate story… nice… very nice!!!

  27. like AC, di rin ako political person. actually, di nga ako mahilig manood ng news especially kapag tungkol na naman sa mga hinaing ng ating mga kababayan. kasi siguro, napagod na rin akong pakinggan sila. pero hindi napagod kailanman si Tita Cory.

    hindi ko siya kilala, until the day she died and almost the entire world mourned for her death. and i cried with them because we lost a straight and courageous democrat of our country, a faithful servant of God, and a loving and caring mother and lola not only to her family, but also to the people around her.

    sensya na Miss N kung lagi akong nawawala. i’ll be back soon. salamat sa palagi mong pagbisita sa bahay ko. amishu 🙂

  28. eto ang namiss ko miss N…yong mga inspiring stories mo.

  29. wow!nice story nga! i have a blogger friend who is also into paper cranes. 🙂

    i love that yellow crane!

  30. She was a woman of courage and faith. I have learned to understand her life more and better appreciate the life she lived through those days when she has been all over the tv and the internet. She is indeed an inspiration. If only more and more Filipinos would be like her….

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  31. diba tagak yan?

  32. Hi Ms. N. Nainspire ako sa post mo. Naalala ko bigla ‘yung young and bubbly practicumer na kasama ko noon sa DOH. haay. how are you? busy ka ba?

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