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Where I Belong

On my recent trip back home, I found myself standing in front of the ocean and listening to my own heart beat one early morning. “I missed this,” I told myself as my eyes traced the to and fro movement of the blue strip of water in front of me and the soothing crashing of the waves put me at ease. The boundless water stretched in glory stood between me and the horizon. Where does the ocean begin? Where does it end? I often wondered about this when I was a child.

As I stood on the wooden bridge watching the graceful unfolding of a new day in the place that raised and nurtured me, I breathed in the familiar salty sea air and said a prayer of gratitude in silence. There is nothing like being in the place that brings memories of summer time, of golden rice stalks, of fishermen arriving at the seashore with smiles on their face, of children giggling during an early morning swim, of days of love and being part of other people’s lives, of being young and life being so simple. I sure miss those days.

This is a place I can always go back to, a place that will always welcome me in its loving embrace, a place that blesses me, a place that is home to the soothing waves that can wash away even my deepest scars, a place where I can hear God’s voice at its loudest.

The light was growing around me and I felt the heat of the sun, signaling it was time to go home and indulge in a hearty breakfast of champorado and daing (I prefer daing over tuyo). Walking back to the town that was slowly stirring from deep slumber, I heard the ocean sing its song once again. I knew it was a farewell song for me.

Posted 8 years, 2 months ago at 6:19 pm.


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  1. ang sarap namang basahin nito.. πŸ˜‰

  2. this made my night πŸ™‚ so from the sound of the evening breeze, allow me to say thank you for writing with your soul.

    reminds me of “home”, a place without a roof and where the heart free falls.

  3. yeah..its really nice to wake up every morning and see the sunshine…especially when you have the chance to view it in the ocean..i also like watching the sun as it set..

    yes, for having a sun and for having the life that we have,,we must all be thankfull…good morning…have blessed day ahead!

  4. nakakamiss ang dagat..napakagaling nyo pong magsulat miss n..ramdam na ramdam ko ung calmness na naramdaman nyo nung nasa harap nyo ang dagat..

  5. it always feels good to be at home! πŸ™‚

  6. soothing…i can almost feel and smell the waves… i miss it too…
    but soon I’ll be back home, and soak all day long, bury my feet in the sand and watch the sun. soon… haaaay i can’t wait:D

  7. nakakaantig
    tinamaan ako dun a, tama ka nga, babalik at babalik din tayo sa ating pinagmulan

  8. Hi kumusta, buti at napasyal ka. Nakita ko na yung Pens of Hope mo. Nanay ako ni Zee, and I think she mentioned about your blog getting a lot of spam. It is so commendable what you are doing. Kung on going pa yung Pens of Hope mo, pwede kaming magpada sa sunod na pag BBox namin. At doon na lang e mail locally. I too love clouds and the ocean. We live just about 2 blocks to the ocean (Dumaguete, being a coastal town). I still do cook champorado here, but with a little revision. Thanks for the visit, and more power and more pens!

  9. nice post.. my favorite so far…

  10. ang sarap mag muni muni alo na pag ganyan ang ambiance

  11. kasama mo po ung aso
    nung nagpunta ka sa tabing batis? ehehhe

  12. Sometimes I do miss my childhood memories where i went for swimming, strolling and built sand castle on the beach…. where’s the worry about tomorrow never seems to bother me.

  13. …and yes, it is indeed true! There is no place like home.

  14. haizzzz.. ang sarap naman basahin ng post na to… haizzzz… sarap iembrace ng nature… hehehehe.. haizzzz.. sarap mag isip sa ganyang lugar tz mag imagine ng mga memories… bakit nga ba “sarap” ang ginagamit kong word? nagugutom na yata ako.. hehehehe…

  15. Wow… Made me breathe deep and tried to imagine the sea breeze… πŸ™‚

    Full of peace, longing and a dash of reluctance…

    Miss N, who told you you couldn’t write? Bubugbugin ko… hehehe…

  16. hey.. thanks for visiting my blog..
    nice blog yrs too.. i must follow you..
    and hey have you ever been to mumbai?? or india??

  17. hay your post is very calming. it sure felt good.

  18. Ah, so it was a beautiful morning ritual Miss N! The moment you took time in silence with Mother Nature, it speaks peace to you. I hear its language from this post…I miss the lake where i grew up with…It’s been a while i’ve not been home…

  19. it feels so good to go back home.. πŸ˜‰

  20. refreshing na picture. πŸ™‚ masarap talaga sa probinsya, lalo na kung sa may dagat. πŸ™‚

    i eat champorado, i eat daing and tuyo.. but i don’t eat them together like the way people eat puto at dinuguan. hahaha! weird ako. πŸ˜†

  21. a place of clarity and serenity…. waaaahhh.. sarap Ü

  22. dFish Aug 2nd 2009

    i just luv reading this over and over Miss N…These lines especially are heartwarming: “I heard the ocean sing its song once again. I knew it was a farewell song for me.”

  23. ang ganda naman basahin nito… nakakarelaks…

  24. iba talaga ang nararating ng isip kapag dagat ang harap ano?

  25. πŸ˜€ mustah! ?

  26. Ang ganda naman nito Miss N! Naalala ko rin tuloy yung province namin. Ganitong ganito rin yung feeling ko nung umuwi kami doon last April after so many years of coming back.

    Ang sarap talaga sa mga provinces. Nakakaginhawa lagi kapag bumabalik sa mga lugar na pinanggalingan natin.

  27. sigh *

    ang ganda ganda

  28. you’re from Northern Samar? I’m from Capul. It’s great to discover a fellow nortehanon blogger. I will definitely be following you.

  29. nortehanon Oct 22nd 2009

    Hello, Mano Aryo,
    Yes, taga-Northern Samar ak. Nalilipay ako nga may isa pang fellow Nortehanon blogger ako na nakilala. Just the other day, I met another Nortehanon blogger, si Jeff. Sana dumami pa tayo πŸ™‚

    Salamat, Mano Aryo. Ikaw liwat bisitahon ko.

  30. hello po miss N tnx poh sa pag drop by mo sa blog site ko and tga northern samar ka rin po pla..:)) san ka poh exactly sa northern samar?? sana po ma enhance ko pa ung blog site ko na mging kcng ganda ng blog site mo =) tnx a lot

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