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Pens of Hope: First Distribution in Northern Samar

Dear one and all,

Today I am going to share with you some more pictures taken on the first distribution day.

It was a cloudy day. Most of the children came in white t-shirt. Others, I noticed, came wearing a sando or a colored shirt. They all looked so serious (or curious) like it was the first time they saw a stranger. Most of them were wearing slippers. I was told by their teacher that children are now allowed by the Department of Education to go to school even if they are not wearing uniform or shoes because not all parents could afford to buy them. I think it’s a good decision on the part of DepEd. It just isn’t right to deprive a child of his right to attend school only because he or she isn’t wearing school uniform or shoes.

I started taking pictures of them, hoping that it could solicit a smile. But it was a failed attempt. I continued taking pictures. One of the children noticed that an image registered on the LCD of my camera right after I took each shot. The child walked towards me and pointed to my camera’s LCD curiously without saying a word. I understood what she meant. I showed her the LCD and randomly displayed the images I previously took.

The girl giggled upon seeing the pictures of her classmates on the LCD. Her classmates noticed and they all ran to my side. A few seconds later, I was hearing giggles and laughter and teasing. Thanks to my camera–it was all I needed to make them loosen up. Apparently, it was the first time they saw the digital gadget. They were so amazed seeing that it can display pictures right away.

Time for distribution. Teacher Lourdes asked them to settle down. When she took out the contents of the big bag that I brought, I heard “Wooows” from the children. And then I saw their eyes lit up with excitement, a sense of excitement that I seldom see in adults like me. My heart leapt up with joy.

Here are some pictures I took as the children receive the pencils. Though I prefer pencils only, one blogger had sent out three bags which I raffled off. The children who got them were really, really happy. I wish I had taken a better picture of them receiving the bags. But something went wrong with my focus and the camera had a hard time hunting. The children also got crayons and colored pencils.

Another blogger had sent out a dozen packs of notebooks. It was supposed to be raffled off to 12 children. But when I saw how excited the children were upon seeing the notebooks, I decided to take them out of the packs and distribute.

Each child got one notebook. “Duha na akon notebook!” (I have two notebooks now!”) I overheard one child at the back. I knew it was the voice of a happy child, a proud owner of two notebooks, a new one and his old one, probably his prized possessions. But to a certain extent, I have to admit that what I heard had defeated the joy I had felt earlier on. A first grade child with only two notebooks didn’t seem a great news to me. Perhaps I was looking at the glass half-empty and the child was looking at it half-full.

Thank you so very much everyone–for the pencils, the notebooks, the sharpeners, the scissors, the bags, and the erasers, for the prayers and the well-wishes, for the trust, and for spreading the word about Pens of Hope. I feel a fuzzy warm feeling inside my heart and I want to hug you all. Thank you for joining me on this ride.

With more gratitude than I could ever hope to express,
Miss N


There will be some more rounds of distribution in the months to come. There are still enough pencils to distribute until Christmas.

Posted 8 years, 2 months ago at 3:51 pm.


78 Replies

  1. aawww…this made my week. how small thing looks like big treasures in the eyes of these innocent children…

    Ms. N, you’re making a big difference, please do continue on this one:D prayers and support will keep coming in this great endeavour of yours.

  2. nortehanon Jul 28th 2009

    Hi Deth!
    Thank you but the credit should go to all the bloggers and all others who have helped made this possible.

    I agree, to many of us, adults, pencils may not be that significant. But for a struggling child who wants to finish school, pencils are gems.

  3. awwwww… my heart melts, even just by looking at their pictures.

    thank you, miss N. πŸ™‚

  4. nortehanon Jul 28th 2009

    Nakaka-melt talaga ng heart, AC. How I wish you heard the resounding “wooow!” when the goodies were brought out of the bag πŸ˜‰

    Salamat din, AC, sa malaking tulong.

  5. This made me cry. Wish we could do more.

  6. nortehanon Jul 28th 2009

    Yeah, nakakaiyak na nakakatuwa. Super mixed emotion ko dun. Marami pang kailangang gawin sa mga ganitong eskwela, pero naniniwala akong ang simulain ng Pens of Hope ay isa nang malaking tulong sa mga bata.

  7. wow! this got me inspired! my advocacy is cancer prevention but would it be okay if I’ll do the same for my province? I’ve been wanting too to do a project for education for my mother’s hometown but didn’t know which one to focus on.

  8. nortehanon Jul 28th 2009

    Thank you for visiting. I’m happy that Pens of Hope inspired you. Saan province mo? I’m happy to meet someone who has an advocacy such as yours. Good luck!

  9. I’m from Negros Occidental. Nasa Bacolod City ako now and I’m active also with our advocacy against cancer pero matagal ko na rin gustong gumawa ng paraan to promote education in my mom’s hometown kaya tuwang tuwa ako nung nabasa ko tong entry mo na to. Would it be okay if I’ll do the same here in my mom’s hometown? Sayang ang opportunity eh to help the kids. It might be just pens or pencils pero malaking bagay na yan.

  10. nortehanon Jul 28th 2009

    Sure! Tulad nga ng palagi kong sinasabi dito sa blog ko, the more people helping these kids, the more happy children, the more chances of them having hope in their heart for a better future.

    Email me how you intend to do the project. Maraming salamat for your willingness to help spread hope. Yes, tama ka, these are just pencils to the eyes of adults like us, but these are symbols of hope sa mata ng isang bata. I should know, I was one of them πŸ˜‰ And when I was a child, receiving kindness from other people inspired me a lot to do good in school, to strive hard to finish my studies para hindi masayang ang kindness nila at para naman someday I could have a better chance of helping other people, too.

  11. kainspire..pasama naman ako

  12. nortehanon Jul 28th 2009

    Sama ka? Sure hehehe Welcome to my blog at salamat.

  13. oo ba..gusto ko yan..and i am very much willing to donate pens of hope!

  14. Speechless and teary eyed.

  15. nortehanon Jul 28th 2009

    Hi Emma,
    While I was out there with the children, I felt the same–speechless and teary eyed.


  16. My heart pounding with joy of reading this blogpost, of what U have done to the children there. May God bless you! πŸ™‚

  17. nortehanon Jul 28th 2009

    Hello designationjazz,
    I was just the “vehicle” for the pencils to reach the children. Honor is due to to everyone who helped make these children happy. God bless you, too!

  18. waw

    nakikita ko pa lang mga bata na masaya
    masaya na rin ako


    sana next time kasama ako
    ikukuwento ko sa kanila ang storya ni Mais

    at tuturuan ko silang gumuhit

    tamang tama angkop sa bata ang lebel ng pagdodrowing ko!



    babaeng nakapikit: “Amm,, is diiissss a penncil case?”

  19. nortehanon Jul 28th 2009

    Hello, Jason

    Napa-smile naman ako sa pagbigay mo ng dialog sa batang babae na nakapikit. Nakita ko yung drowing mo kay Mais. Aba, tiyak na matutuwa ang mga bata kapag naturuan sila kung paano iguhit si Mais πŸ˜‰

    Salamat sa pagbisita, iho.

  20. nakatutuwang pagmasdan ang mga ngiti ng mga bata…

    salamat sa iyong pusong mapagmahal…

  21. nortehanon Jul 28th 2009

    Salamat sa mga blogger na may pusong mapagmahal. They made this possible.

  22. This is really touching, my heart melts, I’ll try to reach out with these kids in our own little way.

    God bless your hear Ms. N.

  23. nortehanon Jul 28th 2009

    Salamat, Pope. I’m happy that this project has inspired you to reach out to these children. Good luck!

    Thank you for visiting. God bless you, too.

  24. Thanks for coming ’round to let me know you’ve posted already. Call me a softie, pero medyo na-teary eyed ako bandang huli πŸ™‚

    sayang, nakalimutan ko magpadala ng pencils sa davao. Kasi naman eh, i blame it on the eclipse, haha! abangan ko ang next round dun.

    uy, have you hear of The Black Pencil Project? one of the people behind it read my post about Pens of Hope and left a comment. Ang galing! pencil project din sila! πŸ™‚ sana makatulong pa ako ulit

  25. nortehanon Jul 28th 2009

    Hi Vera,
    Maraming, maraming salamat sa tulong.

    It’s okay to be a softie πŸ˜‰ Ako nga super softie eh, as in πŸ™‚ Yes, baka magkaroon ng another round sa Davao. Nakakatuwa talaga itong mga nangyayaring ito.

    Yes, I’ve heard of the Black Pencil Project already. I’m happy that a lot of people are into helping Filipino children. Mas maraming tumutulong, mas maraming masayang batang Pinoy.

  26. nangungulit lang…gusto ko magjoin..ahehe

  27. nortehanon Jul 28th 2009

    Gusto mo magsend ng pencils? πŸ˜‰ Sure! ahehehe

  28. awww..this is a great project..please do continue helping the kids..sana dumami pa ang katulad mo miss n..

  29. nortehanon Jul 28th 2009

    Uy, may bisita akong heroine! Si superjaid hehehe. Salamat sa pagdaan, iha.

    Yes, gagawin ko ang aking makakaya para magpatuloy ang proyektong ito. Ito ay magiging posible lamang sa tulong ng mga kapwa blogger.

    Maraming salamat uli.

  30. Praise God! Ang dami nyong napasayang mga bata…

  31. nortehanon Jul 28th 2009

    Yes, Kapatid, talagang praise God!

  32. Ms. N, nagpost po ako ng entry sa blog ko tungkol sa Pens of Hope:D

    Sana ay makatulong ako sa pagpapalaganap ng adhikain mo:D

  33. nortehanon Jul 28th 2009

    Wow, talaga! Sige, tatakbo na ako sa blog mo, now na! hehehe

    Salamat ha.

  34. hi miss n! you did a great and inspiring job! πŸ™‚

    we’re about to distribute the pens and pencils in davao tentatively on august 9. i hope you got my email about it. πŸ™‚

  35. nortehanon Jul 28th 2009

    Salamat, Kikit. Naku, this is not because of me. This is because of the people who have helped me realize my dream of being able able to help kahit paano sa mga bata sa probinsya ko.

    Wow, congrats ha! Tuloy na tuloy na talaga ang Pens of Hope sa Davao! I am so happy!

    May email ka for me? Teka, got to check again. Nag-open kasi ako kanina, wala namang email from you. Got to check my spam folder. Ewan ko ba, even if the sender is already in my address book, there are instances pa rin that the email lands in the spam folder.

  36. Reading this was a mix of joy, hope, and a little bit of sadness… Eventually, joy and hope won…

    I think sadness was there so that we would always share joy….

    Thank you Miss N!

  37. nortehanon Jul 28th 2009

    Hello Mark,
    Ako yata dapat ang nagpapasalamat sa β€˜yo. Thanks for the big help talaga.

    Yes, tama ka.

  38. stories like this are very heartwarming.

    mabuhay kayo!

  39. nortehanon Sep 2nd 2009

    Salamat po at salamat din sa pagdalaw.

  40. you are really such a blessing dear sis!

    *HUGS* πŸ™‚

  41. nortehanon Sep 2nd 2009

    Aww..I am so touched, my dearest Ate.
    Sending hugs back to you.

  42. Anak, sobrang tuwa ko ng mabasa ko na itong Pens of Hope distribution mo. I am really really touched.

    I posted your logo on my blog but I feel that it isn’t enough. I have to write about this so the readers of Chizmizan with Chuva may learn of what a great program you have here… and maybe some of them will help too.

    Bless you anak… God Bless you!

  43. nortehanon Sep 2nd 2009

    Inay, maraming salamat po. Isang malaking-malaking tulong na sa Pens of Hope ang pag-post mo ng logo ng Pens of Hope sa sikat mong blog.

    God bless you, too, Inay!

  44. oh, this is really sweet. i do admire your advocacy. maybe i could help you in some ways some day.

  45. nortehanon Sep 2nd 2009

    Thank you, Syel. I appreciate very much your comment.
    Thank you, too, for visiting.

  46. way to go! lapis pa! lapis pa!

  47. nortehanon Sep 2nd 2009

    hahaha, salamat PM!

  48. wow naman, sa simpleng lapis at papel andaming natutulungan…

    nakakataba ng puso…

    mabuhay kayo!

  49. nortehanon Sep 2nd 2009

    Maraming salamat, Alvin!

  50. nice pictures! nice smiles! Ü

  51. nortehanon Sep 2nd 2009

    Nice smiles, indeed, Javie. And those are the smiles that melt my heart.

  52. innocent smile-one of the purest things on earth ^___________^

    haay ate, sobrang proud ako sa’yo. u must be heaven sent πŸ™‚ thanks po sa pagnotify sa’ken. feeling ko tuloy part ako ng pens of hope kahit di pa ko nakakapagdonate. hehe. sana makasama ako sa distribution minsan.

    ate, tatanung ko na po tuloy kung pwede ko ilagay sa sidebar ko un link to ur pens of hope. baka sakaling may maligaw na mabuting loob at maging part ng pagreach out. kung oks lang po senyo πŸ™‚

    definitely more blessing coming up for a blessing like you! keep safe and god bless πŸ™‚

  53. nortehanon Sep 2nd 2009

    Sure, chennn. You are free to put the logo in your blog. That is going to be a great help. Salamat for your kind words.

  54. Oh wow! Napakaganda at nakaka-antig ng puso ang post na ito. Sa ating mga nasa lunsod at may sapat na kabuhayan ang isang lapis ay parang isang laruan na khit iwan ay ok lang. Ngunit kung para sa mga batang ito na salat sa yaman, ang isang mumunting lapis ay isang bagay na magdudulot ng labis tuwa at ngiti sa kanilang mga labi. Sana ay iyong maipagpatuloy ang paglaganap ng ganitong adhikain. Ang makatulong sa mga nangangaylangan. God Bless Ms. N. ;D

    Travel and Living
    Job Hunt Pinoy

  55. nortehanon Sep 2nd 2009

    Salamat, Den. Sana, sana nga makapagpatuloy pa ako sa pagtulong.

  56. wow! na-touched ako doon sa mga pictures. salamat at naging instrumento ka na mapasaya at makatulong sa mga batang yan.

  57. nortehanon Sep 2nd 2009

    At salamat din. You have been a part of this project. Maraming salamat sa tulong mo.

  58. wow it’s good that there are people like you who do this kinf of outreach activity. The children were really happy.

  59. nortehanon Sep 2nd 2009

    Maraming salamat po! I am more inspired.

  60. ang galing mo talga…idol…abt my camera and macro shots..hindi nmn hi end un…medyo ok lang…18-108 mm ata ang lens..hindi talga pang macro kaso busy sa work para makabayad ng mga utang..salamat sa pag daan sa lang wentang blog ko ha…tuloy tuloy lang ang lapis at papel ha…congrats..

  61. nortehanon Sep 2nd 2009

    Salamat, Germz! Keep shooting!

  62. miss n,

    nakakatuwa naman yung mga itsura ng mga bata… sa maliit na paraan eh natutulungan niyo na sila napapasaya niyo pa… kitang kita kasi sa mga mata nila yung galak na nadarama nila eh…

    nwei, just continue to support these kids, in a small way naipapakita niyo yung concern niyo sa kapwa pinoy… πŸ˜‰

    two thumbs up!

  63. nortehanon Sep 2nd 2009

    Salamat sa mga salitang nakakataba ng puso, Yhen!

  64. parang gusto kitang samahan minsan sa pagdistribute ng mga lapis πŸ™‚ nakakaantig ng puso πŸ™‚
    salamat sa pagdalaw.

  65. nortehanon Sep 2nd 2009

    Maraming salamat po, Miss Peachy. Siguro minsan ay magsasama ako ng kapwa blogger sa pamimigay πŸ˜‰

  66. Ms. N hindi ko alam kung bakit ako naluha habang tinitignan ko ang mga pictures ng mga bata at binabasa ang entry mo?…

    na-tats lang siguro ako nung makita kong masaya sila habang tinatanggap yung mga gifts..sana someday makasama rin ako sa pagdi-distribute ng mga biyayang gaya nyan para makita ko ng personal mga ngiti nila:)

    well done Ms. N.

  67. Oh my na-feel ko talaga yung warmth and excitement ng mga bata nung natanggap nila yan! Nakakatuwa! Sa mga pictures mo pa lang Miss N feeling ko kasama mo ako doon. Sana magawa ko rin yang gawain mo someday. Sobrang sarap siguro talaga ng pakiramdam.

    Sana rin someday mabasa nila itong post mong ito para makita nila mga sarili nila sa pictures. Kung ako siguro isa sa mga batang nandoon yayakapin kita ng mahigpit Miss N at siguradong mai-inspire ako na maging katulad mo paglaki ko.

    Salamat talaga sa initiative mong ito. Kapag nakaluwag-luwag ako tutulong ulit ako. I’m so happy right now. Thank you!

  68. nakatuwang pagmasdang ang mga pics. kita sa mukha ng mga bata ung galak sa mga school supplies na ibinahagi sa kanila. i bet it feels good to be there and personally experience a very nice charity work like this.

    keep it up ms. N. i know mas marami pa ang tutulong sa pens of hope. you are doing one heck of a great job!


  69. txs sa muling pagbisita kahit an abala ka sa pamamahagi ng pens of JOY!..i am wondering kung may kasama ka sa iyong mga misyon..tagakuha ba ng litrato..napakaimp nga na macapture iyong golden moment of smile ng mga musmos..at makita ng mas marami pang blogero ang essence ng pagtulong sa less-privileged.

  70. wow ang ganda pag masdan talaga ang mga batang may ngiti ng ganyan………. buti pa nga sila sa maliit na biyaya na yan eh masayang masaya na sila………..

    may na encounter ako nun sa pampanga mga aetas kasama ko ang RVM sisters na namigay kami ng mga school supplies at may mga sapatos pa………… hindi naman nila ginamit at ayaw pa rin mag sipasok sa skwela samantalang libre na ang kanilang pag aaral…………..

    Pagpalain kayo sa ginagawa nyong pagpapangiti sa mga musmos na ito………..

    salamat sa pagbibisita sa aking bahay………
    ang ganda pala talaga ng nasumpungan kong site dito sa wp…salamat ‘igan

  71. Lady Yuwa Aug 3rd 2009

    Kakatuwa naman tingnan ang mga kids makikita sa face nila ang saya.
    Asked ko lang ilan kids ba sila sa class?

    Mabuhay ka! I’m proud you..

  72. nortehanon Sep 2nd 2009

    Salamat, Lady Yuwa. Sagutin ko na lang po itong inquiry mo through email. Curious lang ako, gusto mo po sigurong mag-donate ‘no?hehehe

  73. nakakaantig ng puso.

    hinggil dito, nagpost ako ng isang artikulo para sa Pens Of Hope gaya ng naipangako ko.

    ilathala ang kampanyang ito para magbigay ng ngiti ng pag-asa sa bawat bata sa Pilipinas. πŸ™‚

  74. Such a nice cause.

    It’s so sad that in the Philippines, the so-called “free education” is not that free. In wealthier countries, public schools provide the kids with everything, from notebooks, papers, writing materials, lunchboxes, even brunch. And then I remember my native country and wish the Filipino kids have the same benefits too.

  75. nakakatuwa naman ito

  76. nortehanon Sep 2nd 2009

    Oo, kapatid, nakakatuwang talaga! Salamat sa pagiging bahagi nito πŸ˜‰

  77. Noon nakikibasa lang ako,at di man lang nag-iwan ng comment.Noon na iinggit ako sa mga pinag gagawa mo Ms. N. Kala ko hanggang tingin at basa na lang ako.Ngayon akoy ngbalik sa iyong blog,na pinagmamalaki ko ang aking sarili, may nagawa na rin akong contributions sa Advocacy mo.Kung dati nakikibasa,at nakinuod lang ako.Ngayon ako na mismo ang gumawa.Ang dami kong hinap na ginanas.discouragements na encounter.Pero di ako natinag…Pinagpatuloy ko ang nasimulan mo dyan sa Northern Samal….At ngayon lumalaki na ang Pamilya ng PENS OF HOPE DAVAO.Marami akong mga kaibigan,batchmates,pinsan,kapatid,at mga kakilala na gusto na rin maging bahagi ng advocacy natin.
    Maraming Salamat Ms.N.
    Isang karangalan ang maging bahagi ng nasimulan mo…
    Mabuhay tayong lahat… GOD BLESS US ALL!!! ^_^

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