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7 Hills Elementary School

Hello again, ladies and gentlemen. I know you are all excited to see more pictures. But before that, let me tell you first about the school where the first distribution of Pens of Hope in Northern Samar was held.

This is the 7 Hills Elementay School. It is situated in a sleepy barangay in the town of San Isidro.

Some classrooms have nipa thatch roof. Most classrooms have iron sheets as roof. But I noticed that the iron sheets already have holes and are being eaten away by rust. I did not see a room with ceiling so you can just imagine how it is on sunny days. Probably the students would wish for rainy days instead so it will be cooler. But what about the holes on the roof? This situation is true in many schools in remote places all over the country. I can only hope and pray that the government will do something about it.

This is the particular classroom where the distribution was held. It’s a humble classroom with unpainted walls. It has big windows. I can only assume that the windows were deliberately made big to let in breeze on sunny days. I was told that on windy rainy days, these windows have to be closed to prevent rain water from getting in. Because there is no electricity in the school, the students and the teacher have to endure the lack of light inside the classroom when the windows are closed.

Beside the school is a small river lined with small houses, each sheltered with its own thatched roof or rusty iron sheets. It is good to note that the river is clean and the residents seem to be taking care of this body of water.

From the national highway, a narrow cemented 5-kilometer road stretches all the way to the gate of the school. But for some students who come from the other side of the barangay, they have to endure walking on roads like these. Notice the puddles of water. Imagine walking on these roads on rainy days.

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17 Replies

  1. hi! nice pictures!

    i just wish the local government will do something about the holes on the roof… i guess it’s not that expensive to have it replaced…

  2. nortehanon Aug 5th 2009

    yeah, sana nga maipaayos nila. i agree, i don’t think it is that expensive to repair the roof.

  3. he he ang cute naman ng name ng school nila… 7 Hills!

  4. nortehanon Aug 5th 2009

    oo nga eh. pero alam mo bang wala akong nakitang hills doon? hehehe. or siguro, yung place na yun ay dating hilly.

  5. ang ganda, probinsyang probinsya, kailangan lang ng konting tulong para maipaayos ang nakita kong mga kakulangan.

  6. nortehanon Aug 5th 2009

    oo nga eh. sana ay umabot doon ang tulong ng pamahalaan, para na rin sa kapakanan ng mga bata.

  7. ang nice ng name ng school ah! 7 hills! Ü at kulay pink! nice. Ü

  8. nortehanon Jul 23rd 2009

    Jayvie, alam mo bang when I saw the classrooms from the gate, akala ko MMDA ang gumawa hehehehe. Pero cute nga yung mga classroom 😉

    I forgot to inquire why the school was named 7 hills. Wala naman akong nakitang hills sa malapit hehehe

  9. grabe ang tinitiis ng mga bata sa ganitong sistema ng pamumuhay ano? buti na lang at may isang taong tulad mo na handang tumulong sa mga yan…

  10. nortehanon Jul 23rd 2009

    Hi Jodi,
    Naku, hindi po sa akin galing ang mga lapis na yun. Those pencils came from fellow bloggers. Sila po ang mga tumulong, not me. Ako lang po ang naging vehicle para makarating ang mga lapis sa mga bata.

  11. kudos to you for reaching that far. though i know na you’re from samar talaga, it’s a good thing na maski mga ganyan ka-remote ay naaabot ng iyong powers.

    you told me before that i’m a girl of beauty and substance, now i wanna tell you:

    you are way way more beautiful than i am. 🙂 (and now i’m dying to see the face behind these entries/advocacies.. 😉 )

    God Bless you. 🙂

  12. nortehanon Aug 5th 2009

    Salamat, AC. God bless you, too.

    Oo nga eh, my visit to this school made me realize I haven’t really been around my province. Kaya simula ngayon ay susubukin kong libutin ang aking mahal na probinsya.

  13. Clean rivers with people living near it are rare nowadays. The people here really, really need all the help they can get.

  14. nortehanon Aug 5th 2009

    Yes, Rico. I agree with you. I hope the people there will continue to take care of the river.

  15. The govt. should look into this matter coz education is important to new generation nowadays. Without proper educational system/provision could slowdown the development in community especially in the rural area. It is good for yr side in contributing pens & pencils to students. I am sure the are much appreciated in yr charity works.

    Im attracted to the term ‘nipa thatch roof’. In Malaysia, we call it ‘atap nipah’ in malay language.. and the iron sheet roof; i guess it is the roof made of zinc, right?

    Thanx for visiting!

  16. nortehanon Aug 5th 2009

    Hello, designation jazz and welcome to my blog. I’m happy that you made your way here. i very much agree with what you said about the importance of education in community development.

    The thatch roof is also called nipa here. We’re neighbors so some words really sound and mean the same 😉

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