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I am Back!

Hello everyone!

I know you all have been waiting for update on Pens of Hope’s first distribution in Northern Samar. I am back from the province with lots of pictures to share. But I have something very, very important to attend to at work today so I have to leave you this picture for now.

It was so much fun being with these kids! However, I couldn’t help but notice the holes on the roof of their room which doesn’t even have a ceiling. And it breaks my heart to imagine what happens inside that room when there’s heavy downpour, or how the children feel on sunny days when the heat of the sun is magnified by the iron sheet.

I will be back for more posts and more pictures. Thank you for bearing with me.

Posted 8 years, 2 months ago at 12:59 pm.


25 Replies

  1. yeehheeeyyy!!! dami nila pens!

    congratulations for a job well done.

    treat kita ng HP!

  2. wow! HP! I was thinking of it all along while I was in the province. Sabi ko, showing na ang HP hehehe. Malayo kasi ako sa kabihasnan dun eh. Walang internet access. Ni walang TV unless you have a cable tv connection. Thanks for the offer 🙂

  3. yehey! congrats!

    they looked soooo happy! 🙂

    looking forward to the other pix. 🙂

  4. Naku, alam mo ba, AC, they looked so serious hehehe. The teacher told me the children are not used to having visitors. They were super shy!

    I am so excited to write a longer post but I just couldn’t do it today. Got to attend first to so many things at work, or else baka mawalan ako ng trabaho hehehe.

  5. baka na-star struck sayo miss N. hahaha! 😆

  6. Ms. N., I envy the kids! I like pens too. Kaya lang, ako may pambili… magdodonate na lang ako sa yo para mas marami pang kids ang makinabang. Ü

    Welcome back. I hope the rough weather didn’t scare you on your trip. Ü

  7. nortehanon Aug 5th 2009

    Thank you rchrd. Naku, my flight was almost canceled because of the rough weather.

  8. nag-iisang_ibon Jul 21st 2009

    It would be an honor to be a part of this project. I hope to contribute to this worthy cause. Here’s waiting for more pics to come. ^_^

  9. nortehanon Aug 5th 2009

    uy! nakakatuwa naman at naligaw dito ang nag-iisang ibon! kumusta na? Salamat sa pagdalaw, little sis 😉

  10. good ur back with good news…

    i imagine the smile you bring in the faces of those children, as well as their parents, may we ur readers, could really take part in our own humble ways.

    more of this…:)

  11. nortehanon Aug 5th 2009

    Salamat, AJ. Yes, hopefully, there will be some more distributions in the years to come 😉

  12. ang galing mo…..

  13. nortehanon Aug 5th 2009

    Salamat, germz. pero hindi po akin ito. All credit go to all those who have helped these children through the pencils and other school supplies they have sent.

  14. huwaw! iba ka talaga! sana maraming photos sa next post!

    congrats po!

  15. nortehanon Aug 5th 2009

    Salamat, Ax.

  16. yes it’s true, grabe ang hirap nila kung sakali at mainit ang araw at syempre mainit ang bubong..paano sila mag aaral ng maayos kung ang kanilang katawan ay sobrang nahihirapan dahil sa init na bigay ng araw…

  17. nortehanon Aug 5th 2009

    sana nga mapabuti pa ang classroom nila, jodi. salamat.

  18. Hello Miss N! Well done! I’m sure so many kids are happy to receive those pens. The distribution in Davao will be held soon. I’m already in the Philippines but I’m taking a short vacation pa. Once I get to Davao, we’ll have a meeting about the special day.

  19. nortehanon Aug 5th 2009

    Hi Kikit, salamat. And thank you, too, for bringing Pens of Hope to Davao. Good luck!

  20. yeheeeyyyyyyyyyy success…

    congrats Ms. N..

    God bless you..

  21. nortehanon Aug 5th 2009

    Naku, hindi ako ang dapat i-congratulate, Muymuy. Kayo yun, kayong mga taong nagbahagi para sa mga batang ito.

    God bless you, too.

  22. ikaw lang mag-isa ang pumunta? Mukhang liblib ah…looking at the pics, i felt that the pens i sent were really not enough. Ang dami nilang kelangan ano aside from the pens.

  23. nortehanon Aug 5th 2009

    Nagpasama po ako sa isang brother ko. nag-habal-habal po kami papunta sa school from the highway. Opo, medyo liblib ang place pero okay naman.

    Marami pong napasaya ang pencils na ipinadala mo, Marites.

  24. waw! sana makatapos sila ng pag-aaral.. at maging mabuting mamamayan, tulad mo ate! ^_^
    apir! 🙂

  25. nortehanon Aug 5th 2009

    apir, chennn. hahaha. ikaw naman oo, magaling mambola hehehe

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