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Oh, to be a child again playing in a duyan!


I’ve always loved being in a duyan. When I was young I would climb into it and sway back and forth in the breeze. It was a special duyan because it was made by my Nanay. Having no extra money to buy a duyan from the market, she diligently washed and sew together two sacks of rice. It was a sturdy duyan and for a year or two it swayed in the breeze each time I would climb into it and nestle myself within it.

As I got older, I continued loving the duyan. After a day of my love affair with the sea, I would prefer to lie quietly, lost in thought, within a duyan hung between the trees. It meant sweet leisure, quality time with myself, and a promise of peace. I would watch the tree sheltering me and wonder if they will continue sheltering weary souls long after I faded from memory.

I would stare blankly at their robust branches that make intricate patterns against the bright, wide, blue sky as the sun rays dapple through the leaves of the trees kissing my skin. It always makes me realize that I am sheltered in the canopy of ever changing skies and that I may be just a speck in the universe but I am part of something greater, something that’s good.

Ah, to lie quietly in a duyan..to think of moments gone by and moments yet to come, to contemplate about Time, Life, and Being. It makes my soul at peace, awakens my heart to life, and opens my eyes to the simple but lasting pleasures that Nature blesses humanity with. Life is sweet with a duyan. If only I have extra space in my home in the city, I would definitely hang one.


Winkie and Shawie thought I am the one in the duyan. No po, that isn’t me. I was the one who took the picture and I am glad the lady obliged with much gusto ;). She has become one of my most trusted friends since then..LOL πŸ™‚

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  1. I also love duyan. It’s my dream to own a house with a wide yard with two trees and a duyan in between. πŸ™‚ Great post.

  2. nortehanon Mar 19th 2009

    Thank you, Kikit.
    Palagay ko wala yatang taong hindi gusto ang duyan πŸ™‚

    I dream of that, too, having a wide yard where I can put up my duyan.

  3. “I may be just a speck in the universe but I am part of something greater, something that’s good.”

    How wonderfully you state this cosmic truth! The pebbles could be saying this; the sea could be saying this. Your duyan is saying it through you. This is precisely the kind of precious paradox I want to bask myself in – that i need not belittle my significance resulting to an unhealthy self-esteem because I am part of the greater beautiful whole – like your duyan. But at the same time – the world is too big for the ego to claim it that even simple matter like the sand on the seashore or the trees that hung your duyan could humble me because they are as equally dignified as i am in the greater scheme of things. Hindi naman masyadong obvious na napapa-reflect ako sa post mong ito even at the close of day, hehe. It remains a lovely, musing day to me.

  4. nortehanon Mar 20th 2009

    Thanks, Dfish!
    hahaha, hindi naman po masyadong obvious πŸ™‚ Salamat sa napakagandang reflection.

  5. wow! ganda ng site mo!

    we have a duyan in la union. when one of my cousins would lie there, everyone would want to be in the duyan also. its like there is a war just to be in the duyan!

  6. nortehanon Mar 20th 2009

    Thanks, Ax! Yung site mo nga ang galing eh. Parang magazine type. I used to dream of having that kind of site, yung sa isang glance lang parang kita mo na agad. But I am not tech-savvy, hindi ko alam paano gawin hehehe

    Hahaha I can imagine the duyan war. Dati rin kaming magkakapatid, we used to have arguments over our turn sa duyan hehehe

  7. kakainngit naman ang pagkakahiga mo dyan sa duyan. ako din, i so love duyan, lagi ako nakikipag-unahan when i see one.

  8. nortehanon Mar 20th 2009

    Hindi po ako ang nasa duyan, Winkie. Ako lang po ang kumuha ng picture.

    What’s it with duyan nga ba na nakaka-adik? hehehe

  9. very nostalgic nga,at ang duyan ay kasama sa culture natin.naaalala ko yung childhood vacations sa province. πŸ˜€ ang saya!

    thanx for leaving me a comment btw πŸ˜€

  10. nortehanon Mar 20th 2009

    Hi Ate Ghee,
    Yes, kapag nakakakita ako ng duyan, probinsiya kaagad ang naiisip ko πŸ™‚

  11. wow, I’m jealous looking at you in that duyan…well, I missed the beach although we live near the beach…I missed gathering sea shells, sea weeds when it’s low tide and dip it in vinegar with an old rice (kanang dukot, lol), yumm!

  12. nortehanon Mar 20th 2009

    Shawie! Wow, you reminded me of beach picnics with family! Salamat. Hahaha natawa ako sa kaning dukot. Dukot sa kaldero πŸ˜‰ When I was young ako taga-kain ng kaning dukot hehehe

  13. wow. we share the same feeling when in a duyan. πŸ˜› hehe. specially if its in a beach…

    and thanks for staying ate and still reading my blog. hehehe. *HUGS* πŸ™‚

  14. nortehanon Mar 20th 2009

    I missed you, my dearest Sis! I’m happy you’ve dropped in. Di na tayo nagkakabalitaan sa text.

    Good luck to your wellness center. I’m really proud of you for putting up your own business at such a very young age.

  15. seryoso? dahil sa duyan naging fwends kayo? hahaha. πŸ˜€
    hmmmm.. naiintriga na ko sayo ha.. hihi.. πŸ˜‰
    alam mo ni-try ko din magpakamisteryosa eh, pero di umubra.. sadyang open to the public nga yata ako. haha. galing mo ha. πŸ™‚

  16. nortehanon Mar 20th 2009

    hahaha AC, my dear, pag nalaman mo how i’ve met some of my close friends, maaaliw ka. Marami sa mga friends ko i have met in the most unusual circumstances.

    ano po ang nakakaintriga? πŸ™‚ pasensya na po kung di pa ako nagpapakita dito. talagang super shy lang ako. i feel more comfortable being behind the camera than being its subject. saka i feel free to share my thoughts here kapag ganitong parang hangin lang ako sa ere, anonymous, πŸ˜‰

  17. ay sows, oks lang yan noh. no problem. πŸ˜‰
    ako lang naman yata ang makapal ang fezz dito. hihi πŸ˜‰

  18. nortehanon Mar 22nd 2009

    hahaha no, not makapal na face. You are one of those brave souls out there. At naiinggit ako sa level ng bravery ninyo πŸ˜‰

  19. ako po gusto ko rin ng duyan!

  20. nortehanon Mar 20th 2009

    Sige po, ibibili kita ng sampung duyan. Now na! hehehe. hanap ka ng lugar kung saan mo pwedeng isabit hehehe

  21. sarap talagang sumakay sa duyan.. noong bata ako maghahanap ako ng magkatabing puno doon ko ikakabit ang duyan at magrerelaks..sarap πŸ™‚

    salamat po!

  22. nortehanon Mar 20th 2009

    Sinabi mo pa, Sandi. Sarap talaga! At mas masarap sigurong humiga sa duyan lalo na’t ikaw ang nagsabit nito.

  23. wow! i love how you described the magical and wondrous feeling of swaying in a duyan.

    how sweet of your Mom to make a duyan for you =)

  24. nortehanon Mar 20th 2009

    Yes, Jayvie, my Nanay is sweet and thoughtful. And she’s a MacGyver, too πŸ˜‰


  25. hehe, I remember those days na nasa zambo. tuloy ako, nagduduyan me dun sa mga magkabilang dulo ng mangga.. at habang tinitignan ko din ang ulap.. kaya lang nung mga panahong yun, di ako nagrereminisce.. ang bata ko pa.. nakahiga lang ako, kasi nagpapaantok ako.. πŸ™‚

  26. nortehanon Mar 20th 2009

    hahaha ako rin, hindi rin ako nagre-reminisce noon. Laro lang kasi talaga sa akin ang pagsakay sa duyan. Nung tumanda na ako nag-reminisce hehehe.

  27. Waaaaaaaaaa!! Ang sarap naman ng duyan na yan. Ang ganda pa ng location. Gusto ko rin nyan.

    Alala ko sa province namin katapat din namin yung mismong dagat tapos may duyan kaming napakalaki na kasya tatlong magpipinsan. Ang sarap mag-duyan kasi nakakapagpahele tapos parang nawawalan ka ng problema kapag gumagalaw yung buong paligid. Hihi..

  28. nortehanon Mar 20th 2009

    Wow, ang laki naman ng duyan ninyo, Emilayskie! Yung sa amin, isa lang ang pwedeng i-accommodate kasi made of sako lang eh.

  29. ang duyan ng kamusmusan…masarap balik-balikan……ang duyan ng ating mga unang pangarap…..ang ganda ng post na ito…salamat kaibigan……
    parang gusto ko tuloy magduyan ngayon…hehehe…..sa pangarap nga lang…….

  30. nortehanon Mar 20th 2009

    Maraming salamat, Blu. Madalas akong mag-post dito tungkol sa panahon ng aking kabataan. There are other similar posts, medyo magkakalkal ka nga lang sa archives πŸ™‚

    Sige, sumakay tayo sa duyan kahit sa pangarap lang, meantime that we don’t have real duyan yet πŸ˜‰

  31. oh to be in the beach right now…and in a hammock!

    i thought that was you lounging away in the duyan! haha.

    happy summer to you and thanks for dropping by my blog! πŸ™‚ (it’s spring here in new jersey)

  32. nortehanon Mar 22nd 2009

    Indeed, it’s nice to be in a hammock at the beach especially that it’s already summer here. It’s one of my favorite times of the year. Though I would love someday to experience spring, too πŸ˜‰

  33. sana pwede i-enjoy ang problema tulad ng duyan…

  34. nortehanon Mar 20th 2009

    Pwede naman, Erica. pwedeng-pwedeng maging duyan ang problema. Sakyan lang πŸ˜‰

  35. kung sabagay, i need not dwell too much on the problem but rather the solutions. oftentimes the pain is just a self-inflicted choice of a feeling. sige na nga sasakyan ko nalang.

  36. nortehanon Mar 22nd 2009

    That’s the spirit, girl! πŸ˜‰

  37. “I may be just a speck in the universe but I am part of something greater, something that’s good.”

    loved those lines..glad you had the same realization.. πŸ˜€

  38. nortehanon Mar 20th 2009

    Thanks, Jem!

  39. Hammock plus the beach…perfect! πŸ™‚

  40. nortehanon Mar 22nd 2009

    Yes, Jeanny, just perfect! πŸ™‚

  41. masarap naman talaga ang sumampa sa duyan lalo na kung ikaw ay nagmumuni muni si ba? hanggang ngayon ay may duyan pa rin dito sa bahay at sumasakay pa rin ako hanggang ngayon dahil nga ang sarap nyang sakayan..

  42. nortehanon Mar 22nd 2009

    wow, inggit naman po ako sa yo. sana meron din pong duyan dito sa bahay πŸ™

  43. perfect nga ito. duyan sa beach! πŸ™‚

    note: by the way, it’s ok. anytime you have time for the tag.

  44. nortehanon Mar 26th 2009

    Hi Quinnie,
    Yes, perfect na perfect lalo na this summer πŸ™‚

    Thank you for being understanding.

  45. ako din i love duyans πŸ˜‰ there’s just something so peaceful about them

  46. nortehanon Mar 26th 2009

    Yes! Ako naman, it feels like being cuddled by my nanay when I was a little girl, ganun ang feeling πŸ™‚

  47. nortehanon Mar 26th 2009

    Thank you pala for dropping in.

  48. Hi Nortehanon,

    I know I just gave you a tag but I couldn’t resist. I’m now passing on this award to you. http://quinnieann.blogspot.com/2009/03/sunnysideup-tagged-friendly-blogger.html

    Baka sakali makita ka na namin sa picture πŸ™‚ I’ll leave it to you kung ready ka na hehehe. Take care!

  49. nortehanon Apr 3rd 2009

    Thanks, Quinnie. Ang tag ninyo na yan sa akin ni AC ay very challenging talaga. Until nw, I don’t know how to go about it hahaha! Sana nga dumating yung time na maging ready na ako.

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  51. nortehanon Apr 3rd 2009

    Hi Moi. Thank you for visiting my blog. Normally, I don’t allow advertisers here. But since you are advertising about one of my most favorite things in life which is duyan, and because you are also advertising about a product that’s gawang pinoy, I have approved your comment.

    Good luck to your business. And I hope many people buy duyan from you after reading your post here. Baka sakaling one day, magkaroon ako ng free duyan from you bilang commission hehehe

  52. littlelobster Apr 2nd 2009

    hi, nag-iiwan ng bakas…
    eto pala yung sabi mong pix na nasa beach. hehe. now ko lang nakita. eh ngayon lang ulit ako naka ol. hehe. ingat lagi. mwahugz!

  53. nortehanon Apr 3rd 2009

    Uy, little lobster visited again. Salamat at napadpad ka uli dito. But you’re wrong, this is not the picture I have told you about πŸ˜‰

    Thank you for being thoughtful.

  54. nortehanon Apr 3rd 2009

    and by the way, see you after 50 years πŸ˜€

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