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Pens of Hope Badges!

It is truly amazing when people give without a thought of receiving anything in return.

When I first came up with a post here about the Pens of Hope Project, I was overwhelmed with the response that I got. I received emails asking me how to support the project. Some emailed to wish me luck. Some offered to send pens and other school supplies.

Dan, a blogger from Dumaguete, published a post to help create awareness of the project among his blog friends. Then, he made these badges for Pens of Hope out of the pictures taken during the distribution of the first batch of pens last December.

In this tight times when most of us have to work harder than ever and struggle to get by, I am thankful that I have found generous hearts who are willing to reach out and devote some time for the project.

If you could put one of the badges on your blog, please click on the link on the sidebar to get the code.

Thank you very much, Dan. And thank you everyone for your support. I am forever grateful.

Posted 8 years, 8 months ago at 11:38 pm.


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  1. yey! pa-grab ah? hihi. 🙂

    basta… makaka-emote din ako jan sa project mo. lapit na.. hehehe.. kelan ba next sched mo nga pala? 🙂

  2. nortehanon Jan 27th 2009

    Thanks, AC! I appreciate it a lot.
    Malapit na matapos ang school year so I am preparing for the opening of the next school year, mga May or June siguro. Para medyo mahaba rin ang preparation at ang time to collect. Yung sa December, nangarag ako kasi I started collecting mga end of October na hehehe.

  3. ay teka.. baket ganun parang ayaw.. pag-click ko sa HERE eto lumabas:

    The blog you were looking for was not found.


  4. nortehanon Jan 27th 2009

    AC, ok na po yung link. Nagkamali lang ako sa paglagay ng URL sa hyperlink. Sumobra po ng isang character hehehe

  5. I remember when we went to Banaue, there was this other village where we brought sardines, pencils, matches, etc. Small things but really appreciated.

    Sometimes we just don’t know how we make other people happy especially children by the small gestures we do for them.

    Good luck!

  6. nortehanon Jan 27th 2009

    Hi Sofie!
    Thank you.
    Yes, little things do matter 😉 And those acts of kindness that we deem “little” are most of the time “big” for the receiver. As they say, in charity there is no such thing as little or small.

    Thanks for the visit.

  7. i love collecting pens too. my hubby is teasing me that i’m a ballpen addict. i’d love to share some of ’em with you in this good deed of yours. i’m sure the pens i have right now would rather be in a little child’s hand than locked up in my locker at work. 😉

  8. nortehanon Jan 27th 2009

    Wow, thank you!
    I will come up soon with the details as to where the pens/pencils will be sent.

  9. A wonderful cause by a wonderful person!

    for sure grab ko ito! nilagay ko pa sa main front page ng site ko.

    God Bless my dear Nortehanon!

  10. nortehanon Jan 27th 2009

    Wow, salamat, Ate!
    God bless you, too!

  11. aaaaaww. this is simply heartwarming. seeing the smiles on their faces… nice to have kindhearted people like you guys who do sharings to the less fortunate. may God bless you more =)

  12. nortehanon Jan 27th 2009

    Thanks, Jayvie.
    God bless you, too.
    I have been a recipient of too many acts of kindness from other people. It wouldn’t have been possible for me to finish schooling without the people who have reached out to me. Hindi naman ako rich ngayon so I am happy that there are people who help me reach out to less fortunate children.

  13. Wow! I like this! Will try to send some pens too. Nakupu! Magkapareho tayo ng takbo ng utak Miss N. Teka mailagay nga sa To-Do’s iyan.

  14. “Magkapareho tayo ng takbo ng utak Miss N.”>>>Apir tayo! 🙂

    hahaha, yes, magandang ilagay sa mga To Do’s. This has been in my To Do list matagal na kaso hindi ko pa magawan ng paraan na mag-materialize. When I put up this blog last October, naisip ko pwede ko nang gawing totoo hehehe.

    Salamat sa support.

  15. that’s a very clever idea:) wish I can send some pens, got tons of those here in the office…but I guess, the shipping is more expensive than the pens:( anyway, continue to share your blessings and help touch some other people’s lives:)

  16. Salamat Shawie,
    Mahal nga po ang shipping if it’s through a courier like FedEx or LBC. But the postal service doesn’t charge that much ;). I’ve asked the senders of the previous batch that I collected kung namahalan sila, hindi naman daw po.

  17. ang galing galing naman ng idea mo!
    i sent you an email on where i could send the pens so please reply na lang to my email.


  18. Hi Dinah!
    I’ve already replied to your email 😉

  19. miss n, sos! paano ba maglagay ng ganyan sa sidebar… nawindang ako eh.. hehe!


  20. Naku, Yhen, di ko rin po alam hehehe. I have a blog about one of my hobbies na nasa wordpress.com pero hindi ko pa nasubukang maglagay ng image. But I think this might help: http://lorelle.wordpress.com/2007/02/03/wordpresscom-blog-bling-blogroll-and-sidebar-bling/

    Pasensya na, but I will try my best to figure it out.

    Baka naman po merong makabasa nito na marunong maglagay ng image sa sidebar ng isang wordpress.com blog, pakituruan naman po kami ni yhen how to do it 🙂

  21. muymuy Jan 28th 2009

    hi N,
    gusto ko rin pong ilagay ang badge na yan kaya lang hind ko rin alam kung paano:(

  22. Salamat!
    Nasa wordpress.com ka rin Muymuy, ‘no? Pareho kayo ng case ni emilayskie. Sige, I’ll figure it out. I will test my hobby blog sa wordpress.com. Try ko lagyan ng badge na ganyan.

  23. ngayon ko lang ito nalaman meron ka palang charity, sige help me by putting the badge sa site ko.. ayusin ko mayamaya.. I love the way you help others, truth is something good will come to you.. God knows what is in your heart 🙂

  24. nortehanon Jan 29th 2009

    Salamat, Jeniffer!
    Naku, hindi naman kailangang may bumalik sa akin. I’ve been so blessed, hindi man siguro with material things but with the simple things that make me happy. I just want the kids to feel the kindness of strangers toward them, yun bang ma-feel nila that there are other people out there who care for them kahit na hindi sila personally kilala. I have been a recipient of kind acts from strangers kaya alam ko ‘yung feeling ng isang taong natulungan. ‘Yun ang feeling na gusto kong iparamdam sa mga bata.

  25. Good thing to know na meron ganitong gawain na tumulong sa mga bata. mag lalagay din akong badgesa aking wordpress and with your permission i promote ko sa blog ko ito.

    just email me kung paano makatulong.

  26. nortehanon Feb 25th 2009

    Thanks Empress! I appreciate it. Siyempre, pwedeng-pwedeng ilagay ang badge sa blog mo. Maraming salamat ha.

    Will email you about the project.

  27. At dahil isa ako sa mga fans ng iyong very noble endeavour na ito, expect this badge on my site’s homepage too. Cheers!

  28. nortehanon Feb 25th 2009

    Tenkyu, tenkyu, Rev!

  29. The badge is now on my homepage.
    And I’m proud!

  30. nortehanon Feb 25th 2009

    Waw na waw! Salamat po! Dahil dyan ay reregaluhan kita, Rev, ng isang dosenang siopao hehehe

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