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My Other Love Affair

In an attempt to keep myself warm on this cold spell, I am writing about my love affair. No, not that kind of love affair. Another love affair. But it is also the kind that gives warmth to my heart.

I am talking about my long standing love affair with the sea. As I start to write this post, I am beginning to see in my mind the sun shining so brightly on a pristine beach, enticing me to stay exposed to its rays a little longer so I can have a souvenir sunburn.

I used to fear the mighty sea when I was young, especially after the sinking of the ill-fated Doña Paz more than 21 years ago. Doña Paz, a passenger ferry plying the route of Manila/ Tacloban/ Catbalogan/ Manila/ Catbalogan/ Tacloban/ Manila, collided with an oil tanker. Within minutes, the tragedy claimed about 2,000 lives, including those of some of my distant relatives. The event has been dubbed as “the worst ferry disaster and the worst peace-time maritime disaster in history.”

But as the years passed by, my fear of the sea waned and I began to cherish a love story with the sea.

I treasure each day that I spend so close to the vast sea. In the morning, before the sun rises, I would head out to the beach for a walk, barefooted. I enjoy the gentle breeze caressing my face and playing with my hair. I love the feel of soft, moist sand between my toes. I would happily create a path with my set of footprints. And I would be delighted whenever a stroke of tide erases the marks I have left. I would often wish those marks were the mistakes I’ve done with my life.


If I get tired of walking, I would sit on the white, powdery sand and wait for the sun to stretch out its rays as if to announce that it already has awoken from a deep slumber. It is amazing to watch the sun rising up, little by little, from the horizon.


It is soothing to hear the sound of the surf. The distinct crash and return of the tiny waves becomes the laughter of loved ones. It rekindles so many moments I spent with family and friends.

The gentle breeze brings the salty taste of the sea, and almost instantly I see fishermen in my mind. They are on the seashore, pulling out nets from the sea. I see people waiting in line to buy fish, children playing on the shore, and small crabs frolicking in the now heated fine sand.



When the sun’s heat starts to hurt my skin a bit, I know it is time to head home. And again I would feel refreshed and renewed, and touched by God’s infinite blessings.

I never get tired of going out to the sea. It feels like the sea and I are one. I take the passion and drive from its waves; the hope, from the sun that constantly rises from its edge; the calm, from its white, powdery sand that never fails me; and the happiness, from the memories that it draws from my mind.

Each time I look out to the sea, I see my life laid out in front of me.


Now I feel a little warmer inside.

Have a blessed weekend everyone! Keep warm.

Posted 8 years, 8 months ago at 6:59 am.


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  1. haven’t seen the ocean for two years now, I miss my mindoro, 🙁 . I never feared the ocean, I found comfort with her, remembered when I joined a fishing expedition for 1 week, where there’s no land in sight, swim with the shark (no kidding), it was awesome. very soon, we will be one again, can’t wait 🙂 .

  2. nortehanon Jan 18th 2009

    Hi Roni,
    Thank you for dropping in.
    So you’re from Mindoro. Wow, lots of beautiful beaches there.
    I’m sure it is an awesome experience going on a fishing expedition, at may kasama pang pating heehee. The only experience I’ve had with fishing is fishing with a rod and with a home-made metal arrow, and pulling the net on the seashore with fishermen.
    Hoping you will be one again with the sea soon.

  3. aba at syenpre love na love ko din ang dagat. muka na nga ako sirena kakapunta sa mga beach e. haha. sunog kung sunog. 😀 yun lang, mejo takot ako sa small boats sa laot. hehe. lalo na kapag lakas ng alon.. nakow… mapapadasal talaga ako sa lahat ng santo. hehee. 🙂

  4. nortehanon Jan 18th 2009

    AC, pag napunta ka sa aking mahal na probinsya sa panahon ng mga bagyo, kailangan kabisaduhin mo muna lahat ng pangalan ng mga santo sa kalendaryo hehehe. Kasi ang alon dun, literally, kasinlaki ng mga bahay.

    Ok lang magpaka-sirena, but always bring lotion with UV blocker 😉

  5. onga daw e. balita ko din. kaya nga dapat yung siguradong walang bagyo pag napunta dun. hehe.
    di pa ko nakaabot ng samar e.. dun pa lang sa bicol.. yung patawid na ng dagat.. hehe. 🙂

  6. nortehanon Jan 18th 2009

    Ah, so you’ve been to the port of Matnog! Hayaan mo, pag nanalo ako sa supistik este lotto este PBA ending, I will sponsor your plane fare para hindi ka na dadaan pa sa dagat hehehe

  7. e ang tanong: tumataya ka ba sa alinman sa mga yan? hahaha. 😀

  8. just want to ask ano trabaho mo at parati ka ata malapit nasa sea?.. i love the sunset and also yung picture na nakatayo ka..nandun na lahat yung salitang sinabi mo “Now I feel a little warmer inside.” hai..

  9. nortehanon Jan 18th 2009

    Hi Jeniffer,
    Naku, marami po akong trabaho na may kinalaman sa dagat. Isa po akong fisherwoman, maninisid ng perlas, at taga-tanim ng talaba sa ilalim ng dagat hehehe. Kaya mahal ko ang dagat ;).

    Nakow, ‘yang picture na sinasabi mong picture ko ay hindi akin. Sa alter ego ko yan. Sobrang payat ‘yan para maging ako. Kaya ko inilagay ‘yan picture na ‘yan para ma-inspire ako mag-diet para maging kasing-payat ako ng babae sa picture hehehehe

  10. Naku magkaribal pala tayo Ms. N! Haha.. I love the sea too!

    When I was 6 years old until I turned 9, we lived in the province, Atimonan, Quezon, where the beach is right in front of our house, although we are at the town proper area. Everyday we would go to the beach, collect coconut husks and build our own “dampa” where we would play “bahay-bahayan” with my childhood friends. We seldom miss a weekend not swimming out to sea. My skin was smooth but very dark then and we were all great swimmers because we teach each other how to swim. “Hibas” (low tide) is my favorite part where we collect different shells and catch small fishes trapped because of the shallow water. We make it a point that we’re already home by the time it becomes “Taib” (high tide).

    When we moved to Manila I had very little opportunity to go to the beaches but I make it a point that I would see it at least once a year. Whenever anybody asks me where I want to go for a date, I would always say “Sa dagat!” Hahaha..

    I love this post and all of your pictures. You make quality writing. Thank you so much for reminding me of my childhood memories. ^_^

  11. nortehanon Jan 18th 2009

    Salamat, maraming salamat po. Natutuwa ako’t naparito kang muli.
    Naku, hindi na kita bati kasi karibal pala kita hahaha! Kidding ;). Matagal ko nang tanggap na marami akong karibal sa love affair ko na ‘yan hahaha! But it’s okay, nakahanda naman akong magparaya 😉

    While you were describing kung paano ninyo ginawa ang bahay-bahayan ninyo, I recalled how my friends and I used to make a bahay-bahayan out of coconut palms naman. Nakakatuwa, di ba?

    It is interesting that low tide is called “hibas” in Quezon and high tide is called “taib.” Sa aking mahal na probinsya, low tide is “hubas’ and high tide is “taub.”

    Aba, magandang idea naman talaga mag-date sa dagat, di ba? Bukod sa romantic, it’s free! Unless, it is going to be in some expensive resort heehee. Let me know kapag may natuloy kang date sa dagat hahaha.

  12. This is so refreshing a reflection to read, like gentle splashes of seawater that touch our face! I grew up around a lake and the beautiful beaches of Surigao and I could almost perfectly imagine what this love affair is all about. Keep writing and inspiring us to get back to what and who truly cradle us – this life-giving Universe!

  13. nortehanon Jan 18th 2009

    Thank you very much, Dfish. I am actually hoping that this blog can somehow make the readers realize that there can be joy and happiness even in the simplest of things.
    I haven’t been to Surigao yet. I wish I can visit your home province this year.

  14. Pahabol ko lang kasi You Are the Voice adik na ako. The lyrics says: “Praise for the water that springs from the sea,
    the seed that gives life to all who believe…”

  15. nortehanon Jan 18th 2009

    Naku, malapit na rin yata akong maging adik niyan hahaha!

  16. Thank-you for visiting my blog! I am happy to receive your good wishes and prayers. I also love the sea. I calms me like nothing else, yet also gives me energy.

  17. nortehanon Jan 18th 2009

    Hello Tay,
    Thank you for making your way to my blog. I am happy to see you have visited mine.

    Will be keeping you in my prayers.

  18. You never fail to amaze me with you posts.
    You truly have the gift of words… It always leave me with the impression that each word has been carefully scrutinized, then meticulously put together to create a coherent whole. Wow!

    And as Dpish has commented, the reflection is so refreshing to read.

    I love the sea too.

    Thanks for always inspiring us. God bless!

  19. nortehanon Jan 18th 2009

    Thank you, RevSiopao. I am truly honored and humbled at the same time.

    I hope I can still do the same in my future posts.

  20. Great writing… I am actually in the office and I’m a bit tired so I took off my shoes… Malamig ang sahig… Hindi na akong nahirapang alalahanin ang ginhawa ng malamig na dampi ng tubig sa aking mga paa sa dalampasigan… 🙂

  21. nortehanon Jan 20th 2009

    Nai-imagine kitang nakataas ang paa sa office table mo hahaha! Ibaba mo na ‘yan 😀 😀 😀

  22. wow ang ganda talaga ng dagat…

    kapag nakakakita ako ng dagat parang lagi akong tinatawag na magtampisaw. nais nitong iparamdam ang lakas ng dating nito habang inaalon ka sa iyong pagkakalusong.

    ibang klaseng kapayapaan ang nararamdaman ko kapag nasa tabing dagat ako… parang hinihypnoitize ako ng mga tunog ng alon sabayan pa ng hangin na bumubulong sa tenga…

    haaay… miss ko na ang dagat. salamat sa pagpapa alala sa ganda nito. 😉

  23. nortehanon Jan 20th 2009

    Walang anuman, Yhen. Sana’y marami pa akong magagandang maipaalala sa ‘yo sa paggulong ng buhay ko dito sa mundo ng blogging 😉

  24. muymuy Jan 19th 2009

    hi N,
    gustong-gusto ko talga ng dagat..ang magtampisaw, magbabad at maligo, kiber kahit mangitim basta marelaks ka lang sa piling nya..

  25. nortehanon Jan 20th 2009

    You’ve put it well, Muymuy. Masarap na pang-relax ang dagat.

  26. Lovely photos! The sea has a enduring charm that makes people yearn to visit it again and again.

  27. wish you could make a book out of your posts… let other people (like those who don’t usually use computer) have a chance to be inspired…

  28. I have revelation to you Ms. N. I keep coming back in here. I love reading your posts. Whenever I read any one of your post I can feel the warmth and love in it. You are writtings very passionate. Tagos sa puso ko ang mga gusto mong sabihin.

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