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First Pens of Hope Day Teaser

Finally, I have distributed the pens and some other learning materials and some toys that Pens of Hope had gathered. I can’t thank you enough for your support.

I would also like to thank Teacher Mildred and also some parents of the children for helping me in the distribution.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t compose a longer post this time because I will be attending to a very important matter. Instead, I want to show you some pictures.

I want to share with you how your kindness have made these little angels smile. I want you all to see how happy you have made them today.

Incidentally, today is the birthday of someone who has been supporting this project. Her generous heart has touched my life in ways she even doesn’t know. To Ate Becca, happy birthday!

Pens of Hope2

Pens of Hope6

Pens of Hope7

Pens of Hope4

Pens of Hope5

Pens of Hope8

Pens of Hope1

Pens of Hope3
I will be coming up with a longer post about this as soon as I can go online again.

Have a blessed weekend everyone! Again, my heartfelt gratitude for making all these possible.

Posted 8 years, 10 months ago at 5:38 am.


17 Replies

  1. You think kala mo ikaw lang ang pwiding mang istok? hehehe stoker din ako bwahaha mana sa kebigang mong si manay 007 james bonding…

    Magloloto ako mamaya ng karne norte just for you hehhe…

    Isa kang engkanto! from a far-far-far fantaserye world lol hehehe… I miss you!

    Tekaaaaaaa weyt para on topic ako
    Finally, I have distributed the pens and some other learning materials and some toys that Pens of Hope had gathered. I can’t thank you enough for your support. hoy bakit ako hindi pinag distributan ng toy na may baterya na yan?

    Happy birthday na din sa Ate Becca mo!

  2. nortehanon Dec 22nd 2008

    hahaha YoungCan ka na pala ngayon, buti hindi naging young corn hehehe

    Thanks for dropping in. Wala na paala ako news about manay james bonding 007.

    Salamat sa karne norte, sarapan mo luto mo ha? Tapos, padala mo agad dito thru FedEx para matikman ko naman na mainit-init pa hehehe.

    OO, inaamin ko namang engkanto ako. But I’d like to think that I am a fairy from nevah-nevahland hahaha. Mas sosyal kasing pakinggan ang fairy kesa engkanto hahaha

    Pang-indigents lang ang toys na ipinamimigay ko hahaha. Bawal ka na bigyan kasi dollars ang pasweldo sa yo ng ma’am mo hehehe. (Sorry, hindi ko masagot ito nang maayos kasi wholesome itong blog na ito hahaha)

  3. congrats N!

    looking forward to your next activity. i wish to be a part of something good. 🙂

  4. nortehanon Dec 22nd 2008

    Thanks, AC!
    Ako rin, sobrang excited na sa next activity kasi super sarap ng feelings ko talaga last Friday! Heaven! hahaha.

  5. The best gift ay ang makita ang mga smiling faces na yan ng mga bata.

    Thank you my dearest Nortehanon! xoxo, Ate Becca

  6. Hello Nortehanon,

    Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help. This post is a testament that there is hope in the world. People really never stopped caring.

    God Bless!
    Chuva Chienes

  7. nortehanon Dec 22nd 2008

    Hi Chuva! (it feels awkward not calling you the way I used to hahaha. Hindi po ako sanay hehe)
    Wow!!! Thanks! Sige, will email you about this project. Munti lang naman yan, I know it cannot dramatically change the lives of the children. But I want them to feel the kindness of strangers, the very same thing that has kept me going in life 😉

    Thanks for dropping in. I am honored.

    God bless us all!

  8. Congratulations!…nakakainspire ang ginawa mo…

    …ang sasaya ng mga bata…napapa-smile din ako!

  9. nortehanon Dec 22nd 2008

    Hi Muymuy!
    Salamat! Naku, you should have seen them personally. Ang sasaya nila!

    The kids were the ones na nakaka-inspire. And I am more determined now para mag-ipon uli ng pens for the next batch 😉

  10. di maipinta ang bakas ng ngiteh mula sa mga bata ahihihi Ang sasaya nila dba?!?

  11. nortehanon Dec 22nd 2008

    Hi Jex!
    Salamat at welcome sa blog ko!
    They were very happy. Pero sa lahat ng taong andun, ako ang pinakamasaya 😉

  12. btw, got a tag for you….grab it anytime you want

  13. nortehanon Jan 15th 2009

    Thanks, Amy. Will try to do your tag.

  14. congratulations on your successful party :)i know where to get the pics already so i will be making the badges shortly.

  15. nortehanon Jan 15th 2009

    Hi Dan!
    I am happy to see you’re online again.

    Big, big thanks! I am so happy and really excited about it 😉

  16. I know that I’ve promised six months ago that I will send those pencils.. haha – up ’til now, I haven’t. I already got the address so I will make sure (really make sure) that I don’t procrastinate this time. I will send the pencils through the post office. Sana naman huwag mawala. 🙂

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