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The Road to Guba

(This is first part of two posts on the distribution of Pens of Hope done on January 16, 2015. I am writing about the journey of the volunteers to the recipient school because their journey is in itself a story. Come and join them as they find their way to Guba Primary School.)

The volunteers’ journey started on this concrete narrow road. It was a morning when PAG-ASA announced the entry of Typhoon Amang and Northern Samar was Signal No.1.

On board two motorcycles, the volunteers went on their way. We couldn’t just cancel everything because we knew the kids were excitedly waiting. We just hoped the rain would not fall too soon.

Just a few minutes and they were threading on a dirt road,

which led to a tough road. Any motorcycle driver would have a hard time maneuvering on this kind of road.

So the volunteers had to dismount and proceed on foot,

until the road was good again for another ride.

But then they had to dismount for the second time,

and walk further—

much, much further—

until it was okay to ride again.

Then the ride had to end, because the motorcycles couldn’t wade in mud. The volunteers had to be on foot again and carry with their hands the boxes of school supplies for distribution.

Muds and paddies were everywhere. Going to the school, there is no other route than through this.

So after all the walking in the mud, the volunteers had tired and muddy but happy feet.

Then, they had to cross a river

where they washed their feet and changed from rain boots to slippers.

After crossing the river, they had to walk again on what seemed like an endless narrow road that goes up,



and further down.

Ocassionally, they would meet some people along the way, like this man who was carrying 80 kilos of copra.

And sometimes, they couldn’t help but ask “Are we there yet?” when the road still seemed endless.

They had to walk some more,

and more,

at times passing by houses like this that were almost destroyed by Typhoon Ruby. In these houses live the recipient children.

Then finally, the road ahead revealed the village of Guba.

Near the school, they saw this humble sign that reads “Paaralang Primarya ng Guba” (Primary School of Guba).

They have arrived, indeed.

As they entered the school premises, they were greeted by this Philippine flag, faded and tattered but flying steady and proud, a symbol of the school’s resilience to the challenges of our time.

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13 Replies

  1. Whew! Habang binabasa ko ang post ay para na rin akong nakasama sa lakad nila! Nakakatouch naman yung journey para marating ang school! Siguradong sulit na sulit ang mahabang lakad looking forward sa Part 2 ng post. 🙂 Big huuug sa iyo Ms. N, sa magigiting na mga volunteers at sa lahat ng tumutulong sa iyong Project! More power sa Pens of Hope! Keep it up! BTW, it’s good to see you blog again, na-miss kita! 🙂

  2. woooooow, another distribution! Congratulations sa lahat ng tumulong sa iyo para magawa ito. Looking forward to see the happy faces of the children.

    Thank you for sharing with us this wonderful event

  3. duking Feb 11th 2015

    Miss N., sobrang inspiring ng Pens Of Hope. Mabuhay po kayong mga volunteers of bringing hope to all the kids in the faraway places na hindi na minsan napupuntahan ng iba.

  4. The photos show great determination and high spirits as each ride, walk, and walk more to reach their destination. Kudos to you and to those who gave not only their time, but their outmost care to bring happiness to others.

  5. Ms. N, pwedeng mag volunteer? who knows mapunta ako ng samar.

  6. Nakakaiyak naman to! I had goosebumps when I saw the school sign, and the flag!

  7. what a journey you guys went through, but it’s all worth it. i can’t wait to see the kids faces.

  8. The journey is worth it! Kasi napa-SMILE niyo ang mga tao at mga kids sa school! God Bless, Ms. N! 🙂

  9. Thanks, Marco! Tagal na pala nitong comment mo sa for approval queue ko.Sorry hehe. Pero nagtaka naman ako at bakit for approval ka eh suki ka naman nitong blog ko hehe

  10. Mark Villar Feb 17th 2015

    Parang gusto ko ring mag volunteer , para naman may magawa ako para sa bayan natin.

    Congratulations po Ms. N 🙂

  11. Quite an undertaking! I’m full of admiration for those volunteers.

  12. <3 <3 <3

    God bless you more!

  13. Huhu naiyak ako pagdating sa dulo. Grabe..

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