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Visiting The Pod

The lady seated near the entrance of the elevator asked me, “Going to The Pod?”

I nodded my head and smiled. She swiped a card on something like a card reader and the elevator opened. “Press 16,” she said.

In a few seconds I was already going out of the elevator. And, lo and behold, I found myself in a room with a panoramic view of the island of Singapore and its outlying islands.

I immediately took out my camera and reached for Guyito from my bag. Someone I thought as a library staff approached me. “On clear days, you can see Malaysia and Indonesia from here,” he told me while pointing to the glass panels.

The Pod is an enclosed space on the 16th floor of the Singapore National Library. It was built on the side of the building that faces the sea, offering a spectacular view of the whole city, including the Marina Bay, Central Business district, and Orchard Road.

Unfortunately, The Pod is not open to the public as a viewing gallery. Only those who attend functions and events held there are allowed access.

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  1. Ooooh…it is somewhat a restricted area pala. You are fortunate na naka-access ka dito. 🙂

  2. Chicken Feet Jul 22nd 2014

    Wooow! Lucky you, Ms. N and syempre si Guyito! 🙂

  3. woooow, national library ng ibang bansa! ang galing naman!

  4. WOW! This is beautiful. Ang saya that you got to see it. I suddenly missed Singapore.

  5. Ang ganda naman diyan Miss N! Sana makabisita rin ako diyan balang araw. So glad to see you’re still very active in blogging sis. Sarap balikan ng blog mo.

  6. Milaiiiiiiiiiii!!!!

    Ano nang nangyari sa yo! Ang tagal mong hindi nadalaw, nabawasan tuloy ang fans ko haha. Kumusta, kumusta? Sensya na diman lang kita ma-offer ng kahit ano dito sa bahay ko at tingnan mo nga puro agiw na hehe.

    Email mo ako, o kaya embayt mo ako sa FB. O ikaw na lang i-embayt ko hehe. Amishuuuuuuuuuu!

  7. Miss NNNNnnnnn! Weeee nakakatuwa naman reply mo! Hamishuuuuu!

    Sige teka i-stalk kita sa FB. Hahaha..

    Oo nga ako rin inaagiw na ang blog. Eto at naglilinis ako kahit papaano. Inamag na. 😀

  8. You are so lucky anak! Just keep traveling! It’s the best way to learn… don’t you think? Miss you!

  9. here I go again, wanting to visit SG but it seems I am stuck in Dubai. Will add The Pod to the itinerary when I go to SG. As always Ms. N, love all your post. it is good to be back here.

  10. Carla! Gorabelles ka na sa SG! 🙂 Yakang-yaka mo naman magpunta dun eh. Di tulad sa akin na nakikipiggy back ride lang hahaha!

    Maraming salamat for your kind words, Carla. It is nice to see you here again. Sensya na at medyo inaamag itong bahay ko hehe. Pero ako’y magbabalik, promise (read it na parang si Ate Ludz lang ang nagsasalita haha!).

  11. Happy New Year dear N! Cheers to many more wonderful travels and photos! Ingat lagi <3

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