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The Day Is Done

Up there, the kites are flying high. Dragon fires chase them.

Down here, older kite flyers are feeling liberated relieving their childhood. The younger ones are learning a few tricks.

Meanwhile, the sun starts its descent, blanketing the earth with golden hues.

It is time to rest.

It is time to come home.

(Photos taken in Manila Bay and Luneta Park.)

Posted 4 years, 1 month ago at 8:02 pm.


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  1. Jonathan Sep 11th 2013

    I remember my student pointed out the horizon and indeed the horizons were the focal of my interest with the sunset photos. I do like the many shades of orange captured by your shots. Beautiful!

  2. ang ganda naman ng pictures!

  3. Ang ganda. Kakarelax. =))

  4. Salamat, iha.

  5. so peaceful and beautiful

  6. Thank you, Kayni.

  7. ano po ba ang gamit mo na camera?

  8. Hi Athan, isang lumang DSLR ang gamit mo. Hmn, bakit mo naitanong? May balak kang bumili ‘no? Go! 🙂

  9. this reminds of ‘the kite runner,’ a great book, to add to your reading list, if you haven’t read it yet.

  10. Ah, I’ve read the book and saw the movie, too. I’m sad over the fate of the little boy who starred in the movie 🙁

  11. What a lovely post. It makes my heart soar.

  12. Big thanks for your kind words, Hilary!

  13. Nandito ka pala sa Maynila last week, hindi mo ako tineeeeeext!!!!!!!!!! Hihi

  14. Ay hehehe. soriiiii naman! 🙂 *hug* na lang kita hihi

  15. What a treat! Stunning shots.

  16. Fiona, big thanks!

  17. adinparadiseSylvia Sep 28th 2013

    Fantastic photos. I’d love to see these kites flying. What a magnificent sunset. 🙂

  18. Thanks, Sylvia. Who knows, you might want someday find yourself inmy country, watching those kite flyers 😉

  19. Looks like a small piece of paradise.

  20. It is, Pauline 🙂 Thanks for visiting. I appreciate it.

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