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From a Distance

One night, my brother looked up the sky and, noticing the many stars that smiled ever so brightly, sent me an SMS: “Ate, ituloy mo na ang lakad mo bukas, maganda tiyak ang panahon.”

The next day greeted me indeed with a great weather. It was a perfect day to go out to the sea on this fishing boat…

and enjoy island hopping…..

….until the boat found a strong whirlpool which broke its rudder. A rudder is a blade positioned at the stern of a boat. It helps steer the boat to the desired direction.

“The rudder’s broken. I am so sorry but we did not bring a spare,” said the fisherman at the helm in a calm manner.

The water was relatively calm but I noticed a strong undercurrent which was followed by some counter-undercurrents. We were in a place which is subject to strong curents, whirlpools, and eddies. I am used to traveling in the sea and by how the boat behaved in the few minutes with a broken rudder, it seemed to me that the she was in danger of being swept off her course.

“What do we do now, Manong?” I asked the fisherman.

“We just have to hope for a good wind to carry us to San Isidro,” he replied.

And hope we did. While the fisherman tried to paddle with all his might against strong counter-undercurrents, I prayed. Because admittedly, I was a bit worried. The sun was about to set and I wouldn’t want to be floating in the ocean the whole night.

The fisherman patiently continued paddling. I continued hoping…and praying.

After a while, the sun started its descent, painting the sky with different colors.

Slowly, the blue sky turned into gold with bursts of crimson. Being a fan of sunsets (and sunrises), the scene was such a comfort.

As my eyes traced the sun slowly disappearing in the horizon, I felt a certain lightness in my heart. I was happy. And comforted.

Perhaps, God stalled us for a few hours so we could witness another nature’s beauty.

Perhaps, the magnificent sunset was His way of assuring us that He’s got our back.

He was there. I knew He was there all along—looking down on us from far, far away throughout the entire 5-hour boat ride which would have taken us only an hour with an unbroken rudder.

Posted 4 years, 11 months ago at 7:08 pm.


30 Replies

  1. Thank God, and manong, for bringing you safely back to shore. Where is this beautiful place?

  2. Hi Vera,
    Thank you. This beautiful place is in Northern Samar, Vera. This is near the Dalupiri pass.

  3. beautiful place.
    Thank God. you’re safe kapatid. at natuwa ako nung nakita ko sa pix si guyito.

  4. Hi, Kapatid. Salamat. At sabi rin ni Guyito, salamat din daw kasi napansin mo siya hehehe

  5. He is always here and there, and He always has our back :).

  6. Kayni! *hugs*

    Indeed, He is always there for us.

  7. Iskeri. Buti ligtas kayo.

  8. Magandang araw, Binibining Salbe! Di naman gaanong iskeri kasi wala pa akong nakikitang wave na sinlaki ng bahay hehehe. Sa Northern Samar dati, pag nagta-travel ako sa side sa may Pacific Ocean, sinlaki minsan ng bahay ang waves hehehe. (Pero sa totoo lang, di ako marunong mag-swim hehehe) Kaya lang ako nag-worry kasi gabi na, ayokong abutin ng umaga sa laot. Isa pa, wala kaming dalang food. Tapos, pag hindi kinaya ng bangka na sagupain yung counter-undercurrent ay sa Bicol na kami pupulutin hehe

  9. thank you for sharing this to us ms n. nakakainsipre. at ang ganda nga ng sunset. =D

  10. Walang anuman, Jaid. Salamat din. Good luck pala sa pag-OJT mo.

  11. i’m glad that you arrived to your destination safely. beautiful shots as always.

  12. Safe and sound po, indeed. Maraming salamat!

  13. Scary yung nangyari sa inyo Ms. N pero tama ka, just by looking at that beautiful sunset you would know that He is there and that He is in control. Such beautiful post. Thank you for sharing this Ms N! 🙂

  14. Milai! *hugs, hugs, hugs* hehehe. Kumusta ka na? Na-surprise mo ako sa visit mo 🙂

    Yep, scary, pero konti lang naman hehehe. Mas natakot akong matangay sa Bicol o mag-stay overnight sa gitna ng dagat hehehe. Tingin ko naman, hindi igugupo ng whirlpool na nadaanan namin yung bangka kasi medyo malaki siya at may outrigger. Sabi nung fisherman, meron daw dun napadaan dati na maliit na bangka tapos nagkalasuglasog 🙁

  15. Goosebumps! Scary, and yet I was comforted by your faith. Beautiful, beautiful sunset 🙂

  16. Dinah! Salamat. I’m sure yung nanay mo ay alam ang place na ito. This is near Capul, going to Dalupiri island. The place is infamous for its strong currents and whirlpools. May mga tide rips pa nga yata.

  17. OMG. 5 hours?! Mababaliw ata ako sa dagat nun.. Hahaha.. Takot ako to travel by boat (though lagi ko ginagawa, lagi naman ako parang may daga sa dibdib hahaha). Glad you’re safe. 🙂

  18. AC!
    Mas mababaliw ka siguro kung ikaw ay tulad ko na hindi marunong mag-swim hehehe. Pero keri lang. Actually, sa five hours na yun, nakakatulog ako, tapos nagigising. Only to find out na halos hindi pa pala kami umuusog hehehe. Pero in-enjoy ko na lang 🙂

  19. i love the first photo ms. N as i have a thing for boats -photos of them.

    i learned something new today -“rudder” thanks! 😀

    what a glorious sunset it was!

  20. Hi Doc Gelo!
    Naku, pareho tayo mahilig din ako sa boats.

    Yan ang masaya sa blog hopping, ako rin madalas may natututuhan sa pag-iikot-ikot 🙂


  21. He was there for you, always there for us all. I am glad you were still able to keep your calm, even with the pressure of getting to shore safely. And that sunset picture, very very beautiful!

  22. Kailangan calm lang, Sheng. Di ako actually natakot as in natakot. In-enjoy ko yung pagka-stall namin sa gitna ng dagat hehehe. Nung gabi na, super ganda ng langit. Ang dami, dami, daming stars!

  23. This got me misty-eyed… God truly talks to us through His creation. I love sunsets too, they never fail to remind me of His presence. Buti naman at hindi ka nagpanic, at salamat sa Diyos nakauwi kayo ng maayos. Just dropping by… and keeping in touch! 🙂

  24. Carey!!!!!!! *hugs, hugs, hugs*
    Na-miss kita! Pasensya na tagal kong di nakakapag-ikot-ikot sa mga blog. Pero recently dinalaw ko si Daisy.

    Yes, grateful ako na nakauwi nang safe, lalo na dahil hindi na nag-worry si nanay ko sa amin hehehe.

  25. You always have beautiful entries. I enjoy reading it. Ganda ng sunset.

  26. Thank you! Na-inspire naman ako lalo. By the way, I hope you got my email about the mailing address you were asking for 😉

  27. tama sa simple at isang bangka, naramdaman mo ang kanyang presensya.

    kay gandang realization!

  28. Salamat, Hoshi!

  29. nag pakain ka naman inday wara ka gud pan imbetar…hahahaha!

  30. Aw, nagpakadto gad la ak siton nga magtarakin nga mga island dida hehehe

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