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Lakbay Jose Rizal@150 Site #1: San Fernando Train Station

I must admit, I have not heard of the San Fernando train station before the Lakbay Rizal. I never knew such a very historical train station existed. As far as I can recall, I’ve never read about it from my Hekasi, Araling Panlipunan, and Philippine history books back in school.

The San Fernando train station was one of the stations along the Manila-Dagupan line which was being run by the Manila Railroad Company . It was inaugurated in 1872. Like many structures built during the Spanish time, the train station is made of bricks and stones.

Situated in a residential area in Barangay Sto. Niño, San Fernando, Pampanga, the train station is historic for two reasons:

First, Jose Rizal disembarked at the station on June 27, 1892. He was then on his way to the town of Bacolor (also in Pampanga) for a mission. That mission was to recruit members to the La Liga Filipina, an organization he established that same year. La Liga Filipina pushed for a united country, protection and assistance for its members, fight against violence and injustice, and some reforms from the government of Spain. It did not intend to rise up in arms against the Spaniards.

Second, it was the end-point of the Death March in 1942 which started in Bagac, Bataan.

As I stood near the marker installed by the National Historical Commission, my mind was filled with images of thousands of American and Filipino soldiers in awful condition, after walking for days from Bataan to San Fernando. Here, at the train station, they were packed into the train’s coaches like sardines. I remembered watching a television documentary about the march. One survivor, an American soldier, said each coach was so tight they couldn’t sit down. If one of them passes out of exhaustion, he couldn’t fall down. It was that tight inside the coaches which were actually boxcars from World War I era.

I took a last glance at the train station before leaving, with much gratitude in my heart for the countless men and women who put their lives on the line when our freedom was threatened. I hope to be able to show my gratitude by honoring their bravery and sacrifice in my own simple ways.

The stamp area for the San Fernando train station is at the provincial capitol of Pampanga which is just nearby.

To read about why I did the Lakbay Jose Rizal@150 tour, please click here.

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12 Replies

  1. oh my gulay! did i read your comment right?? O.O

    you’re going to send me your Sherlock holmes!? :DDDDD
    that’s the very best news this week so far 😀

  2. not familiar with it. but seems very meaningful and reminds me about history and about our dear Jose Rizal. nice one ! 😀

    xoxo. http://www.ostarey.info/

  3. Hi Jhen,
    Thanks for visiting. If not because of this tour, hindi rin ako familiar sa train station na ito. Indeed, it is another reminder of Jose Rizal.

  4. lam mo im from a town named Trento, pero di pa ako nakasakay ng train. hahahah. at chaka wait. nagtanong ako sa tourism office namin about this lakbay rizal. di nila alam,. imagine ;-s

    just me,

  5. Phioxee,
    Talaga? Hindi nila alam dyan? Hmn, bakit kaya? I’m sure naman merong orientation ang mga tourism officer sa Pilipinas tungkol sa Lakbay Rizal. I’m surprised na hindi nila

    Trento is in Agusan, di ba? Sana’y makapasyal ako dyan sa inyo 😉

  6. naimagine ko lang yung jampacked na coaches. haaaay salute to the death march soldiers!=D

  7. Jaid, naku, nung andun nga ako parang nakakapanindig balahibo na isipin kung ano talaga ang nangyari nung mga panahong iyon 🙁

  8. Who would have thought that Jose Rizal lurked around Pampanga, this is really cool, Ms. N.

  9. Madalas kasi nating nababasa, LJ, ay yung tungkol sa travel niya abroad. Thanks, LJ.

  10. rhoda Oct 8th 2012

    wow you were able to get a Rizal passport! *inggit* i have also never heard about this in my history classes, buti na lang kasama sya sa Lakbay Rizal.

  11. di ko 2 alam! hahahah but looking at the stracture of the train station it has stories to tell. Thank you for sharing this…promise di ko 2 narining sa sbka at kultura ko…hahahha!

  12. on-going pa pala ‘tong lakbay-rizal, read about it sa isang travel blog at kinumpleto nya talaga puntahan yun mga sites na kasama dyan, kala ko tuloy tapos na.

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