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7 Lakes, One-Day Adventure

I have recently received an emailed inquiry from a reader, Mrs. P, who lives in Manila. She was particularly asking if I could suggest a place that’s ideal for a weekend getaway. I have suggested going to Caleruega in Batangas for picnic and some quiet time or to Lake Pandin in San Pablo for a swim and bamboo raft ride.

After reading my reply, Mrs. P told me she has decided to go Lake Pandin with her adventurous teenage children. When I read “adventurous,” I suggested a more adventurous itinerary which I am sharing below. This itinerary is made for those who are commuting. I made the trip last April and left Manila for San Pablo at 7:45AM. If you can leave earlier, much better.

0745 ETD Take Lucena-bound bus to San Pablo. I suggest you have breakfast first before leaving.

0920 ETA San Pablo Medical Center. There’s a Chowking branch nearby if you haven’t had breakfast yet. You may also buy your lunch from here and bring it to Lake Pandin.

1000 Take a tricycle to Bunot Lake (Bgy. Concepcion). Try to haggle for a reasonable rate. I gave Php100 for a special trip.

1015 ETA Bunot Lake (1st lake)

Bunot Lake is known for its tilapia fish pens.

1030 Walk to the highway and take a jeepney bound for Nagcarlan (Php10)

1100 Get off at Bgy. Sto. Angel for Lake Calibato. You’ll see this sign along the highway.

The path going to the lake can be confusing. It helps to ask around. Walking to the lake takes about 10-15 minutes. You’ll be passing through some downward steps.

1115 ETA Lake Calibato (2nd lake)

Calibato Lake has abundant fish. The place is ideal for picnics. Just find a spot under the trees beside the lake and that’s it.

1130 head back to hi-way then take a jeepney bound for San Pablo (pabalik na ito) (P8). Ask the driver to drop you off at the vacant lot which is the jump off point to Lake Pandin.

1145 ETD to Lake Pandin. You have to walk for about 20-30 minutes. You may ask Ate Siony (0929-978-95-65) to fetch you at the vacant lot. You may have a prior arrangement with her. Her group can prepare lunch for you kung wala kayong baon. Just inquire from her for the rate.

1215 ETA Lake Pandin (lunch) (3rd lake)

Lake Pandin has abundant plant and fish life. You can swim here all you want as long as you wear a life vest. It’s a requirement. Life vests are available when you rent the bamboo raft (balsa) for PhP180 per head (balsa ride only, no food yet).

Yun, o, si Guyito enjoying the sun in Lake Pandin πŸ™‚

Tell Ate Siony that you would like to go to Lake Yambo (4th lake). The paddlers will take you there. It’ll just take a very short hike (about 3 minutes) from Lake Pandin.

1300 Start walking back to the highway.

1330 Along the highway, walk further (going to San Pablo route) and look for the tricycle terminal.

1345 Take tricycle to Lakes Palakpakin and Mohicap (haggle for the rate).

1415 ETA Lake Palakpakin (Bgy. Buenaventura) (5th lake) Ask the driver to wait for you.

There are lots of fishpens in Lake Palakpakin. The fishpens grow tilapia and carps.

1425 Proceed with same trike to Lake Mohicap

1440 ETA Lake Mohicap jumpoff (Bgy. Sta. Catalina). Walk down.

1445 ETA Lake Mohicap (6th lake)

1500 Ask the tricycle driver if he can take you to Sampaloc Lake. If not, wait for jeepneys bound for San Pablo proper.

1530 ETA Sampaloc Lake (7th lake)

Sampaloc Lake is San Pablo’s biggest lake. It is located right smack in the city proper.

There are floating restaurants for those who want to have lunch or dinner in the middle of the lake.

1600 Take tricycle back to the main highway where you can get a bus bound for Manila.

1630 Take return bus to Manila.

1900 ETA Manila

Hope this helps πŸ™‚ Enjoy your adventure!

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53 Replies

  1. We used to have a weekend home in San Pablo but we only got around to visiting Sampaloc Lake. Now the house is gone and the city has changed so much. Would be good to take this trip. Soon. Thanks!

  2. Hi Vera! Amishu! haha! Sige, dalawin mo uli ang San Pablo at ikutin ang mga lakes. Wag kalimutan bitbitin ang camera siyempre πŸ˜‰

  3. Miss N! Thank you for providing this kind of info. Planning to have my solo getaway pag may oras at budget. hehehe!

    marco here, my new site. πŸ™‚

  4. Sige, Marco, mag-adventure ka dyan πŸ™‚ Di naman kailangan ng budget na malaki. Dala ka lang baon mong lunch saka meryenda.

    Hehehe alam kong ikaw yan, kaya nga ganun na lang yung comment ko dun sa blog mo tungkol sa Vigan trip mo eh *wink wink*

  5. hahaha! galing mo, miss N! πŸ˜€

  6. Saka sabi mo sa akin nung Holy Week, kasalukuyan kang nasa kainitan ng araw hahaha! πŸ˜‰

  7. Oh yeah! Naalala ko na. Haha

  8. Nice one. Makapunta nga din dito minsan pag may time.

  9. Thanks, Xander. Go ka dyan, magandang adventure. At wag kalilimutang magdala ng camera kasi sayang naman ang lakad mo.

  10. Thanks for the great suggestion Ms. N. complete with itinerary and the places to visit. We’re planning to visit Caleruega on June. Sana matuloy.

  11. Wooooow! Inggit naman ako, Sey. Sana nga makabalik ako ng Caleruega. Bitbitin ang camera, okay? Daming sulok dun na magandang kuhanan ng picture. Maganda rin mag-jump shot dun sa hill doon πŸ˜‰ Sana matuloy kayo, lapit lang naman yun sa Maynila eh.

  12. jayvie May 23rd 2012

    pwede na kayo magkaroon ng travel show ni guyito hihihi πŸ™‚

  13. Nice idea, Jayvie hehehe. Hmn, anong channel kaya ang magiging interested mag-air nung show? hahaha!

  14. Dun sa TV5, isang segment kay Tulfo. Sponsored by Cebu Pacific. Haha

  15. hahaha! Puwede, AC! Isumbong mo kay Guyito ang title hahaha!

  16. wow, saktong sakto ang itinerary, kumpleto sa oras, hitik na hitik!

    parang ngayon ko lang nakilala sa blog mo si guyito. πŸ™‚

  17. Salamat, Doc Gelo.

    Mahiyain po kasi dati si Guyito. He has been with me in some previous travels pero ngayon lang siya nag-come out sa shell nina haha! At may blog na rin siya, Doc Gelo. Dalawin mo siya minsan: whereisguyito.wordpress.com

  18. wow! naexcite nman ako ditoo.. gusto ko toohhh…magkano budget dito Miss N?

  19. Gelai,go na! Habol ka sa summer! Sorry, na-late sa pag-approve nitong comment mo. Heto ang breakdownng expenses, sa pagkakatanda ko. Sana hindi palpak ang memorya ko hehehe

    Di naman gaanong mahal papunta dun.
    bus – 130 (one way)
    tricycle to Bunot – 50-100
    jeep to Calibato – 25
    jeep to Pandin jump off point – 8
    balsa ride in Lake Pandin (kasama na Lake Yambo) – 180
    tricycle to Lakes Palakpakin and Mohicap – 100
    jeep to Sampaloc Lake – 15
    tricycle to highway – 50
    bus to Manila – 130

  20. wew! thanks Ms. N πŸ™‚ sana makapunta ako this June πŸ™‚

  21. Walang anuman, Gelai. Sana nga, lapit lang naman ang San Pablo sa Maynila eh. I’ll pray that you’ll be blessed with good weather pagpunta mo soon. Take care sa biyahe. Enjoy!

  22. thanks! sana nga, maulan na kz @.@

  23. Sumisilip pa rin naman ang haring araw, Gelai. At warign sinasabi sa ‘yong maaari ka pang humabol πŸ˜‰

  24. Pinuntahan ko na to dati pero dahil sobrang tagal na, sampaloc lake lang ang medyo natatandaan ko, hehe. At nakakainggit na talaga si guyito ha, ang daming gala!! πŸ˜€

    PS: na-spam ata comment ko sa previous post, nawala eh. πŸ™ kaya dito na lang, ang ganda ng sunset photo, astig talaga ng mga shots mo ms N! πŸ™‚

  25. At may blog na rin siya! hehehe πŸ™‚

    Ay, di ko nakuha ang comment mo na yang tungkol sa sunset shot ko. teka lang, tingnan ko spams ko. Maraming tenkyu, tenkyu, tenkyu, tenkyu, tenkyu…..hehehehe

  26. .. pag nagkaroon ako ng chance ang gusto ko puntahan yung lake pandin miss n. gusto ko rin mananghalian sa bamboo raft.

  27. Go, Rob! Magpaluto ka kay Ate Siony ng lunch. Sarap yung ginataang hipon nila, as in. Nag-oorder nga ako ng extra at dinadala ko pauwi hahaha.

  28. are the lakes one single body o talagang hiwa-hiwalay?

    kamusta naman sa jolibee lake. hehe.

  29. Hiwa-hiwalay sila, hence the need for jeepney and tricycle rides πŸ˜‰ Gora ka dun minsan at magbaon ka ng cheesecake para aliw! hehehe

  30. hello, ms. N.,

    tomo, ‘yang si Guiyito, ang daming napuntahan ngayong summer, as in… halatang nag-i-enjoy ang mokong, hihi. ^^

    hey, ang gaganda ng pics at talagang blow by blow ang pagka-account mo nito. nakarating na ako sa Sampaloc Lake a few times when I was little pero hindi na uli nitong tumanda (haha) na ako. di ko na naaalalang marami nga palang lakes do’n at ganyan pala kabusisi (haha) ang pagpunta sa kanila. ^^

    btw, kung may dalang sasakyan paroon, paano mapupuntahan isa-isa ang lakes? kailangan pa ring komontak kay ate siony? mukhang engot lang ba pag nagtanung-tanong lang (kakapain) sa mga taga-roon? ^^

    salamat sa pagsi-share nitong experience mo. salamat nga pala sa dalaw at sa comment. happy weekend… πŸ™‚

  31. Enjoy na enjoy na enjoy siya hahaha!

    Dalawin mo uli ang San Pablo para mag-reminisce ng younger days mo hehehe. Hindi naman gaanong mabusisi ang pagpunta sa mga lakes. Madali lang actually. Nagmukha lang siguro mabusisi kasi pati oras ay nilagyan ko hehehe

    Mas madali puntahan ang mga lakes kung may dalang sasakyan, lalo na kung ang sasakyan mo ay Hummer hahahaha! Joke lang. Kelangan komontak kay Aling Siony kung magpapaluto ng lunch. Puwede naman kayo mag-walk in lang. Pero kung minsan, maraming, maraming bisita like dati nag-expect sila ng 300 yata sa isang field trip so mabuti nang tanungin muna si Ate Siony kung marami ang bisita. She replies naman sa mga anung querries.

    Oks lang magtanung-tanong sa mga taga-roon. Ganun din naman ang ginawa ko nung nagpunta ako πŸ˜‰ Lalo na dun sa papuntang Lake Calibato kasi may dadaanang parang crossing na daan, di mo malaman kung sa kanan o sa kaliwa ka pupunta.

  32. Kaswerte ni Guyito kay pirme la upod sa im lakaw. Will Leyte be his next destination? By the way, I like the tilapia fish pen photo, Ms. N. Thanks for this virtual tour.

  33. Maswerte ak liwat kan Guyito kay may ak uyagan mientras naglalakwatsa ak hehehe.

    Karuyag kunta niya mahingada sa Leyte labi na yana nga katapusan sa June.Pero la kay medyo alang-alang sa oras πŸ™

  34. I’ve not been there and perhaps never will. Am not a wanderer type of person, im so laidback! (hahaha!) It’s a good thing we have bloggers like you who is generous enough to share his/her trips. It is so detailed like i’ve experience all these things myself.

    And Guyito? ahh, he had me at first glance. πŸ˜€

    And also, I should thank you for hopping in once in awhile in my blog. It means a lot, i feel humbled. πŸ™‚

    What else can I say? The blogs, keep ’em coming!

  35. Karen! Thank you at na-enjoy mo ang biyahe sa San Pablo vicariously πŸ™‚

    Guyito says thanks. Nag-blush raw siya sa sinabi mo haha!

    At salamat din sa pagdalaw mo. Hayaan mo’t dadalas-dalasan ko ang dalaw sa bahay mo. I appreciate very much our exchange of messages yesterday.

    Take care, iha.

  36. Don’t fret ate, I told you stalking is my cup of tea. >:)

    Me too, sabi nga ni papa Jim Paredes ;

    ” More often than not, you can have a decent conversation (at times, even an interesting one) with a total stranger you meet in an airport, a train station or anywhere else.”

    Pero, matter-of-factly, madaldal ako talaga. I dunno if it’s a good thing, but anyhow it drawn me close to good people. Tested and proven.

    Take care too. You have so much to share with the world. Godspeed!

  37. “More often than not, you can have a decent conversation (at times, even an interesting one) with a total stranger you meet in an airport, a train station or anywhere else.” >>>Super agree ako dito, Karen. At pagkatapos ng usapan ninyo nung total stranger, di na kayo strangers sa isa’t isa πŸ™‚

    I can sense na mabait ka rin, that’s why you are drawn close to good people. Asset din ang pagiging madaldal hehehe. Ako kasi super shy, dito lang ako sa blog madaldal…saka sa phone hahaha!

    Maraming salamat lagi. Sana huwag kang magsasawa.

  38. Hi miss N! This is a great idea, I’m totally gonaa do this over the weekend πŸ˜€ Many thanks for the details!

  39. Hi Jet! Thanks for dropping in. Good luck sa trip. I’ll be praying for a sunny weekend so you could enjoy your trip. You leave Manila early para early ka rin makauwi at hindi ka abutan ng ulan.

  40. This place seems nice.. Thanks for blogging about it.. Based on the pictures, I think this is perfect for relaxing, bonding and nature tripping~

  41. Yes, Melle Lee,the lakes are indeed nice places. For picnic, I’d recommend Lake Pandin and Lake Calibato.

  42. Wow, 7 lakes in a day! Susubukan ko to Miss N… Sa darating na peso fare… hehehe…

  43. keep your eyes and ears open for the peso fare, Mark haha!

  44. Thanks Ms. N. THis itinerary will come ion very handy pag nadalaw kami dyan.

    Thanks again for sharing.

  45. Sana’y makarating kayo bago pa mag-tag-ulan, Jeanny. Para mas masayang mamasyal πŸ˜‰

  46. Salamat din, jeanny. Enjoy ninyo ang San Pablo.

  47. wow 7 lakes in a day! How I wish malapit lng dito but no πŸ™ Sana soon mkapunta ako dito. ps: nice photos!!

  48. Yeah, malayo nga ito dyan sa iyo, pero malay mo, minsan magbiyahe ka pa-Maynila, di ba? πŸ˜‰

    Maraming salamat for your kind words about my photos.

  49. Maybe I should also take my Guyito to Pandin! Looks like a place for fun and cheap thrills! πŸ™‚

  50. It is, Ms. Iya πŸ˜‰ At may guyito ka rin pala! How nice naman.

  51. Just when I needed you most! (ika nga ng kanta) I’m planning to go to San Pablo for a weekend trip in July to celebrate a friends birthday. Ako ang dakilang taga-plano so I’ll surely bookmark this post. Na-miss ko na din kasi ang Lake Sebu at itong mga lakes ang pinakamalapit sa bahay.

  52. Happy to be of any help, Sarah πŸ™‚

    At ipinaalala mo na naman sa akin ang Lake Sebu haha! Someday….someday…

    Enjoy San Pablo in July! May you be blessed with a good weather.

  53. wow!..i didnt know na may ganitong mga lugar sa laguna..ako na ang walang alam hehe..kaya salamat po ng marami ms. N at meron na naman akong mapupuntahan πŸ™‚
    based on the pictures mukang nag-enjoy din si Guyito..i love him already.. so cute!

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