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Just an update on my Pens of Hope project. Some boxes of writing pens are already on their way. I am sooo excited. I already got some other pledges, too. Thank you, thank you, people. I know it’s too late to start this project for Christmas but it’s okay. I am in no hurry. Whatever amount of pens I will gather before Christmas I will still distribute to some kids. Though not in Northern Samar yet because I need to prepare more time to be able to do that.

I now have a recipient school, here in Metro Manila. But after December, all pens I will receive will be brought to my hometown province.

Thank you again for those who have emailed me about the project.

Posted 8 years, 10 months ago at 11:59 pm.


8 Replies

  1. This is awesome! Bless you heart!

  2. This is awesome! Bless your heart!


  3. nortehanon Nov 26th 2008

    Thanks, Ate Becca!

  4. what a noble deed u r doing for the kids! Good job.. God Bless You..

    do keep in touch with our latest posts.. thanks..

  5. nortehanon Nov 26th 2008

    Hi Claire!
    Thank you for making your way to my blog.
    Surely, I will be at your blog from time to time 😉

  6. U are welcome 🙂
    good to hear nga naka kadto kana ngayan daram hehe.
    sigh na mimiss ko na ha samar. hopefully maka uli ako yana nga Jan.

    btw. thanks sa pagdalaw,sa u ulitin 🙂

  7. nortehanon Nov 26th 2008

    Hi Arnie,
    Uy, aadi ka utro. Salamat. Yeah, I’ve been in Daram. Namatron hahaha. And I enjoyed watching people dance “Curacha” hahaha

  8. He he, namingaw na gud ako heto nga mga sayaw didto bah.
    anyway salamat han pag bisita. Ambot kun my bahalina hira didi pero im sure amy ada eto,ray pa ako nakainum tuba didi.

    Salamat sa pag add. 🙂

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