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Kiddie Books Distribution!

Last Dec. 9, the kiddie books which you sent for Pens of Hope were distributed in Balat-Balud Elementary School in the town of Bobon in Northern Samar. But it almost didn’t push through as scheduled. First, the district supervisor called for a district meeting of teachers on that day so there should have been no classes. Second, on the day before the distribution date, I was already down with a really bad flu. My body temperature was 39-40. And third, the plane that took the goodies to Samar from Manila got delayed (almost canceled) because of the bad weather last Friday. Instead of the 10AM flight, it left Manila at 1:30PM.

On the night before the distribution, I was negotiating with the principal, pleading her to make it possible for the children to report to school for the distribution. I was praying, too, for my health to get better. In the morning, when told that the flight was put on hold, awaiting further improvement of the weather, todo dasal talaga ginawa ko because I knew that the children were already in school.

When the plane landed at 2:30PM, I immediately claimed the packages. At the time, I was already receiving text messages from the principal telling me that the children were already getting restless.

From the capital town, Catarman, I took a tricycle to the town of Bobon where I met with the principal, two teachers, and a barangay health worker. From Bobon, we took a habal-habal. We started our trip on a cemented road which led to another road full of potholes, muddy craters, and big puddles of water. It was a tough road. Ilang beses muntik malibing ang wheels ng habal-habal. Good thing our driver was good.

After almost an hour of habal-habal ride, I was told we had to walk on a muddy road. By muddy road, I meant hanggang tuhod na mud. Before we left Bobon, I’ve learned that it was best if I had rain boots. It was my first trip to the recipient school so I didn’t know what to expect. I had to walk barefoot. Ang bilis maglakad ng mga teacher na kasama ko! Naiiwan ako hehehe

After the kilometer-long walk, here’s how my feet looked like. I was praying all along na sana ay wala akong matapakan na basag na bote o walang linta hehe

We then had to load all our luggage into a small banca so we can cross a river. The bangkera was a jolly old woman named Ate Bebang who entertained us with her patok na jokes hehehe.

After the boat ride, walk, walk, walk uli. The good barangay health worker took the task of carrying two boxes of books. Bilib ako kasi ang bigat nung dalawang kahon na ‘yun. I was trailing behind her and the principal.

After about 20 minutes, we arrived at the school and started with the distribution. The children were so excited and so happy! Unfortunately, we arrived very late in the afternoon so the children who live in far away sitios had to go home already before we arrived. I just endorsed the goods to the principal for distribution yesterday (Monday). Aside from books, we also gave the children pencils and bags.

To everyone who supported the project by sending books and pencils, I can not thank you enough. We have made many children smile! Next time po uli!

To Ate Ara Nina (you know who you are), maraming salamat sa 55 bags! The kids were really excited to receive them.

To the faculty of Balat-Balud Elementary School, thank you for giving me another experience to treasure. And thanks for the adventure, too! Salamat sa pag-alalay sa akin habang naglalakad sa maputik na daan.

To the children of Balat-Balud, thank you for your smiles! Kahit nilalagnat ako at tinatrangkaso at kahit naglakad ako nang nakayapak sa putik and ended up with my feet looking like this….

you made it all worth it! πŸ™‚

Posted 5 years, 10 months ago at 2:54 pm.


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  1. Yehey! Gusto ko maexperience yan, yong dumaan sa mga putek.

    Merry christmas, Ms. N!

  2. Empi, ang bilis mo! haha! Naku, hayaan mo sa susunod mag-trekking ako sa putik isasama kita hehehe

    Merry Christmas din sa iyo, MP. At maraming salamat!

  3. what hardworking and gifted feet you have. the children look so happy.

    i hope your flu is gone now.

  4. Hi! Miss N…. Congratulations for another successful distribution… grabe pala hirap na dinanas mo despite of your sickness, bad weather and rough and muddy road you still push through. I’m sure the children appreciate it! Merry Christmas Ms. N

  5. kudos to you miss N! ang galing mo talaga! if it were not for you, these kids would not have been blessed with these books! i know your heart must be so happy right now. πŸ™‚

    i hope the children get to love reading. reading is one good tool that we can use as we go on with life. πŸ™‚

  6. idol talaga kita Ms. N..despite the hindrances itinuloy nyo pa rin yung pagdidistribute..and look at the kids..ang sasaya nila..naiiyak nga ako eh..kapag pwede na talaga akong dumayo ng samar sasama ako sa mga distributions nyo..at kapag kaya ko na ring magbigay ng mga bags and pens pati na rin ng mga books magbibigay na rin ako..promise talaga yan..super naiinspire kasi ako sa mga ginagawa mo Ms. N..as in sobra sobra..=D

  7. Congrats sa success ng iyong project! Pag mabuti talaga ang intensyon, umaayon din ang lahat. gaya ng maganda mong feet, parang art work lang!

    God bless sa iyo at sa mga bata!


  8. Congrats for a successful distribution…I am happy seeing every kids happy with what they receive.

    Now, I can’t wait for their next project. πŸ™‚

  9. Another successful project Ms. N. Congratulations po and sana magaling na kayo ng lubusan.

    Merry Christmas po.

  10. .. you deserve an hour long foot spa for that miss n! that was a great effort on your part, go pa rin kahit nilalagnat na. πŸ˜€

    .. congratulations, i can see happiness on those kids’ faces.

  11. I’m so sad.. Sorry.. πŸ™

  12. Bawi po ako next time.. πŸ™

  13. mwah! job well done! super proud! treat kita ng foot spa!

  14. Happy Christmas to you and to your family…

  15. Kapatid! Namiss po kita dito πŸ™‚ Salamat po sa greetings. Pasensya na late ko na na-reply. Di ako nakapag-open ng blog sinula nung before mag-holiday.

  16. ang saya-saya! next year ulit woohooo! okay lang yang mud di ba oks daw sa balat yan? haha happy holidays!

  17. Maraming salamat sa suporta, PM!

    Haha, oo nga, parang pagkatapos ay kuminis ang balat ko sa legs hahaha! But I wonder kung bakit hindi kumukinis ang legs ng kalabaw kahit laging nakalubog sa mud hahaha!

  18. Big Sis!!! very admirable. I can just see the kid’s faces! and what you have to go through to get to their area… grabe. (this is a new blog im using. this one is veering onto personal… ung angelblush.blogspot ko will be updates about initiatives/community organizing and world events na.:)

  19. Thank you, Little Sis, but I have the donors to thank for πŸ˜‰ Kung hindi dahil sa kanila, wala akong books na ipamimigay. So it’s them, not me hehehe.

    Congrats on the new blog and good luck, napapansin ko you’re into community organizing na. Galing! Proud of my Little Sis!

  20. Congrats Miss N!!!

    At maraming salamat for giving us this special opportunity to touch lives… πŸ™‚

    Happy New Year uli! Natouch ako sa effort mong magtext… πŸ™‚

    At isa sa mga wishes ko ngayong taon ay ang mapuntahan ang Biri… πŸ™‚

  21. Maraming salamat sa palagiang suporta sa proyekto, Mark.

    Ang New Year text na yun ay isang pagpupugay sa isang taong mabait na tulad mo πŸ™‚

    Wow, Biri! Sige, punta ka. Natitiyak ako na pagkatapos makita ng mga kapwa bloggers natin ang mga kuha mo ay marami pa ang magkakagustong magpunta sa Biri. Malaking tulong iyon sa turismo ng Northern Samar. Maraming salamat.

  22. Uy Ms N! Ang saya naman ng adventure mo diyan. Kakapanood ko lang sa Tasaday documentary ng GMA at narealize ko ang dami pa talaga nating mga kulang na kalsada para makarating sa mga bayan-bayanan. Sobrang develop ang ginagawa nila sa Manila pero yung mga lugar na katulad niyan wala man lang nagagawa. Grabeh na talaga.

    Mabuti na lang may mga taong katulad mo. Na-inspire na tuloy ako. Gusto kong makatulong din pero sa maliit lang na paraang kaya ko. Sobrang importante yung mga libro na binigay mo dahil kung marunong na silang magbasa ay magagamit nila yan ng husto. Tapos kung hindi pa sila marunong magbasa ay mai-inspire silang matutong magbasa.

    Sana yung mga batang yan makapagtapos ng pag-aaral nila tapos bumalik din diyan para makatulong. Ganun din ang gusto kong gawin sa probinsya ng nanay ko. Marami pa sa mga kababayan natin ang ramdam pa rin ang kahirapan.

  23. Hi Milai! Yep, masaya talaga ang experience na yun.

    Yes, I agree, dapat mas lalo mapaganda ang mga roads, especially the farm-to-market roads. Para yung mga nasa rural areas won’t have to go to overcrowded urban areas for livelihood.

    Sana nga, sana nga ay ma-enjoy nila ang pagbabasa ng mga books.

    Natutuwa ako sa iyong layunin na makatulong sa mga bata sa probinsya ng nanay mo. Go for it, Milai!


  24. hi n, nice zombie legs pic hehehe happy new year πŸ™‚

  25. hahaha! Yeah, those are zombie legs. Now I know how a carabao feels hehehe

  26. Hello and Happy New Year! πŸ™‚

    I don’t kno why, but you disappeared from my reader’s blog or I could not find you.. But NOW, I’ve read som old posts in my blog and I found you back! πŸ™‚

    Many lovely pictures here and sure an exciting tour! And many happy children! πŸ™‚

    Regards, Viola πŸ™‚

  27. Oh, thank you for finding your way here, Viola! I truly appreciate it and I am happy.

    I am ever grateful for your kind words about this post.

    Hugs to you.

  28. What a noble project! And you’re such a kind person, an inspiration to us all. Meron pa ba ito next school year?

    BTW, thank you for visiting my blog Ms. N, I followed you through networked blogs, I’ve added you on my blogroll too, hope you can do the same. πŸ™‚

  29. Makalilipay nga buruhaton. Congrats for a job well done, Ms. N. I’m proud to be your kababayan, friend, and …. textmate. Hehe.

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