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3 Years: The Journey

The rain poured down this morning, but it soon gave way to the smiling sun. It often does. If we are lucky, we see a rainbow after a downpour. And we smile, seeing heaven’s reward. It’s amazing that a simple experience like this can make us feel better, lighter.

Three years ago, I didn’t know too many people in this virtual world. Now I have made incredible and trustworthy blog friends.

Three years ago, CSS and html were all Greek to me. I dreaded them. Now I think I’m brave enough to do some tweaks.

Three years ago, I was so trusting in the blogging world. Now I have learned to exercise some caution.

Three years ago, Pens of Hope was just a dream. Now it’s making many children smile.

My blogging life in the past three years has been that way: simple yet rewarding, simple yet full of magic. And it’s because of all of you. You are all a constant surprise and your comments are a constant delight.

It becomes all the more meaningful for me to say “Thank you” because recently this space fell silent many times, either I found myself at a loss for words in writing or work got in the way. But still there were some souls tiptoeing here, cutting through the silence—leaving comments or just saying “hi.” I feel there’s this invisible thread that strings us together. So I thank you, all of you, for your love and friendship.

Here’s looking forward to another year of more chances of online interaction with you, to more opportunities of learning from you. Because with you I am all the more inspired to love, to be happy, to share, and to see the beauty of every day by embracing its simplicity.

Posted 5 years, 10 months ago at 12:53 pm.


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  1. Congrats Miss N! May you continue spreading the love and happiness ?;^>

  2. Hahaha! Galing talaga ng pagkakaisip mo, Visyel, ‘nung ayokong mag. Lahat kasi puwede mong idugtong eh. Ayokong mag-dotcom, ayokong mag-pakilala, etc. Cute na cute ako sa konsepto hehehe. Maraming salamat, iha. Ikaw din, keep spreading knowledge among your students 😉

  3. Happy three, Miss N! 🙂

  4. Thank you so much, Kikit! It’s an honor to have met you and Dan through this blog. Salamat, salamat talaga.

  5. i am guessing the the waters in the picture have been to, cangmating beach, sibulan, sugar beach, bantayan island, at the seashores of paradise island in samal and someday they my feet will be swimming in them 😀

    wala lang 😀

  6. Hi Dan,
    How I wish I can visit soon those places you’ve mentioned 🙂 The beach you are seeing in the picture is my little Boracay hehehe. It’s in Northern Samar and it’s called Spice of Life Beach.

  7. someday we will visit your little boracay too 😀

  8. I hope you won’t get disappointed when the time comes. Because the shoreline is just a few kilometers long, unlike the real Boracay in Aklan 🙂

  9. Happy 3rd Year to Nortehanon.com 🙂

  10. Thank you so much, Joy! Welcome to my blog.

  11. hi miss N.
    3 years na pala.
    isang pagpapala ang makilala ka sa mundo ng blogging. 🙂

  12. Kapatid! Naks, na-tats naman ako 🙂 You are a blessing, too, because you’re a good friend with a big heart 😉
    Yes, 3 years na ito at sana’y patuloy kang maging bahagi nito. Maraming tenkyu, Kapatid.

  13. Happy 3rd blog anniversary po, Miss N. 🙂

  14. Hi Super Leah! 🙂 Super salamat! Super happy ako sa super greetings mo 😀

  15. Happy 3rd Blogversary Ms. N! I’m always here to support your advocacy and join your journey 🙂

  16. Hi Ana! Yes, kaya maraming salamat! I still have the pic greet you gave me last year 😉 I treasure it. Tenkyu, tenkyu.

  17. a wonderful 3 years and more! thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  18. Thanks for the greetings, Kayni. At salamat sa iyo sa palaging pagpasyal dito. Salamat din kasi pag nasa blog mo ako, para akong napupunta agad sa iba’t ibang magagandang lugar sa ibang part ng mundo! Sana ay mapasyalan ko rin minsan ang mga napapasyalan mo.

  19. Happy 3 years blogging Ms N! (:

  20. Maraming salamat, Binibining Salbe! Natutuwa akong makilala ka dito sa blogging world. Maraming salamat sa pagpapangiti mo sa akin through your posts na hindi ako makapag-comment hahaha!

  21. It is an honor to be reading your posts, all these are love. And I am being infected by your generosity.

  22. Awww..those are really, really sweet words, Sheng. Na-touch naman ako. Maraming salamat, ha. Lalo tuloy akong na-inspire to keep this blog 🙂

  23. Waw! Three years ka na rin sa blogging world. Congrats po. 🙂

  24. Salamat! 2002 ako actually nag-start mag-blog, di pa uso ang blogspot at wordpress noon. 2008 ako nag-dotcom. Yung mga entries ko from my previous blogs, hindi ko na inilipat dito. I started an entirely new blog here.

    Maraming salamat uli sa patuloy mong pagdalaw.

  25. .. happy anniversary to your blog!

    .. to love, to be happy, to share, and to see the beauty of every day by embracing its simplicity – such a wonderful quote from you, miss n. 🙂

  26. Thank you so much, Rob!

    “such a wonderful quote from you, miss n.”—It’s because of how you and all my blogging friends make me feel as a blogger 🙂

  27. congratulations!

    i am so proud of you and your blog for i know it has touched the life of a lot of people…

    hmnn… kapag sobrang tanda ko na, mag-aaral na ko magblog…

  28. Hi Ms. N! Happy 3rd blogoversary! Keep blogging and keep sharing your wonderful thoughts…nakaka-inspire.

    BTW, yung tanong mo pala re:photography law sa UAE. Actually hanggang ngayon wala pa rin akong nababasang malinaw na decree or law. Kadalasan kasi yung mga parks dito may mga nakalagay na board sa mya entrance at nakalagay lahat ng don’ts nila.

    Sa Dubai hindi naman masyadong mahigpit. Pero sa ibang northern emirates mahirap basta na lang mag shoot pag walang permit,

  29. wow! happy 3 yrs sa blogging. salamat din.

    gusto ko ang iyong sinabi….

    “the beauty of every day by embracing its simplicity.”

  30. congrats!!! hope madami ka pang mapapasmile na mga tao Godbless always!

  31. Hi Amor!
    Thanks! Sana nga…sana nga po. God bless you, too!

  32. OW, so 3 years ka na! Congratulations!

  33. Hi Edmaration, thanks! Sorry it took sometime to approve your comment. It was in the spam all along.

  34. you made this far nortehanon.. and you know I’m one of those people who see you from the start until now… I’m one of the readers you know that.. its a bless to know such a kind and lovely person like you…in the blogosphere… miss you girl..

  35. Happy 3rd Anniversary Nortehanon!

    Ganda ng post mo ito, hindi lamang sa mensahe kundi sa paano mo inilahad. I’m happy na napakaganda ng iyong experience when it comes sa blogging. I hope tumagal pa ito ng decades. mabuhay!

  36. yiheeee!!! congrats! partey partey naman madam! 😀

  37. congrats, miss N!

  38. Ms. N! hulaan mo kung sino ako? anyway, happy 3rd anniversary sa iyong wonderful blog! di mo lang alam how many lives you’ve touched na. like so many dami na! hihi 😉

  39. Jayveeeeeee!!!!!

    Amishuuuuu! Dami ko kayang messages sa iyo pero isnab mo naman ako eh huhuhu

    Maraming salamat sa greetings. Ikaw ay isa sa mga mahahalagang naging bahagi ng blog na ito. Totoo yan.

  40. congrats miss N! btw, blogger exchange gift is up. hope you can join again and spread the word. thanks!

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