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Let’s pretend that I care much about politics 😉

I was at the Edsa-Shangrila Hotel last Friday listening intently to the very young Senator Alan Peter Cayetano speak about the state of economy and education in the Philippines, among many others.

His speech, eloquently delivered, was full of hope and bright ideas. All the while I was thinking, “Does he really mean everything?” Sometimes I couldn’t help but be skeptical about pretty speeches laced with great promises.

But if Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano meant every word that he said in his speech, then I am happy. And I hope that all the young politicians are as driven, motivated, patriotic, and sincere as Sen. Cayetano seemed to me that day.

Wag sana silang magpakain sa kasalukuyang malalang sistema.

Posted 8 years, 10 months ago at 1:14 am.


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  1. When my reyna elena comes back, i have my political santacruzan hahaha!

    Going back to your thoughts, speeches are speeches, but sometimes, those are what we need from leaders. the ones who would give us hope that the world will be a better place if they are in power. Yet, given the so many bloody experiences we had with pinoy politicos who’s mantra is really nothing more than add more gold bars in their swiss accounts, we’re so done listening to all their rhetorics. What i believe we need to do is match their words with what they have done while they were in power and make a reasonable judgement as to whether they have the guts to deliver with the right ethics. With bloody ugly philippine politics mired in corruptions, it’s ethics and good public governance.

    vote for me.

    the 1st woman president of the philippines.


  2. nortehanon Nov 25th 2008

    Ikaw pala yan, reynz. Akala ko si Inday hahaha! Dumugo ilong ko sa comment mo ah hehehehe. Heto nga’t kumuha pa ako ng dictionary para maintindihan ko lalo hahaha!

    Sure, you’ll have my vote in 2010! Magkano? hehehe

  3. lecheng inday! pinakialaman na naman password ko!! pekealamera yan eh! galit kasi ina-aahas ko boss nya hehe

  4. nortehanon Nov 26th 2008

    hehehe at si inday pala ang may kasalanan sa nangyari sa other blog mo. I thought inday only dominates the world of english language and rhetorics. ngayon pala pati computer world at hacking na-invade na rin niya hahaha

  5. sir i totally agree with the previous comment….i think its becoming worse for our country…..needless to expound more…anyway….salamat sa pagdaan sa bahay ko sir..actually i dont have that much time to spend enhancing photos thru ps…pasundot sundot lang…busy din kasi…besides hindi ako nakakalabas ng regular to capture photos..ur photos are beautiful by the way….keep on sharing…

  6. nortehanon Nov 25th 2008

    Hi Germs!
    Thanks. I hope I can post more photos here.

    Take your time lang, ang importante you enjoy each time you are in front of the computer and playing with ps elements.

    Good luck. I’m looking forward to more photos at your site.

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  8. nortehanon Nov 26th 2008

    Hi Mel!
    Thanks for visiting my site. I’ll checkout the “Filipinos Unite!!!” blog.

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