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Take a Leap!

This year, let’s take a leap.

Let’s take a leap out of the dark pits, out of the chains that bind us, out of the sadness in our hearts, out of the things that weigh us down.

Let’s take a leap, set ourselves free.

Let’s take a leap with faith as our harness, the strongest harness there is in the world.

Let us pull ourselves up and hold on to the slivers of light and call them hope, and weave them into tangible beauty.

Let us pull ourselves up and walk with faith in our hearts. Let us love. Let us forgive.

Let us find sunshine in our souls and believe that we are part of something beautiful.

Let us take a leap and have a great year ahead.

(Coin diver, Allen port, Allen, Northern Samar)

Posted 1 year, 9 months ago at 12:02 am.