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Together. Forever.

Early this month, I have witnessed love in all its glory.

I saw this love in the eyes of a man who, for 50 years, has been a strong pillar for his household.

I saw this love in the eyes of a woman who, for 50 years, has been a strong driving force in her home.

A big restaurant in Alabang was filled with music and love and merriment that day.

A family was celebrating. A couple was overwhelmed.

There was laughter. There were tears of joy.

It is one of those rare days. It’s not every day you get to be invited to a 50th wedding anniversary.

Whew! Half a century of being together. Half a century.

I wonder how many other couples out there would reach 50. Not an easy feat. Definitely not an easy feat. In today’s time, sometimes forever seems too far-fetched. Sometimes love starts sweet and true and ends up sad and bitter.

But I do believe in forever because of this couple, and the many other couples I know who continue to acknowledge and honor the tie that binds and guides them in the direction of their hearts’ desire: to go onward, together, to forever.

Thank you, Papa Bert and Mama Necy, for the inspiration. In all of my uncertainties and in all of my doubts, you cemented my belief that love——in whatever form it takes, in whatever condition it arrives, in whatever circumstance it presents itself to me——is and will always be there.

Happy 50th anniversary! Here’s to another 50!

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Pinusilan Rock Formation: A Hidden Gem in My Old Backyard

Yes, there is a hidden gem in my old backyard and locals call it Pinusilan. Here it is:

From afar, it looks like other ordinary rock formations. But there’s more to it than meets the eye. Pinusilan is a hidden gem.

The ideal time to visit Pinusilan is when the tide is low. It can be reached just by walking from the shoreline for about 5-10 minutes.

Once there, you have to do some hiking going up the rock formation. Don’t worry, it’s an easy hike. Even children can manage the terrain.

The beauty of Pinusilan lies “inside” it, something which you would never think exists just by looking at it. You see, Pinusilan has a “crater” which looks like a pool with very inviting turquoise water.

What’s more interesting about it is that the water moves up gently when the waves below the rock formation moves forward toward the shore and moves down gently when the waves “pull back” from the shoreline. So ganun lang nang ganun lagi. The water in the “crater” moves up and down with the movement of the waves to and from the shoreline.

The other side of the rock formation offers a clear view of the water below it. When you’re swimming inside the “crater” it looks like you are swimming in an infinity pool with the ocean below.

So, where is this hidden gem located? The Pinusilan Rock Formation is located in Barangay Magtaon in the town of Mapanas in Northern Samar where I spent a good number of my humble but happy childhood years. “Pinusilan” is a Waray word which means “pinagbarilan” or ” a place where a gun was fired.” Don’t ask me because I have no idea how the place got its name. It has always been called “Pinusilan” ever since I can remember.

Pinusilan awaits visitors. However, as of this writing, there are no nearby accommodations available. Mapanas, a 5th class municipality, unfortunately, has no lodging inns yet.

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Looking Back and Looking Forward To

Hello everyone! I hope you had a blast celebrating Christmas and New Year.

I spent the holidays with my parents and my brothers. Typhoon Quinta and amihan kept us inside our house most of the time which meant lots of bonding time for us. Also, our residence does not have internet connection so I had more “me-time.” More “me-times” meant more opportunities to reflect on my life and more time to plan for missions to change the world. Ha! Kidding 😉

So this blog went on hibernation for some time because Miss N was either tired with lots of work brought about by the new educational scheme in the country, she did not have access to good internet connection, or she was just simply lazy to go online (Hey, I’m just being honest! Or should I blame the weather?).

Anyway, many thanks for spending time here in my little space in the cyberworld last year (and in the past 4 years). I appreciate all your comments and kind words which are truly encouraging. You just don’t know how much you have enriched my life and my understanding of the world around me.

Over the last year, I have learned one very important thing in my life: to completely surrender to where fate had led my heart. So I had to shed things that have become part of my life for so many years. I’ve learned to slowly start letting go of them. I had to. And this blog, and you, my dear readers, were part of that journey. So thank you.

The year 2012 saw more children smiling because of your generosity and I know I cannot thank you enough for your support. But that is all I can do: to say thank you.

Last June, a travel and lifestyle magazine made a full-page feature of myself and this blog. And I am grateful that the editorial staff respected my anonymity. So yes, Miss N pa rin ako sa feature nila 😉 If they’ll ever read this (I hope they will), I’d like to thank them again.

2012 had also sent me angels, great new friends who, despite my being a faceless blogger, have blessed me with their trust and friendship. Thank you so much.

Also, I am grateful for a friend whom God brought me this year, a kindred spirit who has trusted me so much with some pieces of her life. Salamat sa ‘yo. Just to let you know your past does not define you, it simply brings you to where and who you are now. I’ll be forever grateful our paths have crossed but I’ll be forever wondering how you have managed to pass your neuro-psych screening hehehehe. Peace!

I am thankful for my 4-year-old camera, the kit lens which I am pushing to its limit, and the simple moments and lessons in life that present themselves in front of my camera.

I have A LOT of things to be grateful for. Too many to list here. They are rays of sunshine which I’ll pack into my suitcase and take them with me to carry me through another year.

2013 has begun. Another year to live and celebrate life. And I look forward to A LOT of things. Things to do. Things to discard. Things to change. New things to welcome.

So I welcome you, again, to this blog, my little corner in the world wide web. For another year of celebration. For another year of exchanging thoughts and inspirations. For another year of friendship. For another year of sharing. For another year of getting our lives entangled in one big web. For another year of fun. For another year of learning together.

May this year be the beginning of something that you seek. May this year provide you with the opportunity to start anew. May 2013 offer you with all that you hope for.


Miss N

Posted 4 years, 9 months ago at 11:30 am.