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Paninilip at Pagpapasilip

Naninilip ako
at ang bawat pagtunghay ko’y
pagtingin na rin sa iyong kaluluwa,
pakikipagniig sa iyong diwa,
pakikinig sa iyong bawat pagdaing,
pakikipagharutan sa iyong mga salita,
at pakikihati sa kaligayahang naaaninag
sa bawat masayang akda na iyong isinusulat.

Magkatulad lang tayo:
sapagkat ako ma’y sinisilip mo rin
at ang bawat pagtunghay mo’y
pagtingin na rin sa aking kaluluwa,
pakikipagniig sa aking diwa,
pakikinig sa aking pagdaing,
pakikipagharutan sa aking mga salita,
at pakikihati sa kaligayahang naaaninag
sa bawat masayang akda na aking isinusulat.

Ganyan ang pagba-blog.
Ito’y paninilip at pagpapasilip,
pagtunghay sa maraming siwang ng buhay.

At sa iyo, kaibigan,
na madalas ay naninilip
sa siwang ng nilulumot kong pader
at inaalikabok nitong singit-singit,
maraming salamat.
Nakakubli man ang aking katauhan,
nakabilad naman ang aking buhay
kung sakali’t gusto mo pang
magpatuloy sa pagtunghay.

(Opo, ako po iyang nasa larawan. Baka sakali lang na gusto mong itanong hehehe. Iniladlad ko iyan ngayong araw na ito na ikaapat na anibersaryo ng blog ko.)

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All I want for Christmas…

is YOU! Kidding hehehe.

Hayan, Pasko na naman. Time for another exchange of gifts. PM is hosting again the All I Want for Christmas exchange gift for bloggers. Now on it’s third year, this is truly fun. I have participated in the past two years and yes, I am participating again this year. It’s a great way to get to know other bloggers.

Last year, my “baby,” requested for HB pencils. And recently, he gave me a glimpse of what he did with the pencils I sent him. Look here! isn’t it nice to know that what you have sent are being put to good use? 😉

So, what do I want for Christmas this year from my blogger “mommy”?

Something small: coin purse
Something big: bike! hehehe
Something cute: sling bag
Something soft: jelly case for samsung corby II
Something techie: a Samsung P7310 connection kit (usb and card reader for SDHC card, need not be a Samsung original kasi baka mahal ‘yun hehehe). It looks like this. But if you can’t find one that’s cheap, puwede na rin po ito 🙂
Something fancy: stud earrings
Something pink: a pair of slippers (size 6 or 7)
Something wearable: malong (large)
Something you need: a usb power adapter for iphone, yung ganito Mura lang yan, Php150 lang 🙂
Something you can use for work: multipurpose outdoor headwear na parang ganito: tobao
Something sweet: chocolate (kahit bawal sa akin hehehe)
All I (really, really) Want for Christmas is: a ticket to Batanes this summer haha!

Interested in joining? Just visit PM’s blog. Deadline for posting your All I Want For Christmas list is on the 23rd. Puwede pang humabol! 😉

Photo taken from here.

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From a Distance

One night, my brother looked up the sky and, noticing the many stars that smiled ever so brightly, sent me an SMS: “Ate, ituloy mo na ang lakad mo bukas, maganda tiyak ang panahon.”

The next day greeted me indeed with a great weather. It was a perfect day to go out to the sea on this fishing boat…

and enjoy island hopping…..

….until the boat found a strong whirlpool which broke its rudder. A rudder is a blade positioned at the stern of a boat. It helps steer the boat to the desired direction.

“The rudder’s broken. I am so sorry but we did not bring a spare,” said the fisherman at the helm in a calm manner.

The water was relatively calm but I noticed a strong undercurrent which was followed by some counter-undercurrents. We were in a place which is subject to strong curents, whirlpools, and eddies. I am used to traveling in the sea and by how the boat behaved in the few minutes with a broken rudder, it seemed to me that the she was in danger of being swept off her course.

“What do we do now, Manong?” I asked the fisherman.

“We just have to hope for a good wind to carry us to San Isidro,” he replied.

And hope we did. While the fisherman tried to paddle with all his might against strong counter-undercurrents, I prayed. Because admittedly, I was a bit worried. The sun was about to set and I wouldn’t want to be floating in the ocean the whole night.

The fisherman patiently continued paddling. I continued hoping…and praying.

After a while, the sun started its descent, painting the sky with different colors.

Slowly, the blue sky turned into gold with bursts of crimson. Being a fan of sunsets (and sunrises), the scene was such a comfort.

As my eyes traced the sun slowly disappearing in the horizon, I felt a certain lightness in my heart. I was happy. And comforted.

Perhaps, God stalled us for a few hours so we could witness another nature’s beauty.

Perhaps, the magnificent sunset was His way of assuring us that He’s got our back.

He was there. I knew He was there all along—looking down on us from far, far away throughout the entire 5-hour boat ride which would have taken us only an hour with an unbroken rudder.

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