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The One Who Stole My Heart Away

“You better fetch him now, N. Parang lasing nga eh. Nag-vomit na nga siya eh, twice na,” said my high school friend on the other line.

“Sige, punta na ako agad dyan. I’ll take a cab para mabilis akong makarating at masundo ko siya,” I answered with much excitement but with a somewhat worried heart.

I was living in Pandacan then and I had to fetch him in Visayas Ave. in Quezon City. Along the way I was praying that he’d be okay and that nothing was wrong with him.

In the cab on our way home, he was very quiet. He just stayed where he was seated. From time to time I would see him catching a glimpse of me and I would just smile at him. No need for words between us. He eased himself closer to me and right there and then, I knew he already had me (Oo, easy-to-get ako haha!).

How time flies. It has been about 10 years since he made that journey from Batangas to Manila so he could be with me. To this day, when I am with him, in our small moments of bliss, I just feel so happy and blessed.

It’s his birthday today. And I can’t let this day pass without writing a post about him. So, happy birthday to you who stole my heart away.

Posted 5 years, 2 months ago at 4:10 pm.