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Hindi ko lubos maisip kung bakit ang kalikasan na tutustos sa kinabukasan ng ating mga kabataan ay patuloy nating nilulupig at nilalapastangan.

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And the Journey Begins #19

No matter where you are you can find beauty and a story to tell.

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Traveling With a Carabao

I’ll be traveling from now on with a carabao. Yes, you read it right, a carabao.

Ain’t he a cutie?

Yeah, yeah, I know he looks familiar. You see him every day on the front page of a daily broadsheet. I got him from their office during an event I got invited to. I guess the broadsheet won’t mind if I take him with me on my trips hehehe.

Why would I bring a plush toy? Well, I have found out recently that a blogger friend’s nieces are reading my blog. A friend who lives abroad tells me that his young son tries to my blog. (At di ko alam kung bakit kasi hindi naman masyadong pambata ang panulat ko, pero sabagay hindi rin naman for adults only hahaha). So there, it’s for the young audience that I am bringing a plush toy with me on my trips. Para ma-encourage ni little carabao ‘yung little children to travel when they grow up 🙂 The little children will also learn a lot from him about the places he visits 😉

Why a carabao? It’s the first plush toy na nakita ko na may touch ng isang Pinoy. At saka para ang kalabaw naman ay hindi lang laging nasa bukid, dapat nagbibyahe rin at namamasyal hehehe.

Hmn, so how do I call my new travel buddy? Guyito, the Wanderer? Guyito, the Explorer? Guyito Lakwatsero? He’s already booked for a trip to two provinces in the Visayas and one province in Mindanao. Abangan ang adventures niya in April and wish him bon voyage 🙂

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Recent events have left me reflecting on the word “instant.” Like, three weeks ago, I was at work when I received an SMS from my brother, “Ate, nasusunog sa likod mismo ng bahay natin.” When authorities declared a fire out, only one house stood between our house and the last house that burned to the ground.

In an instant, our house could have turned to ashes.

Another event was the recent earthquake that shook many towns in the Visayas, leaving many people dead and damaging infrastructure and properties.

In an instant, it changed the lives of many people.

It humbles me when I think of the uncertainties in our life; how our life can be so fragile; how we just seem to pass in this life and time; and how people and ordinary things we sometimes take for granted can disappear IN AN INSTANT.

(Photo taken NOT during the recent fire near our house but during a fire drill at Camp Vicente Lim about 4 years ago.)

Posted 5 years, 8 months ago at 5:41 pm.