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Pens of Hope Says Thank You!

As of this afternoon, our list of sponsors for the preschool to Grade 2 children is complete. Yay! Thank you so much for your continued support for the Pens of Hope Project. The above photo shows the book that have already arrived as of today. (Sorry for the low quality photo). I’ll just wait for the other books.

If anyone is still interested in sending, just shoot me an email (nortehanon at gmail dot com). Who knows, we might also be able to give books to Grade 3 children 😉

So excited na sa distribution day!

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Dear Santa I’ve Been Good: Bloggers Christmas Exchange Gift 2

The image shows my nephew’s letter to Santa Claus last Christmas and I think it’s fitting to accompany this post hehehe

Blogger PM is again spreading cheer among bloggers by organizing a Christmas exchange gift. She dubbed it Dear Santa I’ve Been Good. I joined last year and I’m joining again this year. What makes this different from other “exchange gifts” is that you’ll know from whom you will be receiving your gift before it gets to your door. The excitement comes from anticipating which of the items in your wish list will you receive.

So here is my Dear Santa I’ve Been Good wish list:
Something small: fancy stud earrings
Something big: beach towel (looking forward to summer hehehe)
Something cute: purple travel pillow
Something soft: travel pillow 🙂 (sige na nga, kahit hindi na purple hehehe)
Something techie: lenspen camera lens cleaner (does this qualify as techie?)
Something fancy: anything purple
Something (insert your favorite color): purple
Something wearable: malong
Something you need: malong again 🙂
Something you can use for work: pencil/ballpen organizer
Something sweet: chocnut 🙂 or Nature Valley Chewy Trail Mix Bars (mabibili sa Mercury at SM groceries hehehe)
Dear Santa I’ve Been Good and I really, really, really want: Maurice Sendak’s storybook “Where the Wild Things Are” or any of Eric Carle’s books (tumatanggap ako ng second hand 😉 )

Sali na rin kayo! The more, the many-ier haha! Mura lang naman, Php200 lang minimum. Just hop on over to PM’s post for more details.

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Kiddie Books for Pens of Hope

I am overwhelmed by the number of people who have expressed willingness to support the project, so I have decided to also include Grade 2 children as recipients! More books, more happy children!

Tao po! Mamamasko po sana si Miss N at ang mga bata! 🙂

Pens of Hope will be celebrating Christmas with some kids from an elementary school in the town of Bobon, Northern Samar. And since there is still enough number of pencils for distribution, we will be gathering storybooks for the kiddos. Most of these kids have not even seen a storybook yet, so I hope you will join me in introducing them to the world of storybooks! Ito na rin po ang hihingin kong Christmas gift ninyo sa akin 😀

1. Sino ang mga bibigyan?
Narito ang listahan ng mga bata. Bawat bata ay makatatanggap ng isang aklat. I’ll cross off the list the name of the child who gets an sponsor.

1. Leandro c/o Miss HAB
2. July c/o Miss HAB
3. Reneco c/o EmPi
4. Ronnie c/o Miss HAB
5. Argie c/o Miss HAB
6. Angelo c/o Miss HAB
7.Dante c/o Blogger D.
8. Charles Andrie c/o Blogger D.
9. Laica c/o Blogger D.
10. Mildred c/o Blogger D.
11. Jean Rose c/o Blogger D.
12. Cresencia c/o Blogger D.
13. Carla c/o Blogger D.
14. Lady Bhe c/o Blogger D.
15. Emie Lyn c/o Blogger D.
16. Jellian Lesly c/o Blogger D.
17. Marycris c/o Blogger D.
18. Diona Mae c/o Blogger D.
19. Joyce c/o Blogger D.
20. Narcissa c/o Miss HAB
21. Erica Mae c/o Vera
22. Regine c/o Vera
1. Lemuel c/o Hoshi
2. Ervin Jay c/o PM
3. Junly c/o Busyok
4. Marlo c/o Hoshi
5. Jushua c/o Bb. Mabait
6. Mike Bryan c/o Bb. Mabait
7. Ronel c/o Busyok
8. Tino c/o PM
9. Waren c/o EmPi
10. Petronilo c/o Busyok
11. Christian c/o PM
12. Jica c/o PM
13. Lovely c/o Hoshi
14. Angelica c/o KG
15. Mariele c/o PM
16. Liza c/o KG
17. Michelle c/o KG
18. Monica c/o KG
19. Maribel c/o KG
20. Marilyn c/o KG
21. Gennelyn c/o KG
22. Jonalyn c/o Vera
23. Kristy c/o Vera
24. Princess Abe c/o EmPi
25. Clarissa c/o Hoshi
26. Jessabel c/o KG
27. Dina c/o KG
28. Mary c/o Empi
29. Joyce c/o KG
30. Rica c/o PM
31. Rubelyn c/o Hoshi
1. Rommel c/o KG
2. Gerald c/o KG
3. Jovit c/o KG
4. Neco c/o KG
5. Christian c/o KG
6. Alvin c/o KG
7. Robert c/o KG
8. Johnrey c/o KG
9. Rex c/o KG
10. Marvin c/o KG
11. Mart Clarence c/o Ana
12. Erick c/o Ana
13. Wilsar c/o Ana

14. Jerrica c/o Ana
15. Marjorie c/o Ana
16. Melanie c/o B
17. Pamela c/o B
18. Jessica c/o B
19. Ariana Mary c/o B
20. Rose Ann c/o B
21. Margie c/o B
22. Shela c/o B
23. Nerissa c/o B
24. Ronalyn c/o B
25. Princess c/o B
26. Jill c/o B

2. Paano sumali?
Mag-sponsor 🙂 You can sponsor one storybook for one child. Well, puwede rin namang dalawa, tatlo, o mahigit pang bata ang i-sponsor mo 😉

3. Puwede bang pumili ng bata (mga bata) na bibigyan?
Sure, puwede naman. Basta sabihan lang ako kung sino sa mga bata sa listahan ang gusto mo i-sponsor para hindi magdoble. Puwedeng mag-comment dito at isali sa comment ang pangalan ng bata (o mga bata) na iyong gustong bigyan ng storybook.

4. Saan ipadadala ang storybook?
After you leave a comment here signifying your willingness to sponsor, I will contact you through email or facebook at ibibigay ko ang address ng pagpapadalhan. It’s an address in Quezon City para mas madaling makarating. You can send it through courier or mail.

5. Kailan dapat ipadala?
Ang distribution ay tentatively scheduled on December 9. Since the person who will bring the books to Northern Samar should leave before that day, the book should be received at the Quezon City address on Dec. 5. I know medyo tight na ang oras, pasensya na po.

6. Any additional bilin?
Oh yes, meron 😉 Before sending the book/s, pakisulatan po ng dedication mo sa batang gusto mong bigyan. Ideal space to write on is the title page kasi madalas ang title page ay kaunti lang ang nakasulat. Encourage the child, inspire the child. Don’t forget to include his or her name sa dedication mo, like “Dear John,” “Hi, John,” Hello, John.” You’ll never know how much impact it will have on a child’s life.

So there you go, muli akong kumakatok sa inyong mabuting puso. Ito na lang po ang Christmas gift ninyo kay Miss N 😉 I will be very, very happy!

Kung may tanong po, leave lang po ng comment dito. If you can help me spread the word tungkol sa munting proyektong ito, maraming salamat. Who knows, baka hindi lang preschool at Grade 1 children ang mabigyan natin? 😉

Maraming tenkyu po for always standing up for our children.

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3 Years: The Journey

The rain poured down this morning, but it soon gave way to the smiling sun. It often does. If we are lucky, we see a rainbow after a downpour. And we smile, seeing heaven’s reward. It’s amazing that a simple experience like this can make us feel better, lighter.

Three years ago, I didn’t know too many people in this virtual world. Now I have made incredible and trustworthy blog friends.

Three years ago, CSS and html were all Greek to me. I dreaded them. Now I think I’m brave enough to do some tweaks.

Three years ago, I was so trusting in the blogging world. Now I have learned to exercise some caution.

Three years ago, Pens of Hope was just a dream. Now it’s making many children smile.

My blogging life in the past three years has been that way: simple yet rewarding, simple yet full of magic. And it’s because of all of you. You are all a constant surprise and your comments are a constant delight.

It becomes all the more meaningful for me to say “Thank you” because recently this space fell silent many times, either I found myself at a loss for words in writing or work got in the way. But still there were some souls tiptoeing here, cutting through the silence—leaving comments or just saying “hi.” I feel there’s this invisible thread that strings us together. So I thank you, all of you, for your love and friendship.

Here’s looking forward to another year of more chances of online interaction with you, to more opportunities of learning from you. Because with you I am all the more inspired to love, to be happy, to share, and to see the beauty of every day by embracing its simplicity.

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