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Biri Rock Formations: Bel-at and Caranas

I have already taken you, virtually, to the Magsapad and Magasang as well as the Macadlao rock formations in the town of Biri in my province, Northern Samar. Today, I’m taking you to two more rock formations: Bel-at and Caranas.

Bel-at and Caranas are massive formations that are connected to each other. In fact, others consider them as one and plainly call them Bel-at. Of all the rock formations in Biri, I consider these my favorites because of the following reasons:

1. Variety of rock formations which are of different looks, sizes, colors, and textures.

2. Natural pool which is ideal for non-swimmers like me 😉 This is a great place to take a dip without worrying about getting caught in big waves or strong underwater current . Also, this is good for children 😉

Going to Bel-at and Caranas, you will encounter more mangroves than going to Magsapad, Magasang and Macadlao. But it’s a nice trek. It’ll take you about 20-25 minutes walk from the shoreline.

I hope someday you’ll also be able to personally witness nature’s amazing gifts to Birianons and all other people who appreciate the works of nature. The Biri rock formations were carved over time by the wind and the sea. Every crevice, every crater on the rocks resonates nature’s power and wisdom.

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And the Journey Begins #17

Oh, to be on the front seat, witnessing one magical show in the sky!

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