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Minsang Hirit #1: Tanong

kapag ang bata ay nagtanong
malamang sa hindi ay manganak ito
ng isandaan pang mga tanong

madaling sagutin ang tanong
ng isang bata
kahit pa isandaang beses kong sagutin
ang isandaang mga supling ng kanyang tanong

ang mahirap sagutin
ay ang iyong katanungan na bagamat iisa lang
ay habambuhay akong ikukulong
sa isandaan nitong pakahulugan.

**Apologies to my non-Filipino readers.

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And the Journey Begins #12

Life is oftentimes a matter of perspective.

Posted 6 years, 8 months ago at 1:13 pm.


Something To Smile About on V-Day

This Valentine’s Day, let me introduce you to two people I haven’t met yet in person but have always admired for their kindness, compassion, and dedication. Let’s just call them The Girl and The Boy.

I met The Girl through this blog. She was then living in Japan, teaching cutie kiddos, and she was a frequent visitor here. One day, she asked if she and her friends in Davao could start a project similar to Pens of Hope and I remember being so happy about their initiative. Thus began Pens of Hope in Davao.

I met The Boy, through Pens of Hope. I googled “Pens of Hope” about two years ago and one of the results was The Boy’s blog post mentioning the project. So I hopped over to his blog and thanked him. And he responded with a great news: he will be making Pens of Hope badges for me. And these are the three badges you see in my sidebar.

The Boy works with an IT company in Cebu and he is also an artist. He easily earned my respect because he and his friends are involved in various charitable initiatives meant to help Cebuano children. Last year, they started selling their drawings and sketches and made Pens of Hope in Northern Samar their beneficiary and later on extended their help to Pens of Hope in Davao. It was somewhere in this happening that The Boy and The Girl met and soon fell in love.

Last month, I received another wonderful news from them and it sent me over the moon. I can’t really describe how happy I am for them. Now I’m thinking of changing Pens of Hope of Hope to Pens of Love hahaha! Kidding 😀

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you. Take time out to share extra love and make your loved ones feel your love and generosity even after the flowers and chocolates are gone.

This Valentine’s Day, I am keeping you, my dear readers, beside my heart.

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Finding Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley is a nature lover’s paradise. It is a 10-hectare private land nestled amidst abundant foliage—century-old trees, giant ferns, and lush palms. Above is a photo of the 300-year-old Amlang tree which is one of the resort’s attractions. Other attractions are the pools and the falls which is a 45-minute trek away from the main pavilion. Hidden Valley is wedged between Mt. Makiling and Mt. Banahaw.

When some friends went to Hidden Valley and came back with lots of nice stories and photos, I wanted to explore the place, too. That was 4 or 5 years ago. I never got the chance to go there. First, because I was told that day tour is pricey, and second, one needs a car to go there (and I don’t have a car 🙂 )

Recently, a very good friend of mine reminded me about it and was willing to accompany me. And then, a good news came: someone’s paying for my day tour! The universe conspired to make it possible for me to visit Hidden Valley heehee.

Everything was set..except we didn’t have a car. So, we dared to commute. Ang katwiran namin ng kaibigan ko, hindi kami maliligaw hangga’t nasa loob lang kami ng Pilipinas hehehe. We just walked in.

I’ll teach you later how to commute to Hidden Valley. Meanwhile, here are some more photos for your enjoyment.

First you walk on narrow leveled road….

then you go up…

then you go down..

then you walk near a shallow cliff…

then you go down again…

After a 45-minute trek, you’ll be rewarded with this—the hidden falls.

Now it’s time to swim…

I like the warm pools..

Where to? They’re both secluded hehehe.

Now, here’s how to find Hidden Valley by commuting (those who have cars can search Google for directions going there):
1. From EDSA or Alabang, take a bus going to Lucena (Quezon province) and tell the driver you are going to alight in Alaminos. It’s best to leave Metro Manila early para naman masulit ang bayad.
2. Alight in Alaminos (Laguna), near Mercury Drugs.
3. Beside Mercury Drugs is a small street where tricycles are parked.
4. Inquire from the tricycle drivers which tricycle can take you to Hidden Valley (We were charged 100 per head).
5. There are no PUVs from Hidden Valley to the main road which is about 4 kilometers so make sure to arrange for the tricycle to pick you up on a specific time in the afternoon. Wag na wag kalilimutan kunin ang number ni manong driver ng tricycle na maghahatid sa inyo para siya na rin ang susundo, ok?

Day tour costs PhP1,800 inclusive of welcome drinks, buffet lunch and snacks (sarap food!), and use of amenities like gazebos and pools. If you’re going as a group, it’s best to have previous arrangement with Hidden Valley staff.

Sige na, tour na sa Hidden Valley! 🙂 Madali lang. You can explore the place on your own, hindi kailangan ng tour guide.

Posted 6 years, 8 months ago at 4:42 pm.