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The Weekend Runaway

I’d like to call myself that: The Weekend Runaway. So true of me hehe. Because I love running away on a weekend, be it to a far-flung place or just in my own yard (yes, I consider my own yard a great place for a weekend getaway, after all it has lots of trees and plants 😉 )

Sorry for not being able to reply to your comments here, your emails, or your FB invitations. May biglaang lakad during the weekend. I was with my big sis stealing some time from our heavy skeds and catching up on our lives. It was fun laughing like children again and throwing our cares away into the air.

I love moments like these—spending time with a friend, smelling fresh air, and celebrating the earth’s bounty.

I hope you all had a great weekend break.

Posted 6 years, 10 months ago at 4:52 pm.


Bringing Back a Child’s ‘Ahhhh’ of Wonder

I urge you, now and then, to see the world as children do in their unbounded joy and appreciation of life—to see the good and the wondrous in everyone and everything. So go ahead, unleash your giggling exuberance! I hope it hasn’t been too long since the last time you giggled 😉

Posted 6 years, 11 months ago at 10:59 am.


We Made Children Smile Again!

Last Friday, Pens of Hope pushed through with another distribution in two barangay schools in Catarman, the capital of Northern Samar. It was supposed to be done in another school but when Friday came, I was told that the district supervisor called for an emergency meeting of teachers. So the school had to send the children home.

Anyway, I decided to just do a guerilla distribution again and here are some pictures. I hope you enjoy them! (The children were not wearing uniform and most of them were wearing slippers. DepEd now allows children to attend school with ordinary clothes and slippers because many parents couldn’t afford them.)

The weather wasn’t so cooperative as it rained during my trip from one school to another. I was rain-soaked kasi naka-motorsiklo lang ako but okay lang. The smiles I saw were enough to keep me warm 😉

Maraming, maraming salamat sa patuloy na pagsuporta! How do I express gratitude when the words “Thank you” don’t even come closer to conveying the gratitude I feel? These simple words—thank you—have been overused here. But there are no other words, no other expressions that carry the deepest meaning. So I am still left with the same simple words—a heartfelt “Thank you.”

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And the Journey Begins #9

Being single is not a problem to be solved nor an issue to be fixed 🙂

Will be back on Monday, hopefully with lots of pictures to make you smile.

Posted 6 years, 11 months ago at 7:42 pm.


Subok Lang

May ilang salitang naglalambitin
sa aking harapan, at kanina
ko pa sila pinagmamasdan.

Nakita ko sumirko ang ilan sa kanila, ang ilan naman
kinalabit ako na parang batang sabik
sa pisong panlibang sa gutom na bibig.

May ilang salitang naglalambitin
at kanina pa nagpapapansin—
ipunin ko raw sila at laruin,

Isulat, pagtagpi-tagpiin,
subukin ko raw silang tahiin, pagsama-samahin
at gawing tulang mahinhin.

Pasensya na, walang magawa kaya naisipan kong sumubok maglaro ng mga salita🙂 Imahe ay galing sa sanemoms.

Posted 6 years, 11 months ago at 6:05 pm.