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I’m a Versatile Blogger

No, I didn’t say that. Pong did hehehe. He passed on to me the Versatile Blogger Award.

He gave me the award because, according to him, I tour my readers to the different places in our country and I take pictures and inscribe them with thoughts about life, living, and faith. Thank you so much, Pong, for this award.

The rule of this meme says I am supposed to share 7 things about myself, para naman hindi ninyo sabihing I’m a ghost blogger at nag-iimbento lang ng mga kuwento ko rito hahaha! So here goes:

1. I used to write for a major daily newspaper in Manila. The collage above shows some of my articles. My first assignment was to cover news at the Department of Health. Next was the Manila beat: NBI, PNP-Western Police District, Manila City Hall and Manila trial courts. Then, I had a short stint at the Department of Justice, Ombudsman, and a few days covering Malacañang. I immensely enjoyed everything about my job. And I super miss everything about it.

2. I am the eldest among 5 children. And I am honored and happy to have been able to help my parents send my siblings to college. Awa ng Diyos, tapos na silang lahat at may work na rin.

3. Dahil mahirap lang kami, I couldn’t have finished college without the help of the government of the Land of the Rising Sun, Cherry Blossoms, and Anime. (O ha, marami nang clue kung anong bansa ‘yan haha!)

4. My entire life, I have been blessed with people who are very, very kind. And so I am trying to pay it forward in my own little ways.

5. I am still in contact with some of my teachers, even my Grade 1 teacher. I have always felt that they have been a big part of who I am today.

6. My feet are fond of playing with a blanket/malong before I sleep.

7. I am a child of war kaya ayokong nakikipag-away at gusto ko lagi ng peace 🙂

Next, I am supposed to pass on this award to 15 fabulous bloggers I have recently discovered and to let them know about it. So…I am passing on this award to you. Yes, you, the blogger who is reading this. Because I believe that most bloggers are versatile. Because I know that almost all bloggers who have been reading my blog have written poems, essays, and stories. You all deserve the Versatile Blogger Award. Sige na, gawin na ito. It’s fun, lalo na yung paggawa ng 7 things about yourself 😉

Happy weekend to all of you. Sorry but I won’t have access to internet until Tuesday so I won’t be able to check emails and visit your blogs. Sa mga magbibiyahe, mag-iingat po. Enjoy your family reunions. Be safe.

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Dear Santa…

PM just reminded me that I should already come up with my list for the All I Want for Christmas bloggers exchange gift. I was told my partner is already waiting for it. I’m curious as well as excited to know who my partner is.

So, here’s my list. I hope my partner will not have a hard time looking for what to give me. Pasensya na po if I came up with this only now. Mahirap palang gumawa ng wishlist hehe.

Something small: Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom or The Twelfth Angel by Og Mandino

Something big: Canon 10-22mm lens (Dear Santa, I have been a good girl this year! :D) O siya, backpack na lang 😉

Something cute: purple guitar. O siya, sige na nga kahit hindi na purple 😀

Something soft: life vest or life jacket (just a simple but reliable one)

Something techie: card reader (one that can read SDMMC or SDHC cards)–This costs only PhP80 sa CD-R King 😉

Something fancy: a Vivitar ultrawide-slim film camera–This costs PhP1,500 yata. Mahal ‘no? O siya, info na lang on where I could buy this 😀

Something purple/lavender: polo shirt (Small)

Something wearable: malong (Large)

Something you need: Pop-up flash diffuser (any brand). This store sells the Spirit brand for PhP350. They have branches in Makati, Manila, and Quezon City.

Something you can use for work: mouse pad with wrist support (has to be plain-colored)

Something sweet: Not really fond of sweets but sige, chocnut will do or Nature’s Valley Chewy Trail 😉 Dami po sa SM nun hehe.

All I Want For Christmas: latest issue of DigitalPhotographer–This costs PhP295. Or latest issue of iMag Photography Magazine. If you’re feeling generous, a one-year subscription of either magazine will make Miss N grinning with happiness 😉

Good luck sa partner ko 🙂

At sa partner na bibigyan ko, malapit ko nang malaman kung sino ka hehehe.

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Aling J, Care Giver

Hindi ka sa mainit na buhanginan napunta tulad nila
Kundi sa negyeyelong mundo—
Sa Kanluran,
Na isa ring punlaan ng mga pangarap.

Kung tutuusin, mas maswerte ka
Kaysa sa kanila—
Hindi nasusunog ang kulay mo
Hindi napupuwing ng buhangin ang mga mata.

Swerte nga bang maituturing—
Kung sa halip na anak mo’y
Anak ng iba ang kayakap?
Kung sa halip na nanay at tatay mo’y
Nanay at tatay ng iba ang kinakalinga?
Kung madalas sumasagitsit ang pangungulila
Sa alab ng masasayang alaala?

“Gusto ko nang umuwi ,” ang sabi mo.
“Walang katumbas na Euro ang kalungkutan ko dito
Tuyo na kung tuyo
Dilis na kung dilis
Mantika na kung mantika
Asin na kung asin
Ang ulamin namin.”

“Ayaw ko na sana rito,”
Ang sabi mo noong minsang makausap kita.
“Kung hindi nga lang sa kakarampot na sweldo naming mag-asawa
Na madalas ay nakikiraan lang sa payslip at bulsa.”
Kung hindi nga lang sa anak naming lima
At sa kinabukasan nila.”

Marami-rami na ring tulad mo ang nakauwi na—
May umuwing masaya
May luhaan
May halos panawan ng katinuan
May bugbog ang katawan
Pati na kaluluwa
May halos wala nang hininga.
Ang pinakamalungkot, yaong
Umuwing nakasalansan sa kahon
Ang mga bahagi ng katawan nila.

Malapit na ang Pasko,
Habang eksayted kami sa pagdating nito
Alam kong mas eksayted ka sa paglipas nito.
At sa tuwing nakikita ko sa balita sa TV
Ang pag-ulan dyan ng pinong niyebe,
Naalala kita—
Ikaw at ang iyong pakikipagsapalaran
Ikaw at ang iyong tapang
Ikaw at ang buhay mo sa Kanluran
Ikaw at ang pagnanais mong bagtasin ang daan
pabalik dito sa Silangan.

(Ang larawan ay kinuha ko isang madaling araw kung saan ang mga paa ay unang inihahakbang palabas ng bansang sinilangan, ang Ninoy Aquino International Airport.)

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Loose Change

(Kumusta? I hope you all had a grand weekend. In a few days, I will be celebrating this blog’s second birthday. I would like to share with my new blog friends this blog’s journey by reposting some of my favorite posts. For today, I will be sharing my first blog post.)

Sometimes, we tend to take our loose change for granted. Barya lang kasi. We just stick them into our pockets, bring them out when we get home, put the loose change somewhere in the house, and forget where we have put them. Most often, loose change just ends up under the sofa cushions, on top of dressers, and in the consoles of cars. But for some people in my province, loose change means life.

One time I was traveling from Manila to Northern Samar, I had a pleasant very early morning trip while on board a ferry from Matnog, Sorsogon to the port of Allen. The sea was calm and quiet. The air was cold. I easily fell asleep.

More than an hour later, I was awoken by the loud sound of the ferry’s horn. I also heard heavy splashes in the water so I peeked out of the window and saw children swimming and diving. The children were really good swimmers, I think we could find swimming champs from among them.

But this is not all for fun. These children swim and dive for a living. Some of them have stopped going to school and instead spend most of their time waiting for ferries to dock.

Once a ferry docks, they would ask the passengers to throw coins from the deck into the water. Then they would dive in, hoping to get enough coins to help bring food to their family’s table. The more adventurous ones would show some daredevil antics, climbing up the ferry and leaping or somersaulting into the water to get the tossed coins.

Seeing these children, I wondered how long they had to stay in the cold water to earn an amount that’s enough to buy a decent meal for the day. Then I thought of how we take for granted the value of our loose change. I wish we’d all see how these children risk life and limbs for a couple of coins. I’m sure we’ll never look at our loose change the same way again.

My heart sank as I watched these sunburnt children bobbed their head up and down the water. I turned my eyes away from them, towards where the sun was beginning to rise over a ridge of mountains. Somehow, the calming orange beams of the sun created a distraction and soothed my heart.

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And The Journey Begins #7

“Those are beautiful plants,” said the child, pointing to the rows of small plants in front of them. “When I grow up, I’ll have these beautiful plants in my farm, too.”

“My dear child, beauty deceives us sometimes,” the witch said. “Those plants, yes, they are beautiful and they look harmless, but they can put holes in your lungs.”

Photo was taken at a tobacco plantation somewhere in Region 1. Read about And the Journey Begins photo series here Photo is reposted.

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