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And the Journey Begins #3

The sun hugs the earth. I drink in the fresh Sunday air. The refuge of nature I take silently. I make a wish and let the wind carry it to the four corners of the earth: may humanity learn to decipher the symbols soaked in the beauty surrounding us.

Happy weekend, my dear blogging friends.

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Miss N Goes to the City

After a trip up north, my week is packed with a conference and many other work-related matters. And to wrap up a busy week, I am looking forward to visiting the Manila International Bookfair (MIBF) at the SMX Convention Center of the Mall of Asia this Sunday. Some of my friends—writers and illustrators—are launching their books and I’m excited. Congratulations sa inyo!

The MIBF starts today. It will be held until Sunday so if you are from Metro Manila and nearby provinces, I hope you can drop by. See you there!

I have lots of things to write about but got no time yet to sit down and type. So for now I’ll just post some photos of one of my previous trips. Exploring another country is also a fascinating thing.Halika, samahan ninyo akong maglakad-lakad. I toured the city on foot and started very early in the morning.

This wasn’t all a pleasure trip, of course. I had to work, too. Because all pleasure and no work will make Miss N a dull and cash-strapped girl 😀 By the way, I would like to thank The Company for sending me to this beautiful city. Let’s just pretend that The Company knows that I own a blog haha!

I guess that’s it for now. Take care, my dear blog friends. Ciao!

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It pays to listen to your soul when it tells you to please be quiet and to just listen. It pays to go out to feel the gentle stirrings of the earth, to accept the healing balm that the earth offers.

My senses awaken when the world is in front of me. Scenes like this always leave lasting effects on me. It soothes me. It strengthens me. It finds its way to my heart and dissipates my crowded thoughts. It prepares me to face the demands of life with confidence, hope, and joy. It never fails.

Tomorrow is a holiday in the Philippines and we are going to have a long break. May you all have a quiet and peaceful weekend and may your souls be immersed in the overwhelming beauty that surrounds you.

To our Muslim brothers who are celebrating Eid’l Fitr, Salaam ‘alaykum wa rahmat-Allaahi wa barakaatuhu.

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And The Journey Begins #2

There is more to life than increasing speed. ~Gandhi.

(My first attempt at using a slow shutter speed. Needs improvement, pero happy na rin ako. Used a rock as support. No tripod yet. Calling dear Santa, malapit na po ang Christmas. I’ll be happy with a second hand hehehe)

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