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Gusto ko iyon. Kung paanong tila humahalik ito sa langit. Kung paanong nakikipagtaguan ito sa mga ulap. Kung paanong mas malayo pa sa guryon ang nararating nito. Kung paanong nakikita nito ang hiwagang nakikita ng mga ibong malaya kung lumilipad.

Kung mabibigyan ako ng pagkakataon, gusto ko iyon. Gusto kong gawin iyon. Ang lumipad na parang isang salipawpaw.

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Dirty and stinky. He had just traveled all the way from Batangas, all soaked up in his urine and vomit. But when he licked my hands and looked me in the eyes with the most hopeful gaze in the universe, I knew he had me on that first day we met.

He was four months old then. It has been 8 years since that first meeting and it has been a lot of fun. The cute little guy I took home in a shoebox is now all grown up. Sometimes he’s stubborn, makulit. But most of the time he makes me smile with his antics and melts my heart when we share our small moments of bliss.

Once, on a summer day, I took him to the park. After a little while he was surrounded by children. He enjoys it, the attention he gets from children wherever he goes. He seems so sure if the person he’s meeting is a child or an adult. I noticed he wags his tail more when he sees a child. I must have rubbed off on him my having a soft spot for children hehehe

“Neee-mo?” the children at the park said almost in chorus when they asked me for his name. They looked a little confused. I was sure they were wondering why they’re seeing a dog and not a fish 😀

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And The Journey Begins #1

Too often, I wonder how long the rivers can give us fish; how long the earth can sustain our growing needs…

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And The Journey Begins: A Series

Being able to take pictures is a gift. It is painting a scene. It is capturing random beautiful things. It is freezing moments. It is capturing the details of life around us. As my blog nears its second year of existence, I am starting a series of posts with photos. How are these posts going to be different from my regular posts? Let me count the ways:

1. Each post will contain only 1 photo.
2. The photo will be a bit bigger than those in the regular posts.
3. The title of the post will only be numbers. This is for no other reason than to keep track of the number of photos that I have posted in the series.
4. The post will not contain stories or explanation or any kind of lengthy texts. Each post will only have a short text, one or two lines maybe. I’ll leave to you, my readers, the talking about the picture if you want to. You may interpret the picture or make a story about it.

Why did I come up with this series? I am hoping that with this I will be “pushed” to take more pictures. And with this, I hope, will come new learnings in taking photographs and new realizations on the life that presents itself in front of my lens.

So wish me luck as my journey—painting a scene, capturing random beautiful things, freezing moments, and capturing details of life around us—begins.

(Photo above is not mine. It is owned by a generous guy over at photo8.com.)

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You called my name and somehow I knew that it was the moment. Oh, don’t be flattered yet. I have fought your presence. I have fought the swelling emotions inside me. They were tugging me towards you, drawing me closer to you every second of every day. I have fought them hard. In fact, I have thought that I’ve won the battle inside me. But I was wrong. The force was stronger, so much stronger. Somewhere between your smiles I lost and I surrendered, and that was when I found my heart’s songs.

So I stepped into a world which we both started to create. It is a beautiful, beautiful space where we unravel many mysteries; where we share the same passions; where we seek solace from our everyday storms; where we dance to the fluid rhythm of our beating hearts. In many moments of stillness and solitude, I have wished for this dance to never end, for the music of our hearts to never stop.

Because you make me happy. You make me mad. You make me madly happy. You make me happily mad. Thank you for putting up with a crazy mortal that is me.

Happy birthday! Cheers!

(Accompanying image is not mine. It’s from a forwarded email.)

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