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The Golden Hour

The place is called Mambajao, in Camiguin. I stood there recently one afternoon facing the sea.

“Wow! Nice!” my travel buddy exclaimed. We were on front row seats witnessing one magical show in the sky. Transfixed by the scene before me, I had almost forgotten that my camera was jammed in my face.

The horizon lighted up. Golden hues exploded and a kaleidoscope of light filled the skies.
The sun drenched the clouds, the heavens, in glorious orange and light and dark blue hues.

I saw scribbles of fire.
I saw webs of light.

I watched as the sun dropped inch by inch on its final descent as the open arms of the horizon eagerly waited to embrace it.

And as the sinking sun cast the last of its light on the earth on that late afternoon, it fed my hungry soul with majestic colors and left me eagerly waiting for yet another day of adventure in my own sweet little world.

(Sorry this had to be posted first before the last installment of the Coron trip simply because today I feel like sharing these sunset pics :D)

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How Far Can Your P75 Go?

To be honest, when Cebu-based artists Dan, Nonon, and their friends sent me pictures of them selling their artworks to raise funds so they could buy pencils for the children of Northern Samar last year, I cried. But, sssshhhh, let’s not tell them I cried, okay? Secret lang natin yun, baka isipin nila iyakin ako 🙂

I cried because I was overwhelmed with their efforts and their concern for the less fortunate children of my province.

This month, they will again selflessly share their time, efforts, and talents as they sell another batch of artworks. This time, the beneficiaries are the children of Sawang Calero Daycare Center in Barangay Pasil which is a depressed area in Cebu City.

Beyond Art’s Sake will be conducting art therapy among the children. Proceeds from the art sale will be used to buy art materials. And they will be buying pencils, too! They will be bringing Pens of Hope to Cebu! How cool is that?

For this project, Beyond Art’s Sake has partnered with the very dynamic Cebu-based Tsinelas Association, Inc., “a non-government, non-profit organization that gives educational assistance to poor students in mountain barangays and other depressed areas in Cebu.

Please visit www.tsinelas.org for more details on how you can help.

Sa mga lurkers sa blog ko who are based in Cebu, at pati na rin yung mga nasa Bohol po, I hope you can visit Turtle’s Nest in Lahug, Cebu City. Pwede pa pong humabol. They’ll be selling artworks until the 28th of this month. For 75 pesos, you can already make a difference. Skip muna kayo ng isang serving ng Starbucks coffee 😉 If you can make it two or three, mas masaya hehehe.

If you are not in Cebu, pwede rin naman bumili. Inquire lang kayo. They also have a facebook account, pakihanap na lang po.

Sa inyong lahat po, maraming salamat po sa patuloy na pagsuporta, sa patuloy na pakikiisa, sa patuloy na pagsama sa amin sa pagsulong ng kapakanan ng batang Pilipino. Mabuhay! Parang speech lang ng kandidato, di ba? hehehe

We are also gearing up in Northern Samar for another exciting distribution in June. Wish us luck!

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Coron: Kayangan Lake

Continuing on our Coron adventure, after Siete Pecados we geared for our next destination: the Kayangan Lake. The trip was very relaxing. The calm deep-blue waters surrounding us was refreshing. I enjoyed the view as we passed by several islets made up of limestones (see picture above). Very scenic talaga.

After a few minutes, we arrived in what looked like a hidden cove surrounded by beautiful massive limestone formations.

After our guide paid the entrance fee, we were given orientation by a young member of the Tagbanua tribe, one of the oldest tribes in the country. He showed us on a big map the different islands in the area. The Tagbanua people use the fees collected from tourist for the upkeep of the islands. I think it is good that the government of Palawan got the tribe actively involved in the tourism industry of the area. After all, it is considered as the tribe’s ancestral domain.

After the brief orientation, we had to climb a steep path. I did not bother to count the steps but I think more than a hundred sila. The steps are not concrete, the railings are either branches of trees or small wooden planks. Kailangan ng konting ingat.

Finally, we reached the “peak.” This small cave greeted us.

From the peak, you could see what I fondly call my favorite hidden cove 🙂

Ain’t it a picture-perfect view? Kulay pa lang ng tubig, superb na! No wonder why this part of Coron is perhaps one of the most photograph parts of the Philippines. We often see this in calendars, postcards, tourism websites, and TV commercials.

But wait, we haven’t reached Kayangan Lake yet. Patikim pa lang yan 🙂

From the “peak,” we descended on a steep trail.

The trail ends at the very scenic Kayangan Lake, a freshwater blue lagoon amidst big limestone cliffs.

Sarap lumangoy! Okay, that’s an exaggeration 😀 I really didn’t swim….because di naman talaga ako marunong lumangoy hehehe. Thankfully, we brought with us the lifevests provided by the boatmen. Then there was a long bamboo pole floating on the lake. Kinuha ito ng mga kasama ko then they made me hold on to it at itinulak nila ang bamboo pole kasabay ng paglangoy nila. Kaya hayun, nakarating ako sa gitna at na-enjoy ko yung lake. Salamat sa mga nagtulak ng bamboo hehehe.

Next stop: Barracuda Lake. I want to also include the trip tp Barracuda Lake in this post. But this already seems a long one. So sa susunod na lang.

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Apologies and Excuses

Hello everyone. It’s been a while since I last posted here. Some aliens have kidnapped me and brought me to their planet. Then, a giant octopus suddenly dragged me to the bottom of the ocean. Then, a big bubble just enveloped me and took me out of the ocean and brought me to the land of fairies. Nah, I know you’re not buying these 🙂 I suck at making up stories hahaha

Hmn, so I still owe you a post on my Coron trip. And then there are comments that I haven’t been able to reply yet. There are also new comments which I have been able to approve only now. I apologize for all of these. Sana andyan pa kayo hehehe.

Lots of things happening right now in my life. My sign language class is about to end. Di ko pa alam kung ga-graduate ako because I still have to catch up with some lessons I missed. Anyway, whatever happens, I know I did my best to try to learn to sign 😉

On the work front, the entity I work for (let’s just call it The Company) sent me recently to Singapore. I had a pleasant stay there but it was also tiring.

I’ll write some posts about all these soon. Meantime, I’ll leave you with this picture I managed to take under the searing heat of the sun.

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