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A Blessing for Holy Week

From Palm Sunday to Holy Saturday,
may God in His infinite mercy
grant you a journey
of renewal and hope;
a time of prayer and reflection;
And joyful anticipation
of our Lord’s resurrection.

I hope we’ll all have a blessed week. May we all come to look at the world with new eyes.

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Curly Tops

I remember having tasted chocolate for the first time. It was on a Christmas eve, back when I was in third grade.

When Nanay woke us up for the noche buena, my young heart was thumping with excitement. I eagerly checked the old medyas I had hanged by the window for Santa to fill. And there it was, my first box of chocolate—a box of Curly Tops. In the box were 12 chocolate nuggets, all looking sweet and inviting.

Tatay knew I was happy with Santa’s gift. He knew I had kept my eyes upon it ever since I saw it in a small store downtown. He smiled and said, “Pag-aram sin maupay basi ka makapalit damo nga sugad siton pagdako mo. Damo pa siton an mas marasa nga chocolate.” (You study hard so you can buy more of it. There are more chocolates out there, better and sweeter.”) That Christmas eve, celebrated with pancit and Coke and a loaf of bread, was among my happiest.

On Christmas morning, I gave a Curly Tops nugget each to my siblings. It was my gift to them. I kept watch over the rest of the nuggets in the next few days. I guarded them against ants. I remember going to sleep with the box beside me. For a little girl whose parents could not afford Kisses, Skittles, or M&Ms, a box of Curly Tops was a treasure chest. It was a precious possession.

I ate the nuggets little by little after carefully dividing some of them with a kitchen knife. Sometimes, I would eat just half of a nugget a day. When New Year’s day came, I still had three nuggets left. I ate one of them. The other two, I put inside a clean ice candy wrapper and set aside.

When classes resumed after the holiday, I was excited to meet my best friend in school. I handed her the Curly Tops nuggets inside the ice candy wrapper. She smiled. I knew she was happy and excited. For it was also the first chocolate she had ever had.

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Women’s Day and My Sister’s Birthday

Today, as we celebrate Women’s Day, I give thanks to all the women who contributed to the story of my life. My Nanay. My lolas. My sister. My cousins. My friends. My teachers. My blogger friends. You have touched my life and inspired me with your generous hearts. You have made deep impressions, so deep that you opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at the world.

One of these women is celebrating her birthday today.

The person in the picture is someone who has taught Miss N a lot about life and friendship. I will always be grateful that sometime in the late 90’s, our paths have crossed. Siya ang inuutangan ko noong mga panahong nagpapaaral pa ako ng mga kapatid at kahit pamasahe ay talagang wala ako hehehe. She’s a great friend, a very loving daughter, a sweet wife, and an amazing mother.

Happy birthday, Ate O! We may not have been nurtured in the same womb, but there is a tie that will bind forever us as sisters.

Maligayang Araw ng mga Kababaihan sa lahat ng mga Pinay! Stand tall, stand proud!

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Our Summers

One look at this picture and I see my self walking down familiar footpaths on summer days— that footpath going to a nearby hill where I used to listen to the grass on early mornings or that footpath going to the nearest seashore where I used to sink my feet into the wet sands and watch the playful waves wash them away.


I smell pinipig in the air and hear the merriment of the whole neighborhood celebrating a fruitful harvest…

I smell barbecue in humble beach huts…

I smell good food from overfilled pots…

I hear children laughing, playing bahay-bahayan….

I hear chaotic households, reverberating with pulsating laughter of family members celebrating reunions…

I hear chants, cheers, and drumbeats in basketball courts…

I see children taking naps in front porches…

I see children gleefully enjoying hammocks under the trees….

I see families picnicking and laying in the grass…

I see grandparents lazying around on lawn chairs…

I feel warmth from hugs of visiting cousins, uncles, aunts, friends…

These and many more are my summers and your summers, too. And within them we find solace…and comfort…and love.

(Feel free to add some more.)

Posted 7 years, 7 months ago at 5:49 pm.