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Byahe Tayo! Manila-Boracay-Iloilo via RoRo!

Ooookay…..I think I deserve a much needed break from work :D. And if you are in for an extreme summer adventure, join me as I take you to one of my most memorable trips—Manila to Boracay to Iloilo via the “roll-on, roll-off” (RoRo) system. It’s the road less traveled by, literally, but I assure you the trip itself is an adventure. Just make sure you allot more time because the trip took me 17.5 hours to get to Boracay.


At 12:30 noon, the Alps bus started it’s way to Edsa. By 4:30pm, we reached the port in Batangas and immediately boarded a small ferry going to Calapan, Mindoro.

I was standing the entire three-hour trip to Calapan because the ferry was crowded with people and with……bags. Mga bags ang nasa ibang upuan at hindi mga tao. Inconsiderate lang talaga minsan ang ibang tao. Ayaw magpaupo 🙁

The ferry reached Calapan at 7:00pm and I boarded the same Alps bus for an hour ride to Pinamalayan, still in Mindoro.

The bus made it at 8:00pm to Sta. Rita in Pinamalayan where the passengers had dinner. At 9:00pm, the Alps bus was again on the road going to the port of Roxas, Mindoro. We made it there at 10:30pm and waited until midnight before boarding a bigger ferry, one from Montenegro Lines, going to Caticlan, in Aklan province.


It was 4:30 in the morning when the ferry arrived in Caticlan. But we had to wait for an hour and a half before we could disembark. Siksikan ang boats sa pier ng Caticlan so we had to wait for one or two ferries to leave before we could properly dock. Maliwanag na nang makababa sa ferry ang mga pasahero.

After a 15-minute ride on a boat from Caticlan and another 10 minutes tricycle ride, the splendid sun, sea, and sand of Boracay welcomed a new batch of visitors.

I spent the day enjoying the waters of Boracay. I stayed here.


By lunch time, I was already preparing for the trip back to Caticlan. The bus going to Iloilo left at 1:20, shortly after I arrived. The trip to Iloilo was a smooth one. I immediately fell asleep and was roused after a few hours by the noise from some people in the terminal. I glanced at my watch. 6:30pm.

I stayed here for the night.

Day 4

Early morning the next day, I prepared for a few hours city tour in Iloilo.

After Iloilo City, it was time to explore the island of Guimaras. Maraming mango doon. Kaya lang, di po ako kumakain ng mangga eh heheh.

The trip was tiring. But it was fun and worth it. I’m giving the government a lot of “pogi” points for constructing the Strong Republic Nautical Highway. Maganda ang daan at smooth ang byahe….pwedeng tayong diretsong Mindanao 😉 So what are you waiting for? Tara, na! Byahe na!

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This blog has been gathering dust. Time to clean up heheh. Kumusta? I hope you are all doing great. My heartfelt thanks to those who kept checking out this blog while I was away.

Been really busy. I have a lot of things to share with you but will do that in the coming days. For today, here’s my story:

Once, I decided to see online how much of my province has been photographed. So I started a Google search (images) of its capital, Catarman. I went over the thumbnails in the result pages and I saw a familiar picture. I followed the link and found this at Skyscrapercity, a forum site:

The picture in this news is the same picture I included at this blog post. I politely asked the forum member where he got the article. He pointed me to this news posted at a blog:

Looking at the dateline, it’s obvious that the news was written in my province. I’m puzzled. I have no idea how my picture ended up in that news article.

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