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LP7: Hiling

Kung minsan ay masarap hilingin…

na ang mga paa ay umangat sa lupa,

at malayang lumipad bahagya,

at sa hangin ay magparaya,

at masayang magpatihulog sa dagat na payapa.

Posted 7 years, 10 months ago at 12:05 am.


Where Have I Been?

Hello everyone? Kumusta? I hope you are all having a great time anticipating the Christmas season. It’s been a while since I last posted here. So where have I been? I’ve been to some remote towns and enjoyed a great time traveling in my province with my family.

Traveling in the countryside is so much fun. It makes me appreciate all the more that I am part of this beautiful, beautiful world, and it makes me celebrate all the more the gentleness of this mystery called nature.

I am sharing with you some pictures I took during my trip. I hope you’ll like them.

These houses on stilts quietly stir me.

Ruins of a church in the town of Palapag. It amazes me to think that the walls are full of so many stories.

Another way to travel with a motorcycle 🙂

The mighty coconut trees stand against the blue sky. I think they’re wishing for a drizzle or some golden rays of the sun. Many people in my province are greatly dependent on the blessings from coconut trees.

Of all the secluded places I’ve been to, this one makes me feel I’m nearly home.

These old wooden planks once beckoned at me…but my nervous knees had to refuse them.

This spreads joyful sensations to my heart.

This one, taken late in the afternoon after a heavy rain, makes my heart smile.

Have a blessed weekend everyone. Morning air is already cold so keep warm.

Posted 7 years, 10 months ago at 4:15 pm.