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Pens of Hope Gives Birth!

Sorry for my intermittent presence online. I have been swamped and drained by all the mundane things I had to focus on in the last couple of days and I had to go on a trip.

Anyway, I am back with good news: Pens of Hope has given birth to a new project in Davao! I am so happy and excited about it.
pens of hope
When Kikit asked permission to mirror the project in her hometown, Davao City, it made me smile. I felt happy that she had thought of bringing the project to Davao. This means more and more children will be given pencils, more and more children will smile, more and more children will see hope.

Kikit is based in Japan but she is currently being helped by her fellow volunteers from the Social Involvement Coordinating Office (SICO), the social arm of Ateneo de Davao University. I am so proud of their methodical approach. They just recently made a survey, with the help of a non-government organization, to identify the project’s beneficiary. Nice, isn’t it? They plan to distribute in August.

I hope that you will also support them. Please take some time to head on over to their site and give them a shout out 😉

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LP5: Dito Lang

Dito lang,
kung saan unang humakbang ang munti kong mga paa

Dito lang,
kung saan nagkapakpak ang lagalag kong diwa

Dito lang,
sa ilalim ng bughaw na langit

Dito lang,
kung saan ako ay nangarap pilit

Dito lang…
…sa kapirasong lupang ito,
…sa lupang hinaplos ng biyaya Mo,
…dito’y hahakbang pabalik ang mga paa ko.

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Take a look at this picture.

Not clear enough? Let’s take a closer look.

Yep, these are some of the pencils you’ve sent. I went home last weekend and it was the first time I saw the packages that have arrived. I excitedly opened them and I was truly, deeply moved. Lots and lots of pencils! Some have sent bags, notebooks, ballpens, pencils sharpeners, and even balloons! I’m sure the children will be delighted.

I am posting here the pictures of the content of the packages. If you have sent a package, you’ll see its contents here.

I received pencils bundled in bulks. I rebundled them so the children will have equal number of pencils. I’m glad three Pens of Hope angels have helped me in doing this.

I know all of you are just as excited as I am to see smiling and happy kids but I had to move the distribution date from June 19 to first or second Friday of July (depending on the available plane ticket that I can get). The reasons behind this are:

1. June 19 was declared a holiday by the provincial government to celebrate its Foundation Day and the teachers were reluctant to ask the children to report to school on a holiday.

2. I needed more time to prepare the packages which recently arrived.

3. I am waiting for a package which was sent by a little girl who personally emailed me and asked if I could wait for the pencils she bought from her own allowance. This little girl said she didn’t ask for extra money from her parents but she instead cut on her personal expenses so she could save some for the pencils. I promised her I will grant her request.

So that’s it for now. Just giving you an update on the Pens of Hope project.

Magandang araw sa inyong lahat!

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LP4: Imposible Ba?

Tatawid sa mga streams.
Maglalakad sa mga bato.
Maglalakad sa halos walang katapusang lahar.
Gagawin ang lahat ng ito nang halos tatlong oras.
Kakayanin ko ba ito?
Kakayanin ba ng payat kong mga tuhod?
‘Yan ang nasa isip ko nang kamakailan ay umakyat ako sa Mt. Pinatubo.

Sa una ay kampante ako. Dahil ang usapan ay 45 minuto lang ang gagawing lakad. Ngunit nang dumating ang iba pang kasamang aakyat sa bundok na dating naging sanhi ng malaking trahedya lalo sa mga kalapit na probinsya, halos lahat ay ginusto nilang doon sa rutang mas mahaba ang lakaran. Sa labing-apat na tao, dadalawa lang kaming may gusto sa 45 minutong ruta.

Tatlong taon na akong walang praktis sa mga mga pisikal na gawain. Matagal na mula nang mga araw na naglalaro ako ng badminton o kaya ay madalas mag-jogging. Kaya alanganin ako sa aking kakayahan. Ni wala akong warm-up bago ang araw ng pag-akyat.

Sumikat ang araw. At umulan. At sumikat uli. At umulan na naman. Mukhang lalong pinahihirap ng panahon ang aming pag-akyat.

Ngunit salamat naman at sa kabila ng lahat ay nagawa rin namin na matagumpay na akyatin ang Mt. Pinatubo. Hindi naman pala imposible para sa payat kong mga tuhod ang marating ang tuktok ng bundok.

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A Shout Out to Some Cebu Bloggers

They are two creative and artistic individuals.

They are bloggers, too.

They live in the south.

I haven’t even met them yet.

But two big-hearted artists, Dan Guillano and Nonon Yee, are selling their artworks for PhP75 so they can buy pencils for Pens of Hope.


Thank you so very much to both of you for selflessly sharing your talents.

Here are some pics they took during the selling of their artworks. Looks like it was fun 😉

By the way, Dan is the person responsible in creating the Pens of Hope Badges. He offered to make the badges some time ago after reading about the project.

I’m taking this opportunity to also thank some other Cebu bloggers who are helping spread the word about Dan’s and Nonon’s exhibit for charitable cause. In my limited Cebuano, allow me to say “Daghang salamat, Cebu!

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