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Adi Na Ak Utro!

That’s how we say “I am here again!” in my native Nortehanon Waray. How have you all been? Sana ay okay naman ang buhay-buhay. Na-miss ko kayong lahat. Anyway, I am back from the mountains hehehe. I had to go on a trip and had to attend to so many things, too.

Siyanga pala, I would like to thank everyone who greeted me on my birthday. Maraming salamat sa inyo. Dahil sa inyo naging masaya ako noong aking kaarawan, katulad ng batang nasa larawan 🙂


Just a quick update for the second batch of collection intended for distribution on June 19 or 20. It warms my heart that a lot of pens are already in the box and a lot more are coming!

1. Fellow bloggers have started sending in their contributions. With me are the pencils sent by emilayskie, sandi, winkie, and 4 other bloggers who prefer to be anonymous. Will be posting here pictures of the packages soon. Yung Pens of Hope ko kasi sa Samar ay hindi pa ready sa camera niya hehehe.

2. A very kind lady from Virginia is also helping spread the news and I am really surprised to have received an email yesterday about a student organization from the University of Virginia pooling in their money and now has a check ready for sending to Pens of Hope. However, since Pens of Hope is not accepting money, siguro I will have to ask them to buy pencils and send them over to the kind lady in Virginia who volunteered to take charge of the pencils coming from the US. Thank you very much, Patience!

Patience is also trying to raise 5,000 pencils for Pens of Hope! She is really, really kind and she’s really, really nice and she’s got a nice name 😉 Thank God for the internet. Meeting kind-hearted souls online has been one of God’s blessings to me.

3. There are also pledges coming in, including one from a Filipino-American association.

4. I have received emails from two local organizations who are also into helping out kids and they were asking me for a collaborative work someday. Why not? The more people helping these kids, the better 😉

Thank you so very much for your support. Thank you for helping me realize one of my dreams. It truly means a lot to me.

Have a happy weekend everyone! God bless!

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Friendly Daw Ako…

‘Yan ang sabi ng ilang mga mambobola sa internet tulad nina Quinnie, AC, Hukombitay, at Duchess. Pruweba? Kailangan ninyo ng pruweba na binola nila ako? Heto, they gave me this 1-million-dollar-worth na award.


Ngunit, may catch pala itong award na itetch. Kailangang magpakita ako ng piktyuraka ko! O siya, siya, dahil nag-enjoy naman ako sa pambobola ninyo, heto, you can have a piece of me. Huhubaran ko na nang konti ang pisikal na anyo ni Miss N dito sa post na itetch. Pero konti lang ha? Wag nang humirit pa at wala nang ihihirit pa si Miss N 🙂

Mahiyain kasi talaga si Miss N, lalo na in person. Dito lang siya madaldal. Baka kapag nakita ninyo siya in person, hindi na ‘yan makapagsalita. Ang sobrang pagiging mahiyain ni Miss ang dahilan kung bakit hindi siya mahilig magpakuha ng kanyang litrato. Hanggang ngayon, bilang na bilang pa rin ang mga litrato niyang nakatago pa sa baul at ni hindi nakalagay sa photo album.

Ironically, she enjoys taking pictures. She may not be a good photographer but she enjoys playing with the camera. Mas gusto niyang nasa likod siya ng camera kaysa nasa harap nito.

O siya, hindi na ako magpapaliguy-ligoy pa nang husto, heto na si Miss N.


Satisfied? 😀

Ang sabi sa rules, bawal magpalit ng damit. So hayan, ginaw na ginaw na ako at kaahon ko lang ngayon mula sa ilog na ‘yan 😀

Bawal din daw magpagupit ng hair kaya hayan at nakalugay pa yang wild and wiry hair na yan. May sariling buhay yan, ayaw sumunod sa galaw ko.

Ang huling rule ng tag na ito ay ang mag-tag din ako ng iba pang friendly bloggers. So I am tagging, you, you, you, you, and you. Yes, all of you. Dahil kayong lahat na mga dumadalaw dito ay friendly sa akin, ipinapasa ko sa inyo ang 1-million-dollar-worth na award na ito. Bow 😀

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Thank You for Each Moment

image_1Lord, thank you for each moment,
for the blue-sky moment,
the softening earth,
the refreshing wind,
for my full heart
and the joy rising in me.
Soften me
to receive whatever comes as a gift
and to praise you in it.

image_2Lord, thank you for each moment
for the twilight moment,
the good tired,
for the quiet reflection,
the slowing down,
the mysterious sunset,
for the wisdom growing inside me.
Gentle me
to feel whatever comes as a gift
and to praise you in it.

Lord, thank you for each moment,
for the midnight moment,
the loneliness,
the fretful wondering,
for the watchful stars,
the long ache,
the sleepless wait,
and the hope straining in me.
Focus me
to see whatever comes as a gift
and to praise you in it.

image_4Lord, thank you for each moment,
for the high-noon moment,
the job,
the necessary routine,
for the sweaty struggle,
the impulse to change,
and the courage gathering in me.
Ground me
to wrestle with whatever comes as a gift
and to praise you in it.

image_5Lord, thank you for each moment,
for the shared moment,
the listening,
the unguarded word,
for the fragile openness,
the ready smile,
the accepted difference,
for my passionate heart
and the trust rooting in me.
Stretch me
to grow with whatever comes as a gift
and to praise you in it.

Thank you for each moment,
for the charged moment,
the confrontation,
for the hard decision,
the unexpected growing,
for my intense heart
and the truth expanding in me.
Free me
to be open to whatever comes as a gift
and to praise you in it.

Thank you for each moment,
for the holy moment,
the music,
the child’s eyes,
for the sunlight,
the touch,
the tears,
for the trembling pleasure,
the unutterable beauty,
for the life and love and heart in me aware,
and the wholeness spreading in me.
Touch me
through whatever comes as a gift
That I may be grateful
and praise you in it.
Lord, thank you for each moment,
for this incredible feeling of being alive,
for the people who love me,
for the people that I love,
for the people who share my thoughts at this blog,
for the little sparks that come my way,
and for this day, this special day.
Remind me always
that life, in each passing minute,
is borrowed time.

All the wordings in this post, except the last stanza, are taken from Ted Loder’s Guerillas of Grace.

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Keep Your Light Shining

Perhaps, at this time, you are already excited about a forthcoming trip, given a long holiday next week.


Perhaps, you are already excited about a family getaway during the long break.


Perhaps, you are planning to spend quality time with your special someone.


These are great things to happen. It is great to have time to spend with people who are dear to our hearts.

But I hope that these events will not bring us out of focus on why we are on a long break. Let them not cast a shadow over the days when we should be keeping Christ’s light in the center of these events. Let them not take a larger priority in our lives than Christ.


I hope we find time for our moments of praise, the ones that lead us to remember how the sting of death on Easter gave way to the joy of Resurrection, and the ones that allow us to bask in Christ’s presence.

Nortehanon will be out for a whole week. I encourage you all to keep Christ as your light and to keep your light shining.

Peace to you all.

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Today, My Heart Says…

letting go

Don’t be dismayed at good-byes.
A farewell is necessary before you can meet again.
And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends. ~ Richard Bach

Photo taken from here.

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