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“Barya Lang”

I can’t help but recall a conversation I overheard from a mother and her 9-year-old son while I was in a jeepney on my way to church yesterday morning.

Son: Ma, may piso, oh. (Mother, there’s a one-peso coin)

Mother: Saan? (Where?)

So: Ayun po, malapit sa driver. Kunin ko. (Near the driver. I’ll get it.)

Mother: Wag na, anak. Barya lang yan, piso lang yan. (Never mind, son. It’s just a 1-peso coin.)

Then I remembered a post I have written about how some kids in my province risk their life for a few peso coins. Please click HERE. I hope it will change the way many of us see the value of a 1-peso coin. Salamat.

Have a blessed week!

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Angels on My Shoulder

How I wish there’s 36 hours in a day for us to to play around with 😀 Kidding. But really, with everything I have to finish at work, with the trips that I have to prepare for, with the social responsibilities that I have to attend to, sometimes I wish I have command of the hands of time.

This morning I peeked at my blog and saw lots of comments waiting to be answered. And it put a smile on my face knowing that you took time out to visit my blog even when I was absent and you took time out to leave comments.

I have started this blog in November last year and I have to admit this has been a wonderful adventure for me. All because of you, my dear readers. Someone had commented here sometime ago that blogging cannot replace the physical interaction of people. I truly agree. Physical interaction is still the best way to form bonds.

However, I have to admit that I enjoy your virtual company, my dear readers. Yes, it very much different from talking in person but I find it a rewarding form of interaction. You make me smile, you make me think, you make me realize many things, you surprise me, and you continue to amaze me with the things that I read in your blogs–your opinions, your interests, your life. And those of you who maintain more than one blog and still manage to post every single day, you make me green with envy 😀

I find it amazing that there are a number of people I have met through this blog that I have grown to like. You may be still “faceless” but you make blogging world wonderful for me. Kaya sa inyong lahat na patuloy na dumadalaw dito, maraming, maraming salamat po for being angels on my shoulder. Hope to see you here again and again and again 😉

sisterhood_awardFive wonderful bloggers have given me this Sisterhood Award. To Quinnie, AC, Emilayskie, Muymuy, and Hukombitay, salamat po! Hukombitay, thank you very much for your very flattering and touching words.

This award comes with rules:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post–Done.
2. Nominate at least 10 favorite blogs of your own–This I will have to break because I believe there are many great sisters out there blogging away. And also, I think this award had been passed on already to all the ladies in my links 😀
3. Be sure to link to you nominees within your post–This can’t be done because of item #2.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog–Again, this can’t be done because of #2.
5. Link to this post the person/s from who you received this award–Done.

That’s about it all. Gotta answer the comments in my previous posts. I’m lagging behind.

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Allow Me to Vent

Recently, I received a credit card statement. It says the total amount I owe the bank is PhP1,500 and the minimum amount that I have to pay is PhP200.

Now here’s the thing:
1. I do not have any credit card, or had any credit card in the past, from that bank.
2. I did not apply for a credit card from that bank.
3. I do not have an account with that bank.

I called the credit card’s hotline and here’s the conversation that transpired between me and an agent.

Miss N: Miss, I just would like to inquire why I received a billing statement when I do not have a credit card from your office. It says here I have to pay PhP1,500.

Agent: Ma’am, our record shows it is the charge for your annual fee.

Miss N: Yes, I can see that. But how can you charge me with annual fee when I don’t even have the card?

Sensing that I am in no way going to pay the amount, here’s the agent’s reply.

Agent: So what do you want us to do with your card? Ipadadala pa ba namin sa inyo, or cancel na lang?

The agent’s reply almost made me faint.

Do they really expect people to pay annual fee even without the card? Is this really how it works now? The bank is charging me for annual fee tapos wala pa naman sa akin ang credit card. SMY! Sabi nga ni Brother Utoy.

While other banks waive the annual fee for the first year, itong bank naman na ito is charging me annual fee before I could even use the card, or should I say, before I could even lay my eyes on the card. Eh ni hindi ko pa nga nakikita talaga ‘yung card na yun. I don’t even know how it looks like.

What surprises me is that the bank I am referring to is a reputable one. It’s one of the most respected banks in the country. Haaaaay….

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The Poetry of the Earth is Never Dead


I thank you God for this most amazing day,
for the leaping greenly spirits of trees,
and for the blue dream of sky
and for everything which is natural,
which is infinite…

~e.e. cummings

Postcard-perfect, isn’t it? 😉 Have a blessed weekend everyone!
Photo taken by me in the beautiful last frontier of the Philippines, Palawan.

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Oh, to be a child again playing in a duyan!


I’ve always loved being in a duyan. When I was young I would climb into it and sway back and forth in the breeze. It was a special duyan because it was made by my Nanay. Having no extra money to buy a duyan from the market, she diligently washed and sew together two sacks of rice. It was a sturdy duyan and for a year or two it swayed in the breeze each time I would climb into it and nestle myself within it.

As I got older, I continued loving the duyan. After a day of my love affair with the sea, I would prefer to lie quietly, lost in thought, within a duyan hung between the trees. It meant sweet leisure, quality time with myself, and a promise of peace. I would watch the tree sheltering me and wonder if they will continue sheltering weary souls long after I faded from memory.

I would stare blankly at their robust branches that make intricate patterns against the bright, wide, blue sky as the sun rays dapple through the leaves of the trees kissing my skin. It always makes me realize that I am sheltered in the canopy of ever changing skies and that I may be just a speck in the universe but I am part of something greater, something that’s good.

Ah, to lie quietly in a duyan..to think of moments gone by and moments yet to come, to contemplate about Time, Life, and Being. It makes my soul at peace, awakens my heart to life, and opens my eyes to the simple but lasting pleasures that Nature blesses humanity with. Life is sweet with a duyan. If only I have extra space in my home in the city, I would definitely hang one.


Winkie and Shawie thought I am the one in the duyan. No po, that isn’t me. I was the one who took the picture and I am glad the lady obliged with much gusto ;). She has become one of my most trusted friends since then..LOL 🙂

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