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Merry Christmas!

I will be on a blogging break until January 3. Some very, very important things have come up. So I now would like to wish you all a happy Christmas season. May the warm and fuzzy feeling of this joyful season fill your hearts.

As we go through the holidays, may we be humble enough to remember the homeless and hungry people out on the street and the children missing out on the joy of a simple Christmas gift.

Merry Christmas everyone! Hugs to all 😉

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Thank you!

Having too little time left to wrap the gift items for the kids of Pens of Hope, I stayed awake almost all Thursday night to finish wrapping everything. (Please click for larger photos.)




Everything went smoothly except for the moments when this makulit na dog thought of disturbing me, sniffing each and every gift that I finish wrapping and lying on my lap :D.





The fun happened last Friday in this classroom….




…where the children started to gather as early as 6 in the morning and waited to get involved in the fun games. The winners got prizes, of course ;). Thanks for Teacher Mildred for facilitating the games.







The children were all happy participating in the games and receiving the gifts from Pens of Hope.









After the distribution of pens and some gifts, we proceeded to raffle off some prizes and the children were really excited! It was indeed a fun day! Please read the previous post for more pictures.

Again, my deepest appreciation for all your donations and support. Sa susunod po ulit ha? 😉

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First Pens of Hope Day Teaser

Finally, I have distributed the pens and some other learning materials and some toys that Pens of Hope had gathered. I can’t thank you enough for your support.

I would also like to thank Teacher Mildred and also some parents of the children for helping me in the distribution.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t compose a longer post this time because I will be attending to a very important matter. Instead, I want to show you some pictures.

I want to share with you how your kindness have made these little angels smile. I want you all to see how happy you have made them today.

Incidentally, today is the birthday of someone who has been supporting this project. Her generous heart has touched my life in ways she even doesn’t know. To Ate Becca, happy birthday!

Pens of Hope2

Pens of Hope6

Pens of Hope7

Pens of Hope4

Pens of Hope5

Pens of Hope8

Pens of Hope1

Pens of Hope3
I will be coming up with a longer post about this as soon as I can go online again.

Have a blessed weekend everyone! Again, my heartfelt gratitude for making all these possible.

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Man of Earth

The title of this post is the title of one of my favorite poems when I was in high school. I remember writing a short essay around the theme of the poem for an essay writing contest. What I cannot remember now is how I fared at the contest hehehe. Anyway, I found the poem again among my notes as I was going over the content of my baul last night.

Man of Earth was written by Amador T. Daguio. He was only 20 when he wrote this one. Here is the poem:

Pliant is the bamboo;
I am a man of earth;
They say that from the bamboo
We had our first birth.

Am I of the body,
Or of the green leaf?
Do I have to whisper
My every sin and grief?

If the wind passes by,
Must I stoop and try
To measure fully
My flexibility?

I might have been the bamboo,
But I will be a man.
Bend me then, O Lord,
Bend me if you can.

Could Daguio have been thinking of today’s time when he wrote the poem? This is what I like about the element of timelessness in poetry. This poem was written in 1932 but it reflects the plight of Filipinos today. It tells us how we, Filipinos, should face the seemingly endless challenges in today’s world.

Truly, the Filipinos should be as pliant as the bamboo. As the wind of economic crisis, tragedies, and political crisis blow, we should humbly stoop—we should bend, adjust, try to cope, try to survive. At the same time, we should stand on our own ground—firm, bold, brave, and daring. Patuloy sana tayong makibaka sa buhay kahit minsan mahirap gawin.

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Excuse Letter

Ngayon lang uli ako nagbukas ng blog. I spent the weekend nursing a swollen face and going to a dermatologist. My face was swollen and itchy when I got up Saturday morning. I had no idea how it happened. My first instinct was to take an anti-allergy medicine but I know I am not allergic to anything.

Middle of the day, I noticed the swelling had subsided and it looked like I was going to be okay.

Until nighttime came.

My face swelled again. This time, including my lips.

After going to church on Sunday morning, I went to a dermatologist. She wasn’t sure yet as to what was causing the swelling but she prescribed some medicines and a cream which, thankfully, worked. No more swelling now. But I have to pay the dermatologist another visit this Sunday just to be sure.

That, my dear readers, is my excuse for not posting here during the weekend, for not replying soon to your comments, and for not visiting your blogs heehee :D.

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