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Caleruega: Close to Nature, Closer to God

After Hidden Valley and Camiguin, let me take you to another do-it-yourself trip. This time, we are going to a nice place in Batangas that’s ideal for weekend getaways for residents of Metro Manila and its nearby provinces in the south.

Welcome to Caleruega, a famous place for weddings and retreats because of its lush greenery and serene surroundings. Caleruega is located just a few kilometers from Tagaytay, on the way to Nasugbu town proper (Batangas). It is a place developed by the Dominican order as a home for pilgrimage. The place was named after the birthplace (Caleruega in Spain) of Saint Dominic, the founder of the religious Dominican order. I’m a nature lover and a Dominican that’s why this place will always be close to my heart 🙂

Let me take you around Caleruega with these photos.

This is the Caleruega church. Napakarami nang ikinasal diyan and many brides-to-be dream to be wed there. In fact, if you are going to book for a wedding, you should do it a year ahead kasi halos booked na ang buong taon. Ganun karami ang gustong magpakasal diyan.

Just a few steps from the church, you will see this view.

Below is a photo of one of my favorite spots in Caleruega. I can stay here the whole day reading a book…..

…contemplating, or just admiring the view.

A short walk further down will take you to this lovely garden that sits beside Caleruega’s nursery where you can buy seedlings.

Some other things that you will enjoy in Caleruega are the koi pond (there are 2 koi ponds in the area and they are adding more)….

….the hanging bridge…

..and this man-made garden falls.

An uphill walk will take you to the Transfiguration Chapel, a place that has become famous for being the location of many movie shoots.

This is the view from the chapel.

While you’re on the hill, don’t forget to take a jump shot 🙂 Enjoy!

Now, here’s how you will commute to Caleruega. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3 🙂
1. At the bus station near EDSA-MRT, look for buses going to Nasugbu.
2. Ask the driver to drop you off at Evercrest Resort and Golf Course. Fare, as of today, is PhP106.00 per person.
3. There are tricycles waiting right where you will be dropped off by the bus. Tell the driver you’re going to Caleruega. Driver charges Php50.00 for a one-way trip. IMPORTANT: Get the driver’s mobile number because he’ll be the one to fetch you later (if you’re there for a day-tour only). Tricycle drivers would voluntary give you their number, pero mabuti na rin ang ma-remind sila baka makalimutan nilang mag-volunteer na magbigay.

TIP: If you’re going there for a day-tour, bring some food. Kasi walang malapit na kainan doon. You can have picnics there, hanap na lang kayo ng perfect spot amidst the sprawling green grounds under the sky 🙂

If you’re up for a picnic under a canopy, Caleruega has canopies for rent. Php500 yata a day.

Sulit ang Caleruega for a mere Php30.00 entrance fee 😉 Yes, Php30.00 lang ang entrance fee doon. The officer at the gate will give you a brochure about the place. Caleruega accepts day-tour as well as overnight stays. If you think you need more days to relax and recharge, you can stay there for days since it has dormitories and cottages. For further inquiries you may contact Caleruega at 09212709890.

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The Weekend Runaway

I’d like to call myself that: The Weekend Runaway. So true of me hehe. Because I love running away on a weekend, be it to a far-flung place or just in my own yard (yes, I consider my own yard a great place for a weekend getaway, after all it has lots of trees and plants 😉 )

Sorry for not being able to reply to your comments here, your emails, or your FB invitations. May biglaang lakad during the weekend. I was with my big sis stealing some time from our heavy skeds and catching up on our lives. It was fun laughing like children again and throwing our cares away into the air.

I love moments like these—spending time with a friend, smelling fresh air, and celebrating the earth’s bounty.

I hope you all had a great weekend break.

Posted 6 years, 10 months ago at 4:52 pm.