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Pens of Hope: Big Day in Laoang!

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all doing great.

I am happy to share with you the following photos of the Pens of Hope distribution held last Monday, June 11. Pens of Hope received a very warm welcome from the teachers and students of Bobolosan Elementary School in Bgy. Bobolosan which is part of the town of Laoang, Northern Samar.

Here are your donations being prepared the night before the distribution.

From the province’s capital which is Catarman, Bgy. Bobolosan can be reached by taking a van bound for the town of Catubig. The non-AC vans will pass by the school premises. Travel time is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

This is the crowded van that took me and your donations to Bgy. Bobolosan. One-way costs PhP140.

The children of Bobolosan were very shy in front of the camera. But they warmed up eventually, especially upon seeing Guyito. Yep, he was with me ๐Ÿ˜‰ I was happy that almost all students were present that day.

The school’s teacher-in-charge was so kind enough to accompany me to every classroom. Thanks, Ma’am M!

Kindergarten class: 38 students
380 pencils, 38 sharpeners, and 38 storybooks distributed

I have learned that a volunteer teacher in a kindergarten class in a public school earns only PhP1,000 a month if his or her students will not exceed 19. If the class population exceeds 19, he or she will receive a monthly salary of PhP3,000. I take my hats off to all the volunteer kindergarten teachers all over the country. Saludo po ako sa inyo!

Grade 1 Section 1 class: 26 students
260 pencils, 26 sharpeners, and 26 storybooks distributed

Grade 1 Section 2 class: 28 students
280 pencils, 28 sharpeners, and 28 storybooks distributed

Grade 2 Section 1 class: 30 students
300 pencils, 30 sharpeners, and 30 storybooks distributed

Grade 2 Section 2 class: 25 students
250 pencils, 25 sharpeners, 25 storybooks distributed

Grade 3 class: 51 students
153 pencils, 153 ball pens, 51 sharpeners, 51 erasers distributed

Grade 4 Sections 1 & 2 classes (merged): 52 students
156 pencils, 156 ball pens, 52 sharpeners, 52 erasers distributed

Grade 5 Section 1 class: 29 students
87 pencils, 87 ball pens, 29 sharpeners, 29 erasers distributed

Grade 5 Section 2 class: 26 students
78 pencils, 78 ball pens, 26 sharpeners, 26 erasers distributed

Grade 6 Section 1 class: 31 students
93 pencils, 93 ball pens, 31 sharpeners, 31 erasers distributed

Grade 6 Section 2 class: 34 students
102 pencils, 102 ball pens, 34 sharpeners, 34 erasers distributed

There are enough pencils left for another distribution so we are scheduling another one before June ends ๐Ÿ™‚ Yay!

Maraming, maraming salamat po sa suporta! God bless po!

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Kiddie Books Distribution!

Last Dec. 9, the kiddie books which you sent for Pens of Hope were distributed in Balat-Balud Elementary School in the town of Bobon in Northern Samar. But it almost didnโ€™t push through as scheduled. First, the district supervisor called for a district meeting of teachers on that day so there should have been no classes. Second, on the day before the distribution date, I was already down with a really bad flu. My body temperature was 39-40. And third, the plane that took the goodies to Samar from Manila got delayed (almost canceled) because of the bad weather last Friday. Instead of the 10AM flight, it left Manila at 1:30PM.

On the night before the distribution, I was negotiating with the principal, pleading her to make it possible for the children to report to school for the distribution. I was praying, too, for my health to get better. In the morning, when told that the flight was put on hold, awaiting further improvement of the weather, todo dasal talaga ginawa ko because I knew that the children were already in school.

When the plane landed at 2:30PM, I immediately claimed the packages. At the time, I was already receiving text messages from the principal telling me that the children were already getting restless.

From the capital town, Catarman, I took a tricycle to the town of Bobon where I met with the principal, two teachers, and a barangay health worker. From Bobon, we took a habal-habal. We started our trip on a cemented road which led to another road full of potholes, muddy craters, and big puddles of water. It was a tough road. Ilang beses muntik malibing ang wheels ng habal-habal. Good thing our driver was good.

After almost an hour of habal-habal ride, I was told we had to walk on a muddy road. By muddy road, I meant hanggang tuhod na mud. Before we left Bobon, I’ve learned that it was best if I had rain boots. It was my first trip to the recipient school so I didn’t know what to expect. I had to walk barefoot. Ang bilis maglakad ng mga teacher na kasama ko! Naiiwan ako hehehe

After the kilometer-long walk, here’s how my feet looked like. I was praying all along na sana ay wala akong matapakan na basag na bote o walang linta hehe

We then had to load all our luggage into a small banca so we can cross a river. The bangkera was a jolly old woman named Ate Bebang who entertained us with her patok na jokes hehehe.

After the boat ride, walk, walk, walk uli. The good barangay health worker took the task of carrying two boxes of books. Bilib ako kasi ang bigat nung dalawang kahon na ‘yun. I was trailing behind her and the principal.

After about 20 minutes, we arrived at the school and started with the distribution. The children were so excited and so happy! Unfortunately, we arrived very late in the afternoon so the children who live in far away sitios had to go home already before we arrived. I just endorsed the goods to the principal for distribution yesterday (Monday). Aside from books, we also gave the children pencils and bags.

To everyone who supported the project by sending books and pencils, I can not thank you enough. We have made many children smile! Next time po uli!

To Ate Ara Nina (you know who you are), maraming salamat sa 55 bags! The kids were really excited to receive them.

To the faculty of Balat-Balud Elementary School, thank you for giving me another experience to treasure. And thanks for the adventure, too! Salamat sa pag-alalay sa akin habang naglalakad sa maputik na daan.

To the children of Balat-Balud, thank you for your smiles! Kahit nilalagnat ako at tinatrangkaso at kahit naglakad ako nang nakayapak sa putik and ended up with my feet looking like this….

you made it all worth it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Pens of Hope Says Thank You!

As of this afternoon, our list of sponsors for the preschool to Grade 2 children is complete. Yay! Thank you so much for your continued support for the Pens of Hope Project. The above photo shows the book that have already arrived as of today. (Sorry for the low quality photo). I’ll just wait for the other books.

If anyone is still interested in sending, just shoot me an email (nortehanon at gmail dot com). Who knows, we might also be able to give books to Grade 3 children ๐Ÿ˜‰

So excited na sa distribution day!

Posted 5 years, 11 months ago at 4:25 pm.


Kiddie Books for Pens of Hope

I am overwhelmed by the number of people who have expressed willingness to support the project, so I have decided to also include Grade 2 children as recipients! More books, more happy children!

Tao po! Mamamasko po sana si Miss N at ang mga bata! ๐Ÿ™‚

Pens of Hope will be celebrating Christmas with some kids from an elementary school in the town of Bobon, Northern Samar. And since there is still enough number of pencils for distribution, we will be gathering storybooks for the kiddos. Most of these kids have not even seen a storybook yet, so I hope you will join me in introducing them to the world of storybooks! Ito na rin po ang hihingin kong Christmas gift ninyo sa akin ๐Ÿ˜€

1. Sino ang mga bibigyan?
Narito ang listahan ng mga bata. Bawat bata ay makatatanggap ng isang aklat. I’ll cross off the list the name of the child who gets an sponsor.

1. Leandro c/o Miss HAB
2. July c/o Miss HAB
3. Reneco c/o EmPi
4. Ronnie c/o Miss HAB
5. Argie c/o Miss HAB
6. Angelo c/o Miss HAB
7.Dante c/o Blogger D.
8. Charles Andrie c/o Blogger D.
9. Laica c/o Blogger D.
10. Mildred c/o Blogger D.
11. Jean Rose c/o Blogger D.
12. Cresencia c/o Blogger D.
13. Carla c/o Blogger D.
14. Lady Bhe c/o Blogger D.
15. Emie Lyn c/o Blogger D.
16. Jellian Lesly c/o Blogger D.
17. Marycris c/o Blogger D.
18. Diona Mae c/o Blogger D.
19. Joyce c/o Blogger D.
20. Narcissa c/o Miss HAB
21. Erica Mae c/o Vera
22. Regine c/o Vera
1. Lemuel c/o Hoshi
2. Ervin Jay c/o PM
3. Junly c/o Busyok
4. Marlo c/o Hoshi
5. Jushua c/o Bb. Mabait
6. Mike Bryan c/o Bb. Mabait
7. Ronel c/o Busyok
8. Tino c/o PM
9. Waren c/o EmPi
10. Petronilo c/o Busyok
11. Christian c/o PM
12. Jica c/o PM
13. Lovely c/o Hoshi
14. Angelica c/o KG
15. Mariele c/o PM
16. Liza c/o KG
17. Michelle c/o KG
18. Monica c/o KG
19. Maribel c/o KG
20. Marilyn c/o KG
21. Gennelyn c/o KG
22. Jonalyn c/o Vera
23. Kristy c/o Vera
24. Princess Abe c/o EmPi
25. Clarissa c/o Hoshi
26. Jessabel c/o KG
27. Dina c/o KG
28. Mary c/o Empi
29. Joyce c/o KG
30. Rica c/o PM
31. Rubelyn c/o Hoshi
1. Rommel c/o KG
2. Gerald c/o KG
3. Jovit c/o KG
4. Neco c/o KG
5. Christian c/o KG
6. Alvin c/o KG
7. Robert c/o KG
8. Johnrey c/o KG
9. Rex c/o KG
10. Marvin c/o KG
11. Mart Clarence c/o Ana
12. Erick c/o Ana
13. Wilsar c/o Ana

14. Jerrica c/o Ana
15. Marjorie c/o Ana
16. Melanie c/o B
17. Pamela c/o B
18. Jessica c/o B
19. Ariana Mary c/o B
20. Rose Ann c/o B
21. Margie c/o B
22. Shela c/o B
23. Nerissa c/o B
24. Ronalyn c/o B
25. Princess c/o B
26. Jill c/o B

2. Paano sumali?
Mag-sponsor ๐Ÿ™‚ You can sponsor one storybook for one child. Well, puwede rin namang dalawa, tatlo, o mahigit pang bata ang i-sponsor mo ๐Ÿ˜‰

3. Puwede bang pumili ng bata (mga bata) na bibigyan?
Sure, puwede naman. Basta sabihan lang ako kung sino sa mga bata sa listahan ang gusto mo i-sponsor para hindi magdoble. Puwedeng mag-comment dito at isali sa comment ang pangalan ng bata (o mga bata) na iyong gustong bigyan ng storybook.

4. Saan ipadadala ang storybook?
After you leave a comment here signifying your willingness to sponsor, I will contact you through email or facebook at ibibigay ko ang address ng pagpapadalhan. It’s an address in Quezon City para mas madaling makarating. You can send it through courier or mail.

5. Kailan dapat ipadala?
Ang distribution ay tentatively scheduled on December 9. Since the person who will bring the books to Northern Samar should leave before that day, the book should be received at the Quezon City address on Dec. 5. I know medyo tight na ang oras, pasensya na po.

6. Any additional bilin?
Oh yes, meron ๐Ÿ˜‰ Before sending the book/s, pakisulatan po ng dedication mo sa batang gusto mong bigyan. Ideal space to write on is the title page kasi madalas ang title page ay kaunti lang ang nakasulat. Encourage the child, inspire the child. Don’t forget to include his or her name sa dedication mo, like “Dear John,” “Hi, John,” Hello, John.” You’ll never know how much impact it will have on a child’s life.

So there you go, muli akong kumakatok sa inyong mabuting puso. Ito na lang po ang Christmas gift ninyo kay Miss N ๐Ÿ˜‰ I will be very, very happy!

Kung may tanong po, leave lang po ng comment dito. If you can help me spread the word tungkol sa munting proyektong ito, maraming salamat. Who knows, baka hindi lang preschool at Grade 1 children ang mabigyan natin? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Maraming tenkyu po for always standing up for our children.

Posted 5 years, 11 months ago at 1:16 pm.


Pens of Hope: Big Day in August!

It was a Friday and the weather was not so cooperative. So when we started distributing, the principal of our recipient school, Daganas Elementary School in Barangay Daganas in the town of Catarman, informed us that not all the 503 children went to school that afternoon. It was okay, we told her. Anyway, we have already prepared everything.

For each child from Kinder to Grade 2, we gave 10 pencils. For each child from Grades 3 to 6, we gave 3 ballpens and 2 pencils because according to the teachers they still need pencils in taking some exams and in doing art activities.

Here is the number of recipients per class: Kinder A-27; Kinder B-22; Grade 1(A)-46; Grade 1(B)-43; Grade 2(A)-33; Grade 2(B)-40; Grade 3(A)-30; Grade 3(B)-45; Grade 4(A)-; Grade 4(B)-; Grade 5(A)-39; Grade 5(B)-37; Grade 6-39.

Since not all children were present, we endorsed the share of the absentee children to the principal and the teachers who are in charge of each class.

Here, my dear friends, are the children you have made smile with your generosity. Thank you so very much!

Notice the pencils these two kids are holding. So short yet they were still being used. I asked for the pencils and told the two kids I’d keep the pencils as souvenirs. They happily gave them to me ๐Ÿ™‚

In one of the rooms, these caught my attention:

These pose danger to the kids. Konting pagkakamali lang, masusugatan sila. While many politicians in the country sit on cushioned and comfy seats, these children make do with what they’ve got: old, rusty, and broken desks and chairs. When will we truly look after our children?

Again, I want to thank you all supporting Pens of Hope. Thank you for helping create ripples, for standing up for these children, and for showing them that there are people who still care. “Thank you” doesn’t even come close to conveying the gratitude I feel for you but these are the only words I can come up with.

(Come December, Pens of Hope will have a special project for the kids in Northern Samar. I’ll announce the details soon. Also, I hope you visit the blog of Pens of Hope in Davao. They have also had another successful distribution. Congratulations, Davao!)

Posted 6 years, 1 month ago at 7:52 pm.