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Biri Rock Formation: Macadlao

“The basic reality of God is plain enough. Open your eyes and there it is! By taking a long and thoughtful look at what God has created, people have always been able to see what their eyes as such can’t see: eternal power, for instance, and the mystery of his divine being…” Romans 1:19-20

In the previous post, I took you to the Magasang and Magsapad rock formations. Today, I am taking you to Macadlao, another rock formation. It is also located in the charming and laid-back town of Biri.

I was blessed with a lovely weather the morning I went to Macadlao with one of my most trusted friends who is a Manileña. From the shoreline, we walked through rows of mangroves—some full-grown, some still young trees.

From afar, Macadlao looks like a not-so huge rock.

But it is actually a huge one. It is, however, relatively easy to climb. I think even an 8 or 9-year-old can manage the terrain. The views at the top of Macadlao is exhilarating.

On one side, you’ll see this patch of land covered with green. I dubbed this as my mini-Batanes 🙂

On the other side, you will see the deep-blue water and the Magasang rock formation from afar.

Then there’s this very distinct “crater” that looks like a footprint. People from Biri actually call it “The Big Foot.”

There is actually more to Macadlao than what you see the moment you arrive. In front, it looks like an ordinary rock formation.

But when you’re up there and you try to look down to the other side like what my friend did in this picture,

this is what you will see:

a massive flat rock with shades of white, yellow, brown, and orange.

Now, let’s go down and walk on that flat space. This is how the “back” of the rock formation looks like.

Here are some more pics of Macadlao.

That ends our Macadlao tour, my dear blogging friends. I hope this post has inspired you to pack your things and have your picture taken on top of Macadlao formation…like this 😉

P.S. If you can, please share the link to your friends either through your blog or your facebook. This is my small way of promoting the wonders of my province, Northern Samar. Many thanks from the bottom of my heart.

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Biri Rock Formations: Magasang and Magsapad

Hello! It’s been a while since I last posted here. Thank you so much for dropping in and saying hi while I was away. And because you have been very thoughtful, I’m taking you to a beautiful place in my province. Welcome, my dear readers, to the town of Biri, my paradise 🙂

Biri is a town that is known for its rock formations. These rock formations were carved through time by the big waves of San Bernardino strait. The picture above shows two fabulous rock formations in Biri—to your left is Magasang and to your right is Magsapad. The plants you see are mangroves.

It’s easy to reach the two rock formations especially when the tide is low. One has to walk from the shoreline and wade in the water which may be ankle-high or waist-deep. Some rocks can be slippery, though. So if you’re planning to visit the place, bring a reliable footwear.

Enjoy the rest of the photos, my dear blogging friends. Should you decide to visit the place and you have queries like how to go to Biri, just leave a comment here so we can also help others who might want to explore Biri.

Hope you had fun looking at the photos. Until next post, then. I’m visiting another rock formation, may pasalubong uli akong pictures 😉

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And the Journey Begins #13

My passion and drive, I take them from the constant waves. My hope, I take it from the sun that constantly rises from the ocean’s edge. My calm, I take it from the stillness of the white, powdery sand. My happiness, I take it from oh-so-lovely summer days!
Special thanks to the TKJ team for featuring this photo on this month’s issue. I am also honored to have written the cover article. I hope you can hop on over to the TKJ site, flip some virtual pages, read, and leave comments. Come on, don’t be shy 🙂 Let’s all welcome the summer fever!

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And the Journey Begins #10

And I wonder: What do the trees think about as they stand like sentinels? Are they wishing for rain or the warmth of the rays of the sun? They stand still, they wait, and watch..but they won’t share their dreams with us….

Read about the “And the Journey Begins” series here.

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And The Journey Begins #7

“Those are beautiful plants,” said the child, pointing to the rows of small plants in front of them. “When I grow up, I’ll have these beautiful plants in my farm, too.”

“My dear child, beauty deceives us sometimes,” the witch said. “Those plants, yes, they are beautiful and they look harmless, but they can put holes in your lungs.”

Photo was taken at a tobacco plantation somewhere in Region 1. Read about And the Journey Begins photo series here Photo is reposted.

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