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Sitting alone, doing nothing but pressing the shutter button while marveling at the passing of time.

Posted 3 years, 8 months ago at 11:56 am.


And the Journey Begins #17

Oh, to be on the front seat, witnessing one magical show in the sky!

Posted 6 years, 2 months ago at 3:33 pm.


She’s Here Again!


The M/V Doulos.


This floating library that sails around the world is in Manila again. I’m sure a lot of librarians and book lovers out there are happy at her arrival.

I see to it that I visit this ship every time she docks in Manila. (She also docks in Bacolod and Cebu.) Each visit is always a delightful experience for me: buying great books at cheap prices and sometimes meeting some of the staff and crew.

The last time she was in Manila was two years ago. We lined up for hours just to get on board. But the staff were thoughtful enough to provide entertainment for those of us who were sweating under the scorching heat of the sun. They had dance numbers and a skit.

doulos_dance3 doulos_dance2 doulos_dance1

I hope you, too, can visit M/V Doulos. It is docked at the Manila South Harbour, Pier 13, from March 6 to March 30. Bibili ka man ng book or hindi, you are welcome to get on board 😉 Make sure to enter through Gate 1.

If you’ve decided, go there on earlier dates. The earlier, the better. Para mas marami ka pang makitang books kasi madaling maubos ang stocks nila. Also, be there early during the day so you can avoid waiting in line for hours. Heto ang linyang pinilahan ko. Hanapin mo na lang kung saan ako dyan hehehe 😀


Oh, did I mention that Doulos is recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s oldest active ocean-going passenger ship? Cool, di ba? Kaya sakay na! 😉

Posted 8 years, 7 months ago at 10:21 pm.


Cruisin’ on a Cloudy Afternoon

I recently started rereading a book which was distributed to our class, for free, by the city of Manila back when I was in high school. The book, “Manila, My Manila,” was written by the late Nick Joaquin, National Artist for Literature.

The first paragraph reads, “Manila took a long time to make. What is now its ground used to be sea. The sea reached as far as the present towns of Mandaluyong (‘a place of waves’) and Makati (‘a place of tides’).” Then Nick Joaquin went on to write, “No one knows how long it took to turn sea into land. But we do know who built a site for Manila. The builder was Pasig River.”

These words inspired my itchy feet to try taking the Pasig River cruise. Accompanied by a very good friend, I went to the Guadalupe terminal last week. Unfortunately, we were late for the ferry going to Escolta so we had no choice but to take the last ferry going to Pasig.


It was a nice day to take the trip. Nakisama ang panahon. Cloudy.


At 26 kilometers long and 50 meters wide, Pasig River winds through the heart of Metro Manila. It was once the lifeline of the metropolis, being the principal means of transport. In Rizal’s “El Filibusterismo,” he wrote about “Bapor Tabo,” a big ferryboat plying the pristine waters of Laguna de Bai to Manila through the Pasig River. I wonder what Rizal would say about the Pasig River of today.

We were impressed by the catamaran-type ferry that serviced us. It was air-conditioned, clean, and had comfortable seats with lifejacket for every seat.


Although the entire stretches of the water have a dark, murky color, hindi naman kami nakaamoy ng offensive odor, except in one area where we smelled pupu ng pig possibly from some houses nearby na meron sigurong mini-piggery.


It was nice cruising along the Pasig River. There were lots of nice sites to see. And I realized it is a good way to avoid the traffic jams in Metro Manila’s main thoroughfares. I think it will just take less than an hour to ply from Intramuros to Pasig. Plus it’s more economical than jeepney, bus, or taxi rides

pasig4a pasig4b pasig4c

However, I couldn’t help but notice the factories and colonies of makeshift shanties that line the riverbank. All I could do was hope the factories are not contributing anything more to the deterioration of the river. Also, I hope there’s an alternative dwellings for the people who live in the makeshift shanties.Delikado kasi para sa mga tao na tumira doon.

pasig5 pasig7 pasig6

I enjoyed the Pasig River cruise. Next time I’ll see to it that I’m able to start the trip from the Intramuros station.

I hope you can also experience the Pasig River cruise. I’m sure you will enjoy it, too. Super cool ang sakay, super trip walang kapantay. Laging maayos at malinis. Takbo’y super bilis. Super ferry–talagang trip kita. Sakay na! Ahehehe, sorry, patalastas pala yun ng Super Ferry ni Ate Mega 😀 😀

Posted 8 years, 7 months ago at 5:34 pm.